How Much Do Jeep Gladiator Doors Weigh?

Do you want to know how much Jeep Gladiator doors weigh? Well, we have researched this question and have answers for you. It can be important to know how much your Jeep Gladiator doors weigh if you are changing your doors or removing the doors for improved performance or visibility.

Jeep Gladiator doors weigh just under 50 pounds. The front doors weigh slightly more than the rear doors, which are closer to 40 pounds.

In this article, we will learn how much Jeep Gladiator doors weigh. We will also answer other interesting questions like, what are Jeep Gladiator doors made of, and is the Jeep Gladiator available in two doors. Keep reading to learn more.

A mint green and dark red colored Jeep Gladiator photographed on the parking lot, How Much Do Jeep Gladiator Doors Weigh?

How Much Do Jeep Gladiator Doors Weigh?

Not all of the doors on a Jeep Gladiator weigh the same. The Jeep Gladiator has four doors that weigh close to 50 pounds each. The front doors weigh 5-7 pounds more than the rear doors. This weight discrepancy is due to the slightly different shapes of the front and rear doors.

So, if you weigh a front and back door, you will find that the front door weighs between 48-49 pounds, and the rear door weighs only 41-44 pounds. While this isn't an enormous difference, it does mean that all four doors don't weigh the same.

Why Knowing The Weight Of Your Jeep Gladiator Doors Matters

Now, there are two main reasons you may want to know the weight of your Jeep Gladiator. These key reasons are, replacing the doors and off-roading. Let's look into each of these and see why knowing the weight of your Jeep doors matters.

Replacing Your Jeep Gladiator Doors

When you replace your Jeep Gladiator doors, you will have to lift the door off its hinges and to the ground after you have the door detached. While this may not be an issue for some people, some people may need help to lower the door to the ground safely.

If you know how much the doors weigh, you can better assess if you can safely lower the door to the ground yourself. This is also true when you put the new doors on. Knowing if you can lift something before you try to lift it is a good idea for your safety.


A white Jeep Gladiator with its front wheel raised on an artificially made rock

The first reason someone who likes to go off-road would want to know the weight of their Jeep Gladiator doors is because they intend to remove them often. Many off-road enthusiasts like to drive their vehicles with no doors.

The main reasons behind this are the improved gas mileage and increased visibility. When you are driving off-road, the increased demand for your vehicle can increase fuel consumption. By removing the doors, you can improve your gas mileage by reducing the weight of your vehicle. The more weight you remove, the better your gas mileage.

Removing the doors also increases the visibility of the vehicle, which can be very useful for off-roading. When you don't have a door, you can better see the front tire of your vehicle. This increased visibility of your front tires allows you to see obstacles better as your tire goes over them.

While these are the reasons that an off-road lover may remove the doors, there is a significant drawback. When you drive without doors, it can get a lot of dirt and mud in your Jeep. This has caused some people to remove their doors for off-road trips, but otherwise, you should keep the door attached.

Having to attach and remove the doors often can be a hassle if the doors are too heavy for you to lift, which is the other reason people like to know the weight of their Jeep doors.

What Are Jeep Gladiator Doors Made Of?

Jeep Gladiator doors are made primarily out of aluminum. This is because aluminum is lighter than steel while still being nearly as strong as steel.

When Jeep chose to make their Gladiator doors out of aluminum, they reduced the vehicle's total weight. This helped to increase the fuel economy of the vehicle.

While the stock Jeep Gladiator Door is made of aluminum, other materials are available, but they are for the half-door option.

Half Door Jeep Gladiator

The Jeep Gladiator is a vehicle that was made with off-roading in mind. Many people like to drive off-road without doors and hate having to clean up the inside of their vehicle. Also, removing and reinstalling the doors can be a hassle.

The solution that Jeep has made for the Gladiator is the half door. A half door is just what it sounds like; it is a door that is only half as tall as a standard door. This allows for many of the benefits of driving off-road without doors while helping to keep some of the dirt and mud out of the vehicle.

These half doors also come with different materials available. Jeep could help preserve the advantage of reduced weight from no doors while still having doors to keep dirt out by selecting materials lighter than aluminum.

The half doors for Jeep Gladiator come in two materials, vinyl and acrylic. Both of these materials are lighter than aluminum and help to increase fuel efficiency.

Are Wrangler And Gladiator Doors The Same?

A blue Jeep Gladiator displayed at a dealership

The Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator are fairly similar vehicles. Many parts between the two vehicles can be interchanged. The doors on the Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator are interchangeable because they are the same doors.

Jeep decided to use the same doors on the Jeep Gladiator as on the Jeep Wrangler because it would allow more Jeep parts to work with more Jeep. Being able to find parts for your vehicle is essential for repairs and maintenance.

By making the doors the same in the Jeep Gladiator and Jeep Wrangler, they help to ensure that in the future, both of these vehicles will have an easier time finding replacement parts.

The other factor that helped Jeep decide to use the same doors on the Jeep Gladiator as the Jeep Wrangler is manufacturing prices. If Jeep doesn't have to make a new assembly line for a new vehicle door, they can save millions on the production side of things. With lower production prices, Jeeps can sell for lower prices and higher profit margins.

So if you have a Jeep Gladiator and need a new door, one from a Jeep Wrangler will work perfectly.

Is The Jeep Gladiator Available In 2 Door?

Jeep's Wrangler comes with both two-door options and four-door options. This has many people wondering if the Jeep Gladiator also comes with a two-door option. Unfortunately, the Jeep Gladiator doesn't have a two-door option, and Jeep has no plans to add one.

The main reason that Jeep doesn't offer the Gladiator in a two-door option is because of demand. While some people are looking for a Jeep with a two-door option, many want a larger vehicle. The demand for two-door jeeps isn't high enough for Jeep to offer the two-door variant for the Jeep Gladiator.

The Jeep Wrangler's two-door option is one of Jeep's worst-selling vehicles. Unless public demand for a two-door Jeep Gladiator significantly increases, we can expect that there won't be a two-door option for the Jeep Gladiator.

What Is Jeep Gladiator Tailgate Made Of?

Like much of the Jeep Gladiator, the tailgate is made out of aluminum. Aluminum is a go-to metal for reducing weight while still maintaining strength.

A tailgate is often the first place that any cargo you are loading is going to land. This means that a tailgate needs to be durable. Aluminum is also more flexible than steel. This means that it can take a larger impact without denting and losing its shape.

After a year or two, a tailgate made of aluminum will have many fewer dents than a steel tailgate. 

How Much Does Jeep Gladiator Top Weigh?

A modified gray colored Jeep Gladiator parked on the side of the street

There are two tops available for the Jeep Gladiator. The tops available are hard-top and soft-top. Each of these tops has different wights because of their different materials.


Hard-tops are the standard top available for the Jeep Gladiator. The hard-top on the Jeep Gladiator is made from fiberglass and weighs about 80 pounds. This is the heavier of the two tops available for the Jeep Gladiator.

While the hard-top is heavier than the soft-top, it does offer better protection from the environment.


Jeep Gladiator also comes with a soft-top option. The soft-top on the Jeep Gladiator is made of an outer and inner layer. The outer layer is PVC, and the inner layer is a blend of polyester and cotton.

These lighter materials cause the soft-top only to weigh 10 pounds. With such a decrease in weight, the soft-top gives the Jeep Gladiator better fuel efficiency.

Final Thoughts

A mint green and dark red colored Jeep Gladiator photographed on the parking lot

In this article, we learned Jeep Gladiator doors weigh just under 50 pounds and are made from aluminum. We also learned that the Jeep Gladiator doesn't come in a two-door option because there isn't enough demand for a two-door Jeep Gladiator.

We hope you enjoyed this article. If you would like to learn more, check out some of these other posts.

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