How Much Do Toy Haulers Typically Weigh? [Inc. 11 Examples]

Combining the comfort of a camper with the utility of a cargo trailer, toy haulers are perfect for those who want to have some excitement in the great outdoors. Given the variety of toy hauler options on the market, you may well wonder how much these multifunctional wonders weigh. We've done some digging, and here's the scoop.

Toy haulers can have unloaded vehicle weights (UVWs) anywhere from as low as 800 lbs to over 20,000 lbs! Typically, travel trailer-style toy haulers weigh between 5,000 and 10,000 lbs, while fifth-wheel toy haulers often range between 12,000 and 16,000 lbs.

From lightest to heaviest, we'll look at each of these 11 great toy haulers:

  1. Go by Sylvan Sport - 840 lbs
  2. Jumping Jack Standard - 1,245 lbs
  3. No Boundaries by Forest River - 1,763 lbs
  4. Rockwood 232 ESP by Forest River - 2,933 lbs
  5. Catalina Trail Blazer by Coachmen - from 5,486 lbs
  6. Jay Flight Octane by Jayco - from 5,785 lbs
  7. The Vengeance Rogue by Forest River - from 6,489 lbs
  8. The Momentum by Grand Design - from 6,000 lbs
  9. The Torque by Heartland - from 7,780 lbs
  10. Valor by Alliance RV - from  14,000 lbs
  11. Luxe Toy Hauler Fifth-Wheel by Luxe - 19,700 lbs

These toy haulers come in a variety of styles, from pop-ups to travel trailers to fifth-wheels. Read on to learn more about each of these toy haulers, see tours and features of them, as well as to answer more of your toy hauling queries!


fifth wheel toy hauler being driven by a mover along a winding road. How Much Do Toy Haulers Typically Weigh [Including 11 Examples]

Pop-up Toy Haulers

Pop-up toy haulers use a combination of hard and soft materials and clever designs to provide enough space to camp comfortably while cutting down on the trailer weight. They include some of the lightest toy haulers on the market.

1. Go by Sylvan Sport

The lightest toy hauler we've found, the Go weighs only 840 lbs, making it light enough for just about any vehicle to tow. The garage is large enough to hold a couple of dirt bikes or an ATV.

When popped up, the go more closely resembles a large tent than a conventional camper trailer, but the padded beds and table panels offer more comfort and convenience.

See the Go in action here:

2. Jumping Jack

Another lightweight option for a quick getaway, the standard Jumping Jack has a UVW of just 1,245 lbs.

Like the Go, the canvas shell expands to provide a tent-like sleeping area. Unlike the Go, your toys go on top of the Jumping Jack before it's expanded. It has enough space to fit two full-size ATVs or most 2-seat SxSs up there, making it a good choice for those who want to go four-wheeling with a friend.

See the Jumping Jack in action below:

3. Rockwood 232 ESP by Forest River

The heaviest pop-up featured on our list is the Rockwood 232 ESP by Forest River. At 2,933 lbs UVW, it is still on the light side for a toy hauler.

The Rockwood also offers more amenities than the other pop-ups on our list. It includes a solar panel, indoor kitchen, dinette, and even a bathroom with a shower and toilet.

Unlike the other pop-ups, the Rockwood uses a front deck to haul your toys. When fully popped up, this deck is covered but can still be used for storage.

Get a tour of the Rockwood below:

Travel Trailers

Compared to pop-ups, hard-bodied travel trailers tend to weigh a bit more. The added weight comes with added durability too. Furthermore, they are also more likely to feature the creature comforts and a cozier interior.

Here are some great travel trailer toy haulers worth considering.

4. No Boundaries by Forest River

The lightest non-popup toy hauler on this list, the No Boundaries stays true to its name. The unloaded vehicle weight (UVW) is just 1,763 lbs. This ultra-lightweight design means even many cars can tow it, so you don't need to invest in a heavy-duty pickup truck to pull it. But be sure to account for the weight of your cargo too!

Learn more about the No Boundaries trailer here:

5. Catalina Trail Blazer by Coachmen

The Catalina Trail Blazer comes in four available floor plans, ranging in UVW from 5,486 to 7,600 lbs. All feature a full kitchen, entertainment center, bedroom, and bathroom.

Some of their floor plans also include the option to transform the loading ramp into a deck space!

Take a quick video tour of the Catalina Trail Blazer:

6. The Jay Flight Octane by Jayco

The Jay Flight Octane is another great option. It comes in three different floor plans, ranging from 5,785 to 7,520 lbs UVW.

It features plenty of sleeping spaces, so you can bring the whole family or some friends along for the ride. The spring-assist ramp door makes setting up, loading, and unloading your toys a breeze.

Learn all about it directly from Jayco:

Travel Trailer and Fifth-Wheel Options

Many manufacturers who produce travel trailers also include fifth-wheel options for those with a properly outfitted truck. The following options are available as either.

7. The Rogue by Forest River

Forest River doesn't just produce lightweight toy haulers. Unlike the Rockwood and No Boundaries models, the Vengeance Rogue is going to require a little more towing power.

The travel trailer models weigh between 6,498 and 12,163 lbs UVW. It also features a king-size bed for the ultimate luxury and up to 15'10" of cargo space.

The fifth-wheel model, known as the Rogue Armored was rated the fifth-wheel toy hauler of 2021 by RV News. It also pushes down on the scales a bit more than the travel trailer models, with UVWs ranging from 12,764 to 13,519 lbs. That extra weight also comes with extra space, up to 22' of garage space!

Get a complete tour of the Rogue Armored here:

8. The Momentum by Grand Design

The Momentum comes in two classes, the G-class and M-Class, and both classes are phenomenal toy haulers.

Only the G-class has a travel trailer option, which ranges from 6,000 lbs to 8,975 lbs UVW.  The 30G floorplan features a 20' 7" garage, the longest of any travel trailer in this list.

The G-class fifth-wheel starts at twice the UVW of the travel trailer, ranging from 12,000 lbs to 13,980 lbs. These fifth-wheels will have you feeling the luxury. All the fifth-wheel models come with a sunken tub/ shower combo with a skylight and entertainment center with theater seating.

The M-class comes in a bit heavier, with UVWs ranging from 13,600 lbs to 15,600 lbs. It's even more luxurious than the G-class and features their Weather Tek insulation to keep you comfortable in all climates.

Watch a 360º tour of the Momentum here. You can click and drag on the video to see different angles:

9. The Torque by Heartland

Another great option for those seeking comfort, you'll find it hard to miss home in the Torque.

The travel trailer Torque models range from 7,780 lbs to 10,000 lbs UVW. The fifth-wheels weigh more than their travel trailer counterparts, with UVWs from 13,300 lbs to 14,435 lbs.

The Torque features a king-size master bed, entertainment center, fully functioning kitchen, full bathroom, and floor plans that sleep up to nine people. You can bring all the comforts of civilization with you as you explore the most beautiful vistas nature has to offer.

Watch a walkthrough of the Torque from Heartland RVs:

Fifth-Wheel Only Toy Haulers

Finally, some toy haulers only come in fifth-wheel designs. Because fifth-wheels rest their weight on the bed of your truck, they are easier to maneuver and can weigh more than tow-behind trailers.

They also feature extra space above the truck bed. Because of this, they also tend to be some of the heaviest options. Let's see a few.

10. Valor by Alliance RV

Our first fifth-wheel only toy hauler is the Valor by Alliance RV. The Valor comes in UVWs from 14,000 to 15,390 lbs. Make sure you've properly outfitted your truck to tow this heavyweight toy hauler. With dual 30-gallon fuel tanks, you'll be able to keep your toys running longer. 

Check out this walkthrough of the Valor from Camper Report:

11. The Luxe Toy Hauler Fifth-Wheel by Luxe

The heaviest toy hauler on our list, the Luxe Fifth-Wheel comes in at a jaw-dropping 19,700 lb UVW. If you're looking to tow this mansion on wheels, you'd better have a properly outfitted, medium- or heavy-duty truck.

While they come in four floor plans, Luxe focuses on building units to order and selling factory-direct, so you have even more leeway in personalizing your toy hauler. There are so many great options, you might find yourself tempted to sell the farm and live in one full-time.

Get a tour of the Luxe here:

How much does a 30-foot toy hauler weigh?

The Catalina Trail Blazer has a 30-foot floor plan available, which weighs in at 5,486 lbs UVW. The slightly longer Rogue has a length of 30' 6" and UVW of 6,498.

While weights will vary based on floor plans, materials, and other features, you can expect a 30' toy hauler to weigh around 6,000 lbs, but be prepared to accommodate your extra cargo too.

Are toy haulers heavier than trailers?

Toy haulers do tend to be heavier than other camper trailers, even before you load in your ATVs or dirt bikes. The reason for this is simple; they need to be sturdy to hold your toys. This means heavier materials for the floor, as well as for the axel. 

What size truck do I need to pull a toy hauler?

Most of the toy haulers on our list can be pulled by your standard full-size truck, and many are light enough to be pulled by mid-size and compact trucks. The lightest options we've listed can even be pulled by some sedans. To learn more about common trucks' tow capacities, check out our article "What Can my Truck Tow?"

If you want to get one of the larger, more luxurious models and bring along plenty of toys, you will want a heavy-duty truck configured for gooseneck/fifth-wheel towing.

Also, be sure to remember that the UVW is the weight of your toy hauler before you've added anything to it. Everything from mountain bikes to four-wheelers add extra weight on top of that. We've supplied you with a wide range of options so that you don't have to push your vehicle further than it should go.

Is it worth buying a toy hauler?

Are you a fan of spending time in the glory of nature? Do you like kayaking, biking, four-wheeling, or other exciting outdoor activities?  Then a toy hauler could be just what you need to get the most out of your time. It's an all-in-one package that lets you have a camper and a towing trailer without having to tow them like a caravan.

If that sounds right for you, we hope this list makes it easy for you to find a good fit for your needs, desires, and budget.

On the other hand, if you're not sure if that life appeals to you, you might want to consider renting a toy hauler first. It won't be the same as owning, and if you do decide to buy, it will cost you more in the long run.

However, if you never use it, your toy hauler won't do much other than lose value and collect dust. A toy hauler is an investment, not a cheap one either, and one to consider carefully.

What is the best small toy hauler?

The key to choosing the best small toy hauler is knowing what you need and want. If your vehicle has a limited towing capacity (think below 2,000 lbs) and you enjoy tent camping, consider the Go or the Jumping Jack. Not only will it suit your style, but it will save you money too.

If tent camping isn't your thing, but you still have that 2,000 lb limit, think about going with the No Boundaries. A towing capacity of 4,000 or 5,000 lbs can get you in the even more comfortable Rockwood.

For more lightweight toy haulers, check out our article "What Are the Best Pop-up Toy Haulers?"

In Closing

Toy haulers range from small, spartan numbers to luxurious behemoths on wheels. Here we've covered 11 great toy haulers that fit within the full gamut.

Whatever your wants, needs, and limits, there's sure to be a good match for you.

Happy hauling!

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