How Much Does A Mercedes GLC Weigh?

Knowing your vehicle's specs is valuable information that will come in handy during various circumstances. The vehicle's weight is particularly important to know, as it can indicate how safe the vehicle is to drive. If you own a Mercedes GLC and wonder how much this car weighs, we can help you. We researched this popular crossover SUV from multiple professional sources so that you'll know for sure exactly how much it tips the scales.

The 2022 Mercedes GLC weighs between 3,889 pounds and 4,028 pounds. The exact weight will depend on the trim level that you select.

Now that we know the weight range of the Mercedes GLC, we'll take a look at the weights and dimensions by trim level. You might also be curious if the Mercedes GLC is expensive to maintain or how long this model will last. For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what our research has uncovered.

White Mercedes GLC, How Much Does A Mercedes GLC Weigh?

The weights and dimensions of the Mercedes GLC by trim level

For the model year 2022, the Mercedes GLC has three trim levels for consumers to select from. Here, we'll break down the relevant specs of each of these trim levels so that you'll know the exact specifications.

2022 Mercedes GLC 300 SUV

The GLC 300 is built with an automatic transmission and a rear-wheel-drive configuration. It is equipped with an Intercooled Turbo inline-4-cylinder 2.0 L engine. The base model crossover SUV of the GLC has the following specs:

  • Curb weight of 3,899 pounds
  • Wheelbase of 113.1 inches
  • Width of 74.4 inches [without mirrors]
  • Length of 183.3 inches
  • Height of 64.7 inches

2022 Mercedes GLC 4Matic SUV

This trim level of the GLC is also fitted with an automatic transmission. The 4Matic SUV has an all-wheel-drive configuration. It has under its hood an Intercooled Turbo inline-4-cylinder 2.0 L engine. The top tier SUV has the following specs:

  • Curb weight of 3,977 pounds
  • Wheelbase of 113.1 inches
  • Width of 74.4 inches [without mirrors]
  • Length of 183.3 inches
  • Height of 64.7 inches

2022 Mercedes GLC 4Matic Coupe

Like the GLC 4Matic SUV, the Coupe is an automatic transmission with an all-wheel-drive configuration. It is equipped with an Intercooled Turbo inline-4-cylinder 2.0 L engine. The coupe version of the GLC has the following specs:

  • Curb weight of 4,028 pounds
  • Wheelbase of 113.1 inches
  • Width of 74.4 inches [without mirrors]
  • Length of 186.3 inches
  • Height of 63.0 inches

How long will a Mercedes GLC last?

With a reputation for longevity, the Mercedes model vehicles are known to outlast many others across their respective classes. This is particularly true for the GLC model vehicles. 

This reliable luxury SUV can easily exceed 200,000 miles, with many consumers claiming 250,000 or more. At the average mileage of 15,000 per year, expect this model to last a minimum of 13 years on the road. 

A white Mercedes Benz GLC

Of course, reaching and hopefully exceeding any mileage milestone will mean some work on the consumer's end. Routine maintenance is a must if you want this vehicle to last many years. Aside from routine oil and fluid changes, careful inspections of other working parts should be done as part of a comprehensive maintenance schedule.

Consult your owner's manual for a complete list of what maintenance needs to be performed and at what intervals all of it should be done.

Is the Mercedes GLC expensive to maintain?

As we pointed out earlier in this post, maintain your GLC and give it the proper care, and you will keep it on the road for a long time. These routine maintenance items can add up to sizable amounts with any vehicle. Some model vehicles are much more expensive than others, especially where parts and labor are concerned.

The Mercedes GLC should cost a consumer an average of $14,421 to repair and maintain during the first ten years of its life. While this might seem high, keep in mind that this is a luxury vehicle that will almost always carry a higher price tag. The GLC is $1,039 less to repair and maintain over this same period than the average of others in its class.

There is a more than 42% chance that the GLC will need a major repair over the first ten years of service. This is 3% higher than other luxury SUVs in the same class.

Is the GLC worth buying?

Whether or not you feel the Mercedes GLC is worth the price tag will depend on what you are looking for in a vehicle. With a starting MSRP of just over $43,000, this model is in line with others in its class of luxury compact SUVs. With a cab loaded with the latest onboard amenities, the GLC is a great and comfortable ride while also historically rated safer than the average, with the 2021 models garnering a 9.4/10.0 in this category. 

U.S. News and World Report rated the vehicle 8.5 out of 10.0. J.D. Power and Associates gave it an impressive reliability rating of 78/100.

While you can undoubtedly get a compact SUV for a lower price, with the GLC, you'll have more standard equipment and dependability you might not get with other models. Of course, this comes at a higher sticker price and substantially more in maintenance and repair costs. Let your needs and your overall household budget determine if the GLC is worth buying.

What year Mercedes GLC is best?

While many model years of the GLC are considered the "best" by critics and consumers alike, trim levels and packages can sometimes sway overall opinions from one model year to the next. But the one that seems to stand out the most is the 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 4Matic. 

This updated model rated high with Edmunds, U. S. News and World Report, and J.D. Power and Associates. The 2.0L four-cylinder turbocharged engine and nine-speed automatic transmission hum quietly on the highway. The comfortable interior has the latest and greatest technology on board. 

Thus far, there have been minimal reported mechanical issues with this model year and trim level, making it even more attractive to purchase in the secondary market. 

Is the Mercedes GLC bigger than the Audi Q5?

Audi Q5 test drive day

Earlier in this post, we gave the specs for the GLC across all three trim levels available for 2022. Keeping those in mind, let's look at the specs for the Audi Q5 and see how the two models measure up to one another. 

The Audi Q5 is 184.3 inches long, measuring in between the range of lengths for the various Mercedes GLC trim levels. The width of the Audi Q5 is 74.5 inches, making it slightly smaller in this respect than the GLC. The Audi Q5 stands at 65.5 inches tall, making it a bit taller than the GLC trim levels. 

A base curb weight of 4,075 makes the Audi Q5 lighter than all of the trim levels of the Mercedes GLC except for the base trim GLC 300. Looking at the weights of each GLC model we covered above, you'll see that there isn't much of a difference in curb weights when comparing the average GLC to the Audi Q5. 

The specs of these two compact SUVs are very close, but the Mercedes GLC is slightly bigger than the Audi Q5 overall. 

In conclusion

White Mercedes GLC

The Mercedes GLC is a reliable vehicle from a trusted auto manufacturer. Though it carries a higher sticker price than other compact SUVs, the Mercedes gives luxury on the road for those who choose to own one. While more expensive to repair and maintain than many compact SUVs, the GLC costs less than the average among luxury compact models. Drive safe!

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