How Much Does A Sherp ATV Cost?

If you're looking to buy an All-Terrain Vehicle that genuinely lives up to its name, there limited options in the same league as the Sherp ATV. This Russian designed powerhouse shook up the ATV market upon its unveiling in 2015 because it can drive almost anywhere. If you're thinking of buying Sherp, you may wonder how much it costs and what factors affect the price. We've looked extensively into Sherp ATV models and frills to get the answer for you.

Typically, a Sherp ATV costs $100,000 to $125,000. The price does vary depending on which model you choose and how many accessories you add. Some Sherp ATVs greatly exceed this price range, particularly if you prefer a larger model.

You likely have questions regarding specific Sherp models and their respective prices. Read on, and we'll tell you everything you need to know about one of the best ATVs you can buy!

Rough terrain with tracks from cars, How Much Does A Sherp ATV Cost?

Sherp ATV Models

We delve into three models: Sherp ATV models available: Sherp N, Sherp the Ark, and Sherp Pro. We do not look at Sherp the Shuttle, because it is a boat meant to transport Sherp ATVs.

Additionally, some dealers provide a standard and a pickup version. The difference between the two versions is that the standard arrangement cannot be changed. The pickup arrangement can be either a soft-top or removable hardtop with a roll cage. However, a roll bar mounted in the pickup's rear bench prevents side seating.

Before we begin our discussion on Sherp ATV models, you should know that these vehicles aren't street legal. Therefore, if you transport one through a populated area, you'll need a good towing setup and a tow vehicle that can safely haul the ATV's weight. For more information, please read our other articles that discuss general towing guidelines and Dodge RAM's towing capacity for a vehicle example.

Sherp Pro

The Sherp Pro is the cheapest model at $115,000, but don't let its price fool you. The Pro has all the off-road capability of more expensive models. Let's start with the Pro's powerful diesel engine that produces 44 horsepower.

Equipped to be capable of 2,204-pound loading capacity, the Pro can move you, up to six passengers, and gear stowed below deck on any terrain. Hit the trail reaching speeds of 25-mph on land and 37-mph over water.

Enjoy highly efficient fuel consumption, between .5 to .7 gallons (2 to 3 liters) of fuel per hour. Additionally, Pro has 115-hours of fuel autonomy, meaning that you can use electricity to get where you want to go. To carry extra fuel, in addition to the main tank, the Pro stores fuel in tanks housed by the wheels. 

In any climate, Pro handles challenging terrain. It is capable of ascending and descending slopes angled at up to 35-degrees. Overcome obstacles up to 3 feet high (1-meter), and continue exploring with easy to adjust tire pressure for every ground condition. Uniquely designed, a pneumatic circuit connects the tires to control an air-circulation system that you can adjust from the driver's seat. If you find yourself in a tight spot, no worries! Just use the rearview camera to get back on track.

Sherp N

The Sherp N is a bit more expensive at $125,000. Thankfully, it justifies the extra cost with more capacity and power than the Pro. For instance, the engine produces 55 horsepower compared to its 44-horsepower counterpart in the Pro.

The Sherp N also has a 2,645-pound loading capacity, capable of carrying nine passengers with 30% more rear cargo space than the Pro. Don't forget to use the below-deck storage to bring your luggage!

Speed range, obstacle clearance, and ability to climb up and down slopes are identical to the Pro. It even has the same air-circulation system for adjusting tire pressure, so you can enjoy Sherp N's extra space and power without compromising on adaptability. The Pro's rearview is also standard.

The Sherp N's only drawback is fuel autonomy, which falls short of the Pro's, being only 61-hours, and it consumes 1.32 gallons of fuel (5 liters) per hour. Like the Pro, some of the fuel autonomy depends on how full the wheel fuel tanks are. 

Sherp The Ark

Sherp, the Ark, is the most expensive option at $350,000, but it's also far more spacious with a front and rear section connected by a hitch. The Ark puts its 7,500-pound loading capacity and 74-horsepower engine to good use performing many possible functions including transporting bulky cargo, moving up to 22 passengers, or hauling a tank of liquid. You can also convert the rear section into a dwelling module with a kitchen and sanitary equipment, or perhaps a medical module for a response to natural disasters.

The Ark's advantages don't stop there. It surpasses the other models in the exploration department because it can go up and down steeper slopes, up to 40 degrees, and clear higher obstacles, up to nearly 5 feet (1.5 meters) tall.

These benefits do come with a modest sacrifice in other metrics, however. Its fuel autonomy sits between the other models at 82 hours, and its fuel consumption is a massive 2 to 3 gallons (8 to 12 liters) per hour. The engine operates in any climate, propelling the Ark at water speeds equivalent to its smaller counterparts, but a slower pace on land at 18.6 mph. 

Additional Features For Sherp Models

As you've seen from our breakdown so far, Sherp ATVs come with a variety of features, but you can customize your vehicle to meet your needs with any of the accessories mentioned here.

If you need more storage for your Sherp, you can purchase a Cargo Net ($239), Cargo Trailer ($9,990), Cargo Sled ($1,500), Roof Rack ($800), or Storage Lockers ($400).

For more safety and visibility, you can consider a Roll Over Protection System ($4,700), Beacon Lights ($350), an Inclinometer ($75), an LED Light Bar ($1,200), Side Mirrors ($400), or Tire Studs ($239).

If you want more hauling capability, there are Front/Rear Hitches ($299) and a Winch ($1,950) available.

For more accessible entry and exit from the vehicle, you can buy an Integrated Step ($400) or a Foot Step ($199).

If you want some options for more comfort, convenience, or cleanliness, there's Air Conditioning ($6,500), Bench Seating ($500), a Bilge Pump ($150), and a Rocker Switch Panel ($35).

Finally, if you'd like something that'll help your ATV live up to its name, there's the Bush Guard ($500) to help blaze your trails.

Where Is Sherp Made?

Sherp International develops and manufactures the Sherp ATVs at headquarters is located in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Can A Sherp ATV Float?

Yes! Sherp engineers amphibious vehicles. We've discussed the models' water speeds for each because Sherp ATVs not only can float but also traverse rivers and lakes. The tires provide buoyancy, and treads function like paddles. The Sherp ATV is perfectly capable of transitioning from driving on ice to wading through water, and back again, mainly because its drainage valves get rid of any water once the vehicle returns to land.

How Much Does An Argo ATV Cost?

If a Sherp ATV is outside your price range, then Argo ATVs are a good budget option. Depending on the model, Argo costs between $5,000 to 45,000. Let's look at a few of Argo's ATV series and discuss some specific models from each.

Frontier Series

The Frontier Series vehicles cost between $10,000 to 21,000 and offer plenty of value for that price range. Small Block V-Twin engines are lightweight and small, yet able to handle extreme terrain. Additionally, the Classic transmission and Argo Progressive Steering (APS) system allow for smoother, tighter turns.

The Frontier Series' tire design is somewhat reminiscent of Sherp's ATVs because it has paddle-like rims to drive through water. You can also buy an optional front-mounted winch with a 3,500-pound capacity.

Frontier 600 6X6

At $10,599, this six-wheeler is a great money-saving choice. The vehicle has a 595-pound land load capacity, a 395-pound water load capacity, and a 1,200-pound towing capacity.

Carry plenty of fuel with a 27-liter fuel tank, and power through trails with an 18-horsepower engine. Traveling at 22-mph land speed and 3-mph water speed, this ATV gets you where you want to go. Frontier 600 weighs just under half a ton at 945-pounds.

Frontier 700 Scout 8X8

With a $20,399 price tag, this eight-wheeler is the most expensive of Argo's Frontier Series. The vehicle has a 790-pound land load capacity, a 690-pound water load capacity, and a 1,200-pound towing capacity.

Fuel up a 27-liter tank, and drive using the 23-horsepower engine to reach speeds of 19-mph on land and 3-mph over water. Scout weighs 1,270-pounds.

Aurora Series

The Aurora Series vehicles cost between $25,000 to 31,000 and offer better specs to justify the increased price. They are equipped with the Big Block V-Twin engine, which delivers more horsepower and torque than any other Argo vehicle. The APS system from the Frontier Series returns here, this time with the Admiral transmission, providing easier turning.

Like the Frontier Series, the Aurora Series' tires allow the vehicle to move through water, and you can purchase an optional front-mounted winch with a 3,500-pound capacity.

Aurora 850 SX

At $25,499, this eight-wheeler is the cheapest Aurora Series vehicle. It has a 1,100-pound land load capacity, an 800-pound water load capacity, and a 1,800-pound towing capacity.

Drive with a full, 27-liter fuel tank powered by a 33-horsepower engine to max speeds of 24-mph on land and 3-mph over water. Aurora Series 850 weighs 1,450-pounds.

Aurora 850 SX-R Responder

This $30,699 eight-wheeler is the most expensive of the Aurora Series but is excellent for first responders due to its built-in stretcher mount. It has a 730-pound land load capacity, a 530-pound water load capacity, and a 1,800-pound towing capacity.

The 27-liter fuel tank and 33-horsepower engine get responders to an emergency quickly, traveling at 20-mph on land and 3-mph over water. Responder weighs 1,820-pounds.

Time To Start Exploring!

Whether you're a first responder, planning an expedition, or you want to have fun with a reliable vehicle that can take you almost anywhere, either the Sherp or Argo ATVs are a solid choice. By now, you should have an idea of how expensive amphibious ATVs are, and what features and accessories contribute to their price. Good luck!


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