How Much Does It Cost to Get a Brake Job?

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Brake Job?Squeaky breaks? Yep, we know the feeling. This seems to be a topic of great discussion! Nobody ever wants to admit it. While researching, we came across countless stories. Some of them were funny, and others were dangerous.

Don't worry; we have all been there sheepishly pulling up to a stoplight and grinning. Trying to pretend you are handling the terrible sound from your vehicle like a champ? Well, it's evident to all the people at the light you need a brake job, but let's address the question tumbling in your mind like a pinball. How much is a brake job going to cost?

The average cost for a complete brake job is $450 per wheel. Take a deep breath. That is just the average, that means some will be more, some could cost less. Multiple factors will affect the cost of your brake job. Let's dig into what some of those might include.

There are a lot of factors that affect the price of a brake job. I will list those below and touch on them in more detail later.

  • The vehicle makes and model, obviously how accessible the parts are effects total costs.
  • DIY (Do It Yourself) I know there are a lot of us that are only 25% confident we could trust a DIY brake job.
  • The brand and quality of the parts will affect the final cost.
  • How many of those parts you need.
  • Local cost of labor will affect your total payment if you choose not to DIY (Do It Yourself)

These details need a little more fleshing out. So keep reading.

Factors That Affect The Cost Of A Brake Job

Vehicle Make And Model

Availability of parts, luxury or imported vehicle, and the year of the car all affect the price of parts for that vehicle. Some older vehicles the parts are no longer manufactured and have to be fabricated. Luxury vehicles often require higher quality parts. All of these factors will affect the cost of brake jobs.

DIY (Do It Yourself) Brake Jobs

A simple brake pad change isn't usually too difficult. However, as you move further into the process like changing rotors and calipers, the process gets a little more intimidating.

Depending on your confidence and mechanical skills, you can decide how much of those jobs you are willing to tackle. Perhaps even ask a friend that is a mechanic to teach you how to do it. A DIY brake job can save you lots of money.

The cost of the tools to do a brake job at home can be an investment in savings.

Brake Parts

A complete job requires more parts and knowledge of mechanics. A simple brake pad change means fewer costs in parts. When going to a mechanic, don't forget to add in labor costs to the amount you budgeted parts. If you do choose to take your vehicle to a mechanic, you will have to pay taxes on the service.

If you choose to do the job yourself takes will be part of the cost of parts. Amazon is an excellent resource for getting the needed parts for a DIY (Do It Yourself) brake job.

I get the parts for our Kia Sedona from Amazon for brake jobs. To see more about brake pads for Kia Sedonas, see the Amazon product page. 

A Complete Brake Job

Unsurprisingly a complete brake job is a little bit more involved. It should include the replacement of brake pads, rotors, and calipers. Inspection of brake lines should also be part of this job. The cost of labor needs to be considered if you are taking the automobile to a mechanic. If you are seeking the top of line parts, and you add labor cost, a complete brake job can hit $1000 pretty quickly.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Brake Pads And Rotors?

The average cost estimate for brake replacement, which includes only the brake pads and rotors, is $400-$600 dollars. Labor costs average around two hundred dollars, and parts average $375. These estimates do not include taxes.

As a reminder, these are only the average estimates, locality, make, model, and age can all affect the prices of vehicle repairs.

Can I Replace Brake Pads And Not Rotors?

The average life of brake pads is between 25,000 to 60,000 miles. Similarly, the ordinary life of rotors is 70,000 miles. Because of the difference in these numbers, it is not uncommon to need to change brake pads before the rotors are worn out.

Brake pads are designed to emit a squeaking or grinding noise to indicate they need to be changed. So, be sure to listen to the sounds your vehicle makes at a stop. If you hear squeaking or grinding, be sure to have your brakes checked. Brake pads are also designed to be replaced in pairs to maintain even stopping power on both sides of a vehicle.

How Much Does A 4 Wheel Brake Job Cost?

It is averaging at around $450-$500 dollars per wheel. A complete brake job for all four wheels would be about $1,600. If you are only replacing pads, and rotors it should be slightly less.

Can I Replace Brake Pads Myself?

You can do a brake pad replacement job. There are all kinds of Youtube videos, and tutorials to google about how to do the job. If you are lucky, you might even find one matched to your vehicle year and model.

How Long Does It Take?

An expert mechanic can change brake pads and rotors in 30 mins to an hour. Entirely enough time to grab some coffee, or read that book you have been putting off reading.

If you are doing it yourself, it won't hurt to pad the time frame a bit. If you are an eternal optimist pad in just a little more time, and if you get it finished early, be sure to celebrate.

Mechanic or Not

Whatever you decide about whether to DIY the brake job or take it to a mechanic. Please, for all our sakes, if you have any grinding or squeaking being emitting from the wheels. Get it checked and replaced. None of us want the added stress of listening to that awful noise.

There is no shame in giving a job as necessary as brakes to the professionals. I like it when vehicles stop when they need to stop. Your insurance company wants that too.

So, now it's up to you save us all from squeaky brakes.

Leave a comment and let me know, do you DIY your brake pads, what about rotors?

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  1. Thanks for explaining that a complete brake job includes getting your pads, calipers, and rotors inspected/replaced. My husband’s father just passed away, and he left his old truck to us. We have a suspicion that it’s brakes aren’t working anymore, so we’ll have to get it in for a complete brake job as soon as possible.

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