How Much Does It Cost To Install Tire Rims?

Tire rims are the metallic backbone of a car's tire. They cause a frictional effect on the car's tire and carry all the weight. Because of this, when anything goes wrong with them, they need to be replaced as soon as possible. If you are wondering how much it would cost to get a new tire rim, we checked with experts, and here's what they said. 

The rate most shops charge for installing tire rims is about $200 to $500 for a single tire. However, the type of car, model, and level of technician expertise will still play a role in determining the price.   

A few other details are still important in installing a tire rim. So hang on and keep reading to find out all you need to know about replacing tire rims. 

Installing new black tire rims, How Much Does It Cost To Install Tire Rims?

What Are Tire Rims? 

Rims are the powerhouse of a car's tire. They are an essential component of a wheel. A tire with no rim cannot move a vehicle. The most important part of a tire rim is the outboard face or the "spider" that shows the design. Many people tend to choose the wheel of their car based on design, and the outboard face is seen first.

Brand new black powder coated tire rims

Other parts you can always look out for in your car rims are the bolt circle, center bore, spokes, valve stem, plate, etc. 

All these parts have their importance and use. Here are some of the uses of a rim:

  1. The rim design makes cars attractive. Most people buy rims just for aesthetic purposes.
  2. Also, they manage friction because of the reaction they have with the ground.
  3. Without the rim, it will be impossible for a car to rotate around the wheel hub. Friction during circular motion is lesser than that in linear motion. Hence, it elicits faster movement.
  4. Rims also play a significant role in the impression of a car. Most of the latest models of cars have a more oversized rim and a more petite body. 
  5. Wheels are the backbones of tires, and they carry the weight of your car. So, they contribute to the safety and performance of your cars.

Types of Tire Rims 

Brand new non radial tires on a white background

Several types of rims are used for car tires, and it is recommended to identify which kind of car rim you are planning to use. Here are a few types of rims:

Steel Rims

Steel rims are made with steel material. They are the most common types of rims and are typically cheaper. Rims made with steel are mainly resistant to corrosion because it takes time to react with oxygen. 

The setbacks of steel rims are their rugged look and enormous weight. Though they are popular, many car owners prefer not to use them, but their cheap cost might be appealing, plus they are strong too.

Alloy Rims 

An alloy is a combination of one or more metals. Alloy rims are made of aluminum and magnesium. They are as dense as the steel rims but do not carry as much weight. They have specified styles and cutouts to add exclusive features.

Chrome Rims 

If you are looking for a rim that is smooth and pleasant to the eye, chrome rims might be the best. However, they are not as durable as other kinds of wheels.


These are rims that spin as the car moves. They don't just follow the tire as it revolves; they spin faster, which can be intriguing to onlookers as they add to aesthetics and draw attention. Just like chrome rims, they are not as durable. 

How Much Does It Cost to Install Tire Rims? 

Brand new black powder coated tire rims

Installing tire rims is based on the type of car, the area, marginal utility, and the auto shop. The technician who would install your tire rims would consider all these factors. You will also be charged based on other wheel or tire-related work carried out during the replacement. 

Besides, the prices might differ after considering all these factors. However, there are ranges of prices you can expect to spend for this installation. 

$200 to $500 is the most likely cost range of rims installation. Depending on the location, others might take as low as $40 to $60 to install a tire rim. 

Do Rims Come With New Tires? 

New tires don't come with rims. So, you are typically buying a rim alone. However, if you are going for a wheel package, it will contain the main tire and rim. 

When purchasing any new tire, you should not expect the rim with it. Instead, you can still expect the tire to come with new valve stems, tire mounting, etc. This means you would have to buy the tire or rim separately. 

Are Wheels and Rims The Same Thing?

Detailed photo of a car tire

No, wheels and rims are different. Most people often use these two words and tires interchangeably and incorrectly. Here is a brief explanation of how they differ. 

The wheel is the circular device that rotates around the axle. They get a signal from the engine and start rotating for the car to move. A car wheel is one of the most important parts of a car. The wheel is what propels the car, and it is rotated by the propeller.

The hubcap is what covers the center of the wheel, and it's usually made from metal. The tire is what covers the outside of the rim, and it's usually made from rubber or some other type of material that can be used for traction.

The wheel consists of several parts, including the rim, the outer part that holds onto the tire, and the hub, which is the center part of the wheel meant to withstand the shock from the ground. 

A rim is the outer part of the wheel, which is responsible for holding the tire in place. The rim is an integral part of a vehicle because it helps hold the tire in place and helps to protect it from damage.

It also provides protection for other parts that are located under the wheel, such as brake drums, rotors, and bearings. The car rim is made up of steel or aluminum and has a rubber sealant around it.

How Long Does a Rim Last? 

Replacing stock tires

Every car part has its estimated lifespan, so even rims wear out. Their functioning ability deteriorates over the years, and they tend to reduce quality and performance. Making them more dangerous to use. 

Rims last up to 4-5 years. However, this is just an estimation. After buying it, managing and maintaining your rim would contribute to its lifespan. This will determine how long your wheel will last. 

Looking at the dense nature of rims and the fact that they are made of metals, they are sturdy as they carry the weight of the car as you drive. Even if rim management is poor, you can still expect it to work for up to four years. 

Here are a few signs that your rim is reaching its endpoint:

  • When your rim has started peeling, then it is deteriorating. Although this can be easily repaired, it's still likely that the rim has endured an extended use and should be replaced. 
  • Also, corrosion in alloy metal is common, so you should watch out for this in your car rims. This will happen over time when used under harsh physical factors such as high temperatures and floods.

Can You Drive Without Rims? 

It's not possible to drive a car without rims. The wheel, however, is capable of rotating without the rim. Meanwhile, the rim is the only strong connection it can have with the tire. Hence, the rotating part of the wheel, tire, and the whole car would not be able to move. 

Can You Drive With a Damaged Rim? 

Driving on a bent rim, though risky, is possible. Although the side effect might be felt on your tire, you can still drive with a damaged rim. It is hazardous to drive on a bent rim. You might notice that your car's steering becomes stiff or more challenging to control.

This leaves you open to unanticipated accidents. So, it would be safer if you didn't drive on bent wheels. If you find yourself in an emergency,  you should only drive a car with bent wheels for a very short distance. To guarantee security, you should also ensure the road is not crowded with passengers (both pedestrians and vehicles). 

In Summary

Installing new black tire rims

The car rim is an essential part of the car. They are essential for securing the weight of a vehicle and eliminating a bit of frictional force. Rims also serve as an anesthetic for cars. Unfortunately, they wear out with time. Hence, they need to be changed as soon as you notice a defect.

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