How Much Legroom In A Ford F150 SuperCab (Inc. Rear Legroom)?

Over and over again, Ford keeps proving to be a step ahead of the rest. This time, it does so by gifting us the smooth F150 SuperCab. If you’re looking to buy this baby, you may be asking yourself how much legroom it has for your comfort and that of your passengers. We’re here to answer this and any other queries that you may have. Here’s all you need to know.

The Ford F150 SuperCab has 40.3 inches rear headroom and 33.5 inches rear legroom. 

What more do you stand to gain with this vehicle? Is it the right one for you? Whichever question you have, before rushing to the auto shop, we encourage you to keep reading.

Ford F-150 SuperCab lined up ready for sale, How Much Legroom In A Ford F150 SuperCab (Inc. Rear Legroom)?

How Much Legroom Is In A Ford F-150 Supercab?

The Ford F150 SuperCab has 40.3 inches rear headroom and 33.5 inches rear legroom.

Front Headroom

It has a front headroom of 41 inches. 

Front Shoulder Room

 As for its front shoulder room, it measures 67 inches.

Rear Shoulder Room

Its rear shoulder room measures an impressive 66 inches.

Front Hip Room 

It provides 63 inches front hip room. 

Rear Hip Room

You and your loved ones can sit comfortably with its rear hip room of 65 inches.

Front Legroom 

Its front legroom measures 43.9 inches 

Rear Legroom

The SuperCab offers 33.5 inches of rear legroom.

Can You Put A Car Seat In Extended Cab F150?

Yes, you can put a car seat in extended Cab F150. The F-150 SuperCab is similar in width to the F-150 SuperCrew and can accommodate several child-safety seats, including the rear-facing seats for infants, thanks to its wide back seat.

The Cab F-150 has two sets of exposed lower Latch anchors in the outboard seats. You can easily find and use them even without a manual. Additionally, it has three tether loops fixed at the rear of the head restraints. As per the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, tether anchors aren’t easy to find and can be mistaken for other hardware, which is typical for pickups.

If you’re a first-timer, it’s no walk in the park connecting to the truck’s tether anchors. Please use a manual if you’re not sure of what to do.

How Many Passengers Fit In F150 SuperCab?

Up to six passengers fit in the F150 SuperCab. This cool configuration also comes with optional bed lengths. It also has four doors to make getting in and out of the truck simpler. However, the doors are not full size.

For more access to the backseat, the F150 SuperCab back doors have rear hinges. These doors open an amazing 180 degrees for faster and more convenient access. It also doesn’t have a B-pillar, which allows it to provide you with plenty of room as you load cargo, such as child seats. It’s no wonder this mighty configuration reigns supreme among competitors such as the Chevrolet Silverado Double Cab and the Ram 1500 Quad Cab that both have front-hinged doors.

The seats are comfortable and- get this- the cab provides flip-up rear seats for an even more luxurious passenger experience.

The SuperCab configuration also provides heated rear seats, leather upholstery, massaging front seats, a heated steering wheel, heated and ventilated front seats, and power-adjustable front seats for maximum comfort.

Which Is Bigger? SuperCrew Or SuperCab?

At first glance, it would be almost impossible to tell which is bigger than the other. However, upon further sniffing around, SuperCrew takes the cake. Unlike the SuperCab, it has two full sets of doors, with each door working independently of the others.

It has a larger rear seating area, which would make it perfect for a road trip with family or pals, SuperCab also offers sufficient room, but it’s 10.1 inches less than that of SuperCrew, which is 43.6 inches. 

SuperCab, however, has a larger standard bed length of 6.5 feet that beats the 5.5 feet bed length of SuperCrew. The SuperCrew, however, also has a 6.5-foot bed, but it’s optional. 

It would require stretching the overall length and wheelbase by nearly a foot. SuperCab also has a towing capacity of 12,100 pounds and a maximum payload of 3,020 pounds. SuperCrew, on the other hand, has a towing capacity of 11,900 pounds and 2,910 pounds of cargo.

Which Has More Legroom? F150 or Colorado?

The Chevrolet Colorado has more legroom than the F150. It boasts 41.4 inches of headroom for the passenger and driver and 45 inches of legroom. The F150, on the other side, provides 43.9 inches of legroom and 40.8 inches of headroom in the front seats.

The Colorado is a fine compact pickup truck that offers capable turbodiesel and V6 variants. It also has a fuel-efficient four-cylinder base engine and rides smoothly. Unlike the F150, it adds some creativity to the average look of a typical pickup truck.

Which Has More Legroom? F150 or RAM?

The RAM has more legroom for back passengers. It may be large, but it’s impressively easy to drive. It offers you the alternative between two different cab options, including a larger Crew Cab and a Quad Cab. Regardless of your choice, you’ll get five standard seats.

The Crew Cab offers 40.9 inches front headroom and 39.8 inches rear headroom, front and rear hip room of 63.4 inches, front legroom of 40.9 inches and 45.2 inches rear legroom, and a front shoulder room of 66.0 inches and 65.7 inches rear shoulder room.

The Quad Cab, on the other hand, offers front headroom of 40.9 inches and 39.2 inches rear headroom, front and rear hip room of 63.4 inches, front legroom of 40.9 inches and 35.6 inches rear legroom, and a front shoulder room of 66.0 inches and 65.7 inches rear shoulder room.

The latest RAM 1500 model has a broad selection of engine alternatives, including mild hybrids and a new turbodiesel.

Also, it has reduced the huge-rig style of past models, choosing a softer and more aerodynamic front end instead.

What’s The Importance Of Sufficient Legroom?

It may seem obvious, but some people don’t realize how much legroom amount can make or break their outdoor drive. Enough legroom is essential for a couple of reasons: First is to enable you to shift your weight on a seat or stretch your legs comfortably. 

Sitting stationary in a car for long distances with minimal legroom causes you to get stiff and develop some neck, shoulder, and back pain. Standing up and maintaining balance can be quite a task for the first few minutes due to the pressure on your knees.

It’s also hard to fit into a car or enjoy your ride while your knees are pressed hard. Car manufacturers realize this and produce quality vehicles such as the Ford F150 SuperCab. 

Are you tall? No sweat! There are a variety of rides that’ll be perfect for you. Regardless of the affordable price of a car, you should never put your health at risk. 

Cruise In Style With The Ford F150 SuperCab

You want a bottom line, so we’ll give it to you: For all matters traveling and cargo hauling, trust the Ford F-150. It has been America’s favorite truck for over 40 years. With the addition of the SuperCab configuration, especially the 2020 cab type, things will only get better. 

Apart from quality legroom and all-aluminum sturdy body, the SuperCab also brags cool features such as automatic emergency braking, a SYNC 3 infotainment system, and a rearview camera with Dynamic Hitch Assist.

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