How Much Luggage Can Fit In A Chrysler Pacifica?

A minivan is a great way to travel with a group of people. But where there's a trip, there is usually luggage. If you are planning to travel in a Chrysler Pacifica and are wondering how much luggage you can carry on board, we can help you.

We researched this vehicle from multiple professional sources, so you'll know how much it can handle.

The amount of luggage you can carry in a Chrysler Pacifica depends on how you have the seats configured. Using the rear cargo space will have 32.3 cubic feet of space behind the third row of seats. This is enough room for at least eight pieces of luggage.

Now that we know how much luggage a Chrysler Pacifica can carry, we'll take a closer look at the various cargo configurations of this popular minivan.

You might also wonder how much interior room this model has or how many can ride in this vehicle. For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what our research has uncovered.

2021 chrysler pacifica glossy white metallic paint parked outside the airport, How Much Luggage Can Fit In A Chrysler Pacifica?

How Much Cargo Can A Chrysler Pacifica Hold?

The number of passengers and cargo you can carry onboard any minivan will depend on how the seating is configured.

Assuming all the seats are in place, we mentioned earlier that you have 32.3 cubic feet of room at the rear of the vehicle.

But as the seats in this minivan can be lowered, you will find that you can fit a lot more in the Pacifica than you may have bargained for.

When the third row of seats is lowered, this overall cargo space jumps considerably.

Minus these seats, you will now be free to use 87.5 cubic feet of room. Remember that this allows you to carry two to three passengers in the second row, which is still in place.

The second row of the Pacifica can also be taken out of the equation. This will allow for even more cargo space, increasing the overall storage capacity to 140.5 cubic feet.

How Much Passenger Space Does A Chrysler Pacifica Offer?

Minivans are great for those who want a vehicle that can carry more passengers than a typical passenger car or truck. But just because a minivan can carry more doesn't mean they are roomy.

This is also true of some model SUVs, which might have cramped interior space for passengers.

The Chrysler Pacifica, however, is a roomy and comfortable minivan. The three rows of seating provide a great experience for riders, leading it to be rated #2 in its class by U.S. News & World Report for the 2022 model year.

In our research, we discovered how much room each rider on board the Pacifica would have.

Below, we've listed them row by row. We think you'll find that there's ample room for you and almost any passenger that climbs aboard this vehicle.

The front row of seating

  • The front seat legroom is 41.1 inches.
  • The front seat headroom is 40.1 inches.
  • The front seat hip room is 59.0 inches.
  • The front seat shoulder room is 63.8 inches.

The second row of seating

  • Second-row seat legroom is 39.0 inches.
  • Second-row seat headroom is 39.6 inches.
  • Second-row seat hip room is 64.8 inches.
  • Second-row seat shoulder room is 63.0 inches.

The third row of seating

  • Third-row seat legroom is 36.5 inches.
  • Third-row seat headroom is 38.7 inches.
  • Third-row seat hip room is 49.5 inches.
  • Third-row seat shoulder room is 61.2 inches.

How Many People Fit Into A Chrysler Pacifica?

Minivans are known for their ability to carry more cargo and passengers than a typical sedan. If you need a vehicle that can hold many people while still leaving room for luggage and gear, the Pacifica is worthy of your consideration.

This model minivan can carry seven or eight riders on board. The front seating area will only carry the driver and the passenger. The second row will allow for two or three passengers.

The number in this area will depend on whether your Pacifica is equipped with captain's chairs or a bench seat. The third row will hold three passengers.

Remember that taller folks might find riding here a bit cramped due to the smaller dimensions of this third row. This area best suits children, teens, and tiny to medium-framed adult passengers.

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Can A Couch Fit Into A Chrysler Pacifica?

With an overall storage capacity of 140.5 cubic feet, you'll find that this minivan can be used to haul large and cumbersome objects. This includes most chairs, tables, dressers, and even sofas.

By stowing the second and third rows of seats, you will maximize the amount of cargo room in the Chrysler Pacifica.

So long as the sofa does not have a back that exceeds the interior height of the vehicle, you will be able to fit most two and three-seater sofas inside this area without any issues.

Sectional sofas will be too large for this, or any other, minivan to handle all at once. But these sectional sofas do come apart, making it possible for a Pacifica to carry one if you plan on two trips.

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Does The Chrysler Pacificas Have Stow And Go Seats?

The seats in minivans and SUVs can be lowered, folded down, or removed to maximize the storage room on board.

Removing the seats can be a real pain, and so can find a safe place to put them after removing them. Seats that fold down will be more convenient but will not free up as much space.

Seats that are lowered into the floor of the vehicle are the most convenient. Known as "stow and go," these seats are quickly dropped into the floor, giving you the most room.

They are equally easy to set back in place when you are ready to carry backseat passengers again.

The Chrysler Pacifica has stow-and-go seats for its second and third rows of seats. When you need to move a larger object or want to use the minivan to move a lot of boxes, drop the seats into the floor and start loading.

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Is The Chrysler Pacifica A Reliable Vehicle?

Longevity and reliability rate are second to safety for many consumers. They seek a primary vehicle that will not only lend a safe ride but will also be able to be operational when needed.

Those considering a Chrysler Pacifica will learn that it is rated fair to average in this category.

J.D. Power and Associates list the 2022 Pacifica as having a 63/100 score for overall reliability. This fits within their definition of "fair." Older models score a bit higher from this rating company, often in the mid-70s or "average."

Though consistently near the top of its class when all categories are averaged, the Pacifica falls far beneath other minivans regarding how reliable it is.

Consumers should consider the Honda Odyssey or the Toyota Sienna the most reliable.

Our Final Thoughts

2021 chrysler pacifica glossy white metallic paint parked outside the airport

The Chrysler Pacifica might not offer the most room in its class of minivans, but you'll find it roomy enough for up to eight passengers and a good amount of cargo.

The stow and go seats make it easy to open the van's rear up for larger objects, making it possible to move sofas and some appliances.

The interior is not only roomy but is rated as one of the most comfortable in its class. Drive safe!

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