How Much Water Does an RV Washer Use?

RV bedroom with stackable RV washer,How Much Water Does an RV Washer Use?Do you need clean laundry while on the road? Are you thinking of buying an RV washer and wondering how much water it uses? Well, look no further because you’ve finally found the answer to all your questions.

A typical RV washer uses around 8 to 20 gallons of water in a single load, depending on the size and type of washer. 

Nowadays, manufacturers have realized that many people on the road want to have the ability to be able to do their own laundry without having to go through the hassle of waiting in line or visiting nearby cities just to be able to have clean clothes. We'll elaborate on the different types of RV washers further in this post, in order to make it easier for you to decide which one to choose.

The Stackable Washer

If you’re looking to have multiple laundry loads and the ability to wash and dry at the same time, then these types of washers are for you. However, they do take up space and use more water than the average RV washer. Plus, most of these are vented, meaning you’re going to have to drill holes in your RV in order to have the ability to vent your laundry. Generally, you should avoid adding holes to your RV because it invites water damage. You’ll have to modify your RV in order to accommodate these types of washers since they’re not industry-standard on RVs.

The Portable Washer and Dryer

Most of these types of washers are non-vented and use little to no electricity in some units. The other few advantages are that it’s very water-efficient, using around 8 gallons of water per load. They are also affordable and can get your loads done fairly quickly. However, most of these types of units are very heavy (think 100 pounds) and require manual operation to use. Some models come equipped with sensors to keep track of the moisture in your clothes and apply heat when necessary to dry them.

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The Combo Washer Dryer

If you’re looking to save space and have the ability to wash and dry your clothes at the same time, then we recommend going for this option. They use less electricity and are available in both vented and non-vented variations. However, they can use a lot of water (think 20 gallons) and the non-vented variety uses around 25 gallons.

A general misconception is that combo washer-dryers take a lot of time to dry laundry. That is not true, as manufacturers worked out the kinks that were there in the initial models and have come a long way in order to meet consumer demands. Due to their small sizes, they typically don’t do full loads and can take longer to work if they’re overloaded. But, don’t let that discourage you from investing in one. If you’re looking for a good brand to invest in, then we recommend going for a Splendide washer.

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How Much Water Does a Combo Washer Dryer Use?

The amount of water used varies depending upon the type of RV washer used. Most RV washers come in a washer and dryer combo – this is generally to address the lack of space in an RV and the need to have multiple options available. Also, keep in mind that there are two variations that come with the three major types of RV washers; vented and non-vented.

A Vented RV Washer

A vented RV washer allows you to use the air in the room of the cabin to dry your clothes. While this may seem to be a great option, do keep in mind that you will require your RV to have an air exhaust vent available in order to be able to avail of this option.

A Non-Vented RV Washer

A non-vented RV washer heats the air inside the drum of the machine in order to dry the laundry. While this seems to be a great option, it uses a lot of water (20 to 25 gallons) depending on the model used. Non-vented washers usually use five gallons more water than their vented counterparts.

How Much Water Does a Splendide Washer Use?

The Splendide brand offers two major types – the combo washer dryer and the stackable type. Most of their products use 5 to 16 gallons of water and the vented types start their usage from around 10 gallons. It differs by model and the manual that comes with it states how much water that particular model uses. Un-vented models use freshwater as part of their condenser drying process, which is why you generally need more water. Plus, with a combo washer-dryer, you don’t have to leave your RV to do your laundry. Not only is it convenient, but you can also save time by taking care of the washing and drying at the same time.

RVs are a great way to travel for enjoying the outdoors while having the ability to be convenient and comfortable. However, having fresh and dry laundry is important and you don’t want that to hamper your experience while traveling. Choosing between various washer options available for your RV is important if you’re looking on a budget, for convenience or simply choosing to go for a vacation. Knowing what works for you will help you navigate and avoid laundry situations should there ever be an issue.

RV bedroom with stackable RV washer

And what if you don't want a washer after all? Check out our guide about laundry solutions for RV'ers right here.

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