How Much Weight Can A 48 Volt Golf Cart Carry?

Golf carts are battery powered and not as heavy-duty as most other vehicles. A 48-volt golf cart can only carry a certain amount of weight. We have researched this and laid out our findings in this post. Keep on reading!

A 48-volt golf cart can carry no more than 457 pounds. This means that at least two people can ride in the cart. When a load is attached to the golf cart for towing, it can carry 1,500 pounds.

Golf carts come in different models for the same voltage. This can alter the carrying capacity of the vehicle. In the next sections, we will discuss the specifics of how much a 48-volt golf cart can carry and the general capacity for golf carts. Read on!

How Much Weight Can A 48V Golf Cart Handle?

A golf cart can carry 457 pounds. This capacity only accounts for the golf cart itself.

Golf carts on the golf field

It is much easier to pull a load with a golf cart than to carry one since there is less gravity involved. Too much weight on a golf cart can wear down and even damage the vehicle considering its minimal structure.

Golf carts are made of steel plates, fiberglass, and plastic or metal frames. Although they're sturdy, these lightweight materials can only take so much force. Since pulling an object does not make the cart work against gravity, it can handle more weight.

Note that the heavier the load, the slower your cart will move. Your golf cart's battery can only handle up to the maximum weight limit, so try not to go over capacity.

Most golf carts are designed only to carry a driver and a passenger, but some are big enough for four to six people.

Golf carts at full charge and 48 volts can run at full power for 90 minutes at a maximum. With the right maintenance, you can make the battery life last for four to 10 years.

Most 48-volt golf carts require a battery pack with two to six lithium batteries.

How Much Weight Can An Electric Golf Cart Hold?

Golf carts and palm tree

Most electric golf carts can handle 200 pounds per passenger regardless of the battery voltage.

This means that the more capacity the golf cart can carry, the more weight it will be able to hold. Taking this into account, a standard electric golf cart can carry between 500 and 1,200 pounds.

On another note, a golf cart roof also has a carrying capacity. If you need to carry something on your golf cart, the roof can handle weights of up to 50 pounds. This is not recommended practice, but it is possible.

You can also attach a cargo bed to your golf cart. This will add 300 pounds of carrying capacity to the vehicle. So rather than a minimum of 500 pounds, your golf cart will be able to carry 800 pounds. The bed will also increase the weight of your golf cart.

The amount of weight a golf cart can carry does not include the weight of the cart itself. Knowing the weight of your golf cart is a good idea.

An average golf cart alone weighs between 800 and 1100 pounds. Here are the rest of a standard golf cart's dimensions:

  • Length: 92 to 144 inches
  • Width: 48 inches
  • Height: 70 to 80 inches

Since golf carts are compact, you can transport them in a bigger vehicle, such as a trailer truck. Some golf carts can even carry other golf carts. The battery pack will also account for an extra 10 to 300 pounds.

How Much Weight Can Golf Cart Tires Carry?

Golf cart tires

Aside from the golf cart frame and battery power, a few more factors affect your golf cart's weight. This includes the weight your golf cart tires can hold.

Any tire can handle a lot of pressure and is already included in the vehicle's overall weight. A standard golf cart tire is 18 inches in diameter and 8.5 inches wide. These tires are strong enough to handle 675 pounds at 30 PSI.

The more pressure your tires can handle, the more weight they will be able to carry. Bigger tires also lead to higher speeds!

You must consider the tread width, aspect ratio, and wheel size in inches when choosing golf cart tires. This will be specified in a number code when looking up tires. Make sure to get tires that will fit the specifications of your golf cart.

Maintenance Practices For A 48V Golf Cart

A golf cart has limitations, and you will need to maintain it properly for it to run well.  You might have to transport your golf cart or put it into storage. You will also need to recharge or replace the battery when it runs out. 

How To Transport A Golf Cart

Semi truck with a full load of golf carts

While golf carts can transport people, golf equipment, and other equipment under the maximum weight capacity, you can also transport golf carts!

A trailer is a good way to do this since it will make loading up the golf cart easier. You can hire a contractor if you do not want to transport a golf cart.

Loading a golf cart is as simple as driving it into the trailer. From there, secure the cart in place. You can use winches to help you tie the golf cart. You should strap the cart down to keep it from moving around and causing damage.

How To Charge Or Power An Electric Golf Cart

Golf cart motors are either gas-powered or electric. Since this article talks about battery-powered or electric golf carts, this section focuses on how to power your electric golf cart.

Eventually, your golf cart will run out of power. This will lead to poor performance and slower speeds. It is best to keep your electric golf cart plugged in when not in use. Additionally, you have to take good care of the batteries.

Plug in your golf cart until it is fully charged. Clean your golf cart's batteries as needed. After a few years, you will also have to replace the batteries or battery pack. 

Finally, check the ignition and engine if you run into any issues with your golf cart's power. This is especially important if your batteries are still in good shape. Take your golf cart to a mechanic if you have to.

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How To Store A Golf Cart

When the time comes for you to store your golf cart, you have to do it the right way. Improper storage can lead to damage to the golf cart's battery and other parts. The cart may also be prone to environmental wear.

Before storage, make sure the golf car battery is fully charged and cleaned. Disconnect all the power accessories and the battery to preserve it.

If you need to refill any water levels, do so before storage. Clean and inflate the tires or jack up the vehicle to avoid any built-up pressure while in storage.

Clean your cart and cover it up for storage. Make sure to store it in a space that is not only safe and secure but easy to access. Check on the cart occasionally to catch any issues you might have missed during storage.

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How Much Distance Can A 48V Golf Cart Cover?

How much distance can a 48v golf cart cover, How Much Weight Can A 48 Volt Golf Cart Carry?

A 48-volt golf cart can travel between 40 to 45 miles per charge. Assuming your golf cart is at full charge, you can maximize its full distance.

Excess weight and hot weather can negatively impact the performance of your golf cart, so try to charge it every one to two months.

When transporting things with your golf cart, take note of how much power it has and the distance you need to cover.

This will help you avoid any mishaps, such as running out of power halfway through your drive or having a load that is too heavy for your golf cart to handle.

Wrapping Things Up

A standard 48-volt golf cart can carry 457 to 800 pounds and pull up to 1,500 pounds. The minimum capacity will increase if you attach a golf cart bed.

Depending on the size and type of your golf cart, it can carry up to two, four, or six passengers.

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