How Much Weight Can A Toy Hauler Carry? [Based On 11 Examples]

More and more people are looking to the great outdoors for relaxation but also adrenaline-pumping fun. It's no wonder that toy haulers that combine the comfort of an RV with the utility of a garage on wheels are becoming more popular. How much and what can you load into your toy hauler though? We've got the lowdown for you!

Most trailer or fifth-wheel toy haulers have carrying capacities between 3,000 and 5,000 lbs. Small toy haulers, such as minis and pop-ups, can carry less, typically under 2,000 lbs.

Some popular toys people like to bring in their toy haulers include:

  • Kayaks and Canoes
    • Cruiser 14.8 by Swift Canoes — 24-30 lbs.
    • Sea Ghost 130 by Vibe Kayaks — 92 lbs.
  • Enduro Motorcycles
    • KTM 350 EXC-F — 228 lbs.
    • Yamaha WR450F — 262 lbs.
  • Snowmobiles
    • Polaris Switchback XC — 474 lbs.
  • ATVs
    • Honda Fourtrax Rancher — 580 lbs.
    • Polaris Sportsman — 570-705 lbs.
  • Jet Skis
    • Sea-Doo SPARK — 410-425 lbs. 
    • Kawasaki STX — 160-864.4 lbs.
  • Side-by-Sides
    • Can-Am Maverick Sport — 1,390 lbs. 
    • Polaris RZR Turbo S 4 — 1,987 lbs.

That's only part of the story, though. We'll look at each of these outdoor toys in more detail, help you find the cargo capacity of your toy hauler, and also give you some advice on the right size truck for your needs. Continue reading to get the full scoop.

A pick up truck towing a fifth wheel, How Much Weight Can A Toy Hauler Carry? [Based On 11 Examples]

How to find your Toy Hauler's cargo carrying capacity

While some companies tell you how much their toy haulers can carry directly, this isn't always the case. Fortunately, it only takes some fast, simple math to figure it out.

How do you calculate your toy hauler's cargo carrying capacity (CCC)? Subtract the unloaded vehicle weight (UVW) from the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). The difference is your CCC. Note that some manufacturers and dealers refer to UVW as "dry weight," but they mean the same thing.

For example, the Valor 40V13 has a GVWR of 20,000 lbs. The UVW (called "dry weight" by Alliance RVs) is 15,464 lbs. That leaves you with a CCC of 4,536 lbs.

Remember, the CCC is not just for your toys, but also for any other cargo, including fuel and water, you load in your toy hauler. Always err on the side of caution when loading weight in your toy hauler or any other vehicle.

What Can You Put In A Toy Hauler?

The large garage space and cargo capacity toy haulers offer means the options of what to haul are almost unlimited. Offroad vehicles are the most popular options and come in many different forms.

Kayaks and Canoes

Three different colored canoes placed on the side of the river

Cruiser 14.8 by Swift Canoes

Swift promises the Cruiser 14.8 combines the speed of a kayak with the volume of a canoe so you can get the most of your outdoor adventures. The three different trim options weigh between 24 to 30 lbs, making this canoe lighter than most kayaks.

Much like the Sea Ghost, the weight is less likely to cause issues for your toy hauler than the length. The "14.8" in the name of this canoe refers to its impressive 14'8" length. This is longer than most toy hauler garages, but not all. Still, it might be more convenient to load on roof racks.

See it in action in the video below:

Sea Ghost 130 by Vibe Kayaks

The Sea Ghost is a sit-on-top kayak with a wide hull to keep it steady in uncertain waters. It only weighs 92 pounds fully loaded, so weight is unlikely to cause trouble unless you've already filled up your toy hauler.

At 13' in length, it might be a problem to find space for it in a smaller toy hauler garage. You might be better off using roof racks and holding it in place with heavy-duty straps. The ones below are adjustable and hold up to 1,500 lbs, plenty for the Sea Ghost or other kayaks.

Click here to see these heavy-duty, adjustable straps on Amazon.

Enduro Motorcycles

A motocross riding his enduro bike on the mountainous trail

Enduro motorcycles are offroad motorcycles, similar in many ways to motocross bikes. While they don't accelerate as quickly as motocross bikes, they make up for this with greater comfort and versatility; Enduro bikes are more road-friendly and come equipped with lights to ride at night.


The 350 EXC-F by KTM promises the agility of a 250cc bike and the power of a 450cc bike. Its smooth suspension, comfort, and handling make it a good choice for beginners, but it still offers plenty of power for more experienced riders too.

It weighs just 228 lbs, so it's easy to add one to your toy hauler arsenal.

Yamaha WR450F

The WR450F by Yamaha is a great choice for 450cc enduro. Developed from their motocross racer, it has been optimized for enduro riding to assure greater comfort and ease of control.

It is also remarkably light for an enduro with a 1.7-gallon tank. The 2021 and 2022 models weigh just 262 lbs., meaning you will easily be able to haul one along with your other toys.


A man fully suited man wearing snow gear while driving his snowmobile

Love of the outdoors doesn't take snow days. Skiing and snowboarding are among the most popular ways to enjoy the snowing slopes, but for those who want a little more horsepower in their winter adventures, snowmobiles are the way to go.

Can you load a snowmobile in a toy hauler? It can be done, and most snowmobiles are light enough that even toy haulers with lower cargo capacities can bring them as long as there is enough garage space; snowmobiles can be over 10' long.

There are other issues to consider too. You'll want to protect the floor of your toy hauler from the track of the snowmobile as from any water damage as the snow melts after going for a ride. 

Be sure to clean off as much snow as possible before loading your snowmobile to prevent excess water. You can also use a large sheet of plywood and plastic tarp to protect your toy hauler from the track and any remaining water.

Polaris Switchback XC 146

The Switchback XC 146 is one of many snowmobiles offered by Polaris. It has a 650cc engine, guaranteeing you plenty of zip as you sled your way around a snowy landscape.

At 474 lbs., it is light enough to not exceed the cargo limit of even small toy haulers, but be careful. It's 10'5", so you'll want to make sure your garage is long enough to accommodate it.

Jet Skis

An orange jet ski moored in the bay

Like snowmobiles, it takes a little more planning to get a jet ski in your toy hauler. You won't want to launch your jet ski right off your ramp, so one great solution is to use a jet ski trailer and a winch. You can see what the setup and process looks like in the video below:

Of course, you need to consider the weight of the trailer and even of the winch when calculating weights. Single-watercraft trailers typically weigh between 200 and 300 lbs, such as this 212 lb. steel trailer from Karavan, but be sure to check your own trailer's weight.

Sea-Doo Spark

The Spark is one of several affordable but fun jet skis offered by Sea-Doo. Available in 2- or 3-seater models, they range in weight between 410 and 425 lbs.

Kawasaki Jet Ski STX 160

While we use the term "jet ski" generically, it's actually registered by Kawasaki and they are still leaders in making great jet skis. The STX 160 is one of the many they offer. It has a powerful 4-stroke, 1498cc engine to keep you zooming along the waves.

While it might be more powerful than the Spark, it's also significantly heavier. The STX 160 weighs 864.4 lbs. Add on the weight of a trailer and fuel, and this jet ski quickly becomes one of the heaviest toys on our list.


A man driving a big and powerful ATV on the mud

Honda Fourtrax Rancher

Honda's Fourtrax Rancher 420 is a popular, multi-purpose ATV. It has a lot of options for customization too. With 8 different trims, options for independent rear suspension or swing-arm, two- or four-wheel drive, you have the choices to build your ideal ATV. 

This impressive ATV weighs just 580 lbs., including all standard equipment, fluids, and a full fuel tank. Measuring 82.8" by 47.4", this ATV will even fit into the smallest pop-up toy hauler, the Sylvan Sport Go, albeit just.

Polaris Sportsman 570

The Sportsman 570 by Polaris combines comfort and fun in a powerful package.

At 705 lbs. dry weight and a 4.5-gallon tank, it's a bit heavier than the Honda Fourtrax, but still within the cargo range of most small toy haulers.

Side-by-Sides/ UTVs

Two men having fun in a UTV a dirt track

Can-Am Maverick Sport

The Maverick Sport by Can-Am is a 2-seater side by side with awesome SHOWA 2.0 Shocks to assure a smooth ride. Its narrow silhouette is just 60" which is great for offroading through narrow passages or trails and also helps you slide comfortably into your toy hauler.

It has a dry weight of 1,390 lbs. and a length of 119" so it can still fit medium-sized toy haulers.

Polaris RZR Turbo S 4

A massive side-by-side that can seat four, the RZR Turbo S 4 by Polaris also packs a punch with 164 horsepower. This side-by-side is truly a beast.

Unsurprisingly, it's also the largest and heaviest toy on our list. Its dry weight is 1,987 lbs and it's 72" wide and 117" long. You'll need a toy hauler with a high carrying capacity and a big garage just to fit this in there.

Learn how to load your side-by-side in our article "How To Load A UTV In Toy Hauler And Tie It Down."

How Tall Is A Toy Hauler?

Toy haulers come in a variety of heights. Fifth-wheels are generally the tallest. The Luxe Fifth-Wheel is an imposing 13'6", the same as most semi-trucks. Most toy haulers range between 10 and 13 feet in height.

Always be aware of the height of your toy hauler, including any roof-top AC units it may have. Make sure you're not passing through any underpasses or covered bridges that you can't fit through.

What Toy Hauler Has The Largest Cargo Area?

The garage or cargo area of toy haulers can vary widely. Those on the smaller end, such as pop-ups and more compact trailers, can have lengths as low as 6 or 7 feet. That's just enough space to squeeze in most medium-length toys.

More typically, toy haulers' garages range between 10 and 13 feet. That leaves you more space for longer toys as well as extra cargo you might be hauling. A garage longer than 13 feet is considered long for a toy hauler.

But which toy hauler has the largest garage? One of the largest by far is the 30G Travel Trailer by Momentum. It has a jaw-dropping 20'7" long garage. At that length, it's as deep as many home garages. You'll be able to bring toys for the whole family in this impressive toy hauler.

Other toy haulers with large cargo areas include the Luxe Toy Hauler 48FB, with a 16.4' garage, and the Valor 41V15, coming in at 15'.

What Size Truck Do I Need To Pull A Toy Hauler?

The truck you need will depend on your toy hauler and cargo. You can pull a surprising amount with a compact truck. For example, a Ford Maverick with a tow package can tow 4,000 lbs., enough to tow the Jumping Jack pop-up toy hauler and two of either ATV on our list.

Pop-ups aren't for everyone, though, and you'll have more options with larger trucks. Half-ton trucks can pull more hard-body trailers and even some lightweight fifth-wheels. Let's look at another example.

The 2021 Chevy Silverado has a maximum available towing capacity of 13,300 lbs. With that, you could pull a Catalina Trailblazer 29THS with a one either side-by-side in our list and still have room to spare.

If you're looking to tow some of the heavier toy haulers out there, a heavy-duty, one-ton truck will help keep you covered. For instance, the Ram 3500 has a maximum available towing capacity of a jaw-dropping 37,100 lbs. That's enough to pull the massive Luxe 48FB even if you manage to fit two UTVs in its 16'4" garage.

Learn more about toy hauler weights and towing them in our post, "How Much Do Toy Haulers Typically Weigh?"

Hitting the road

We've seen how to calculate the cargo capacity of your toy hauler and a lot of great toys to fill it with. With this information handy, you'll be ready to load up, hitch up, and haul out.

Happy hauling!

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