How To Bypass The Check Engine Light For Remote Start [Quickly & Easily]

As a car owner, you may want to bypass the check engine light for a remote start but wonder how to go about it. Luckily, we have done research on this topic for you, and here is what we found.

Try these methods to bypass the check engine light for a remote start:

  • Replace the starter
  • Drive your car for a while
  • Turn the ignition on and off 
  • Disengage the battery
  • Take out the fuse 
  • Use a code reader

Before bypassing the check engine light, ensure your engine is in good condition. Keep reading to get detailed information on bypassing the check engine light for a remote start.

Engine check light on car dashboard - How To Bypass The Check Engine Light For Remote Start [Quickly & Easily]

How To Bypass The Check Engine Light For Remote Start 

The following are ways you can bypass the check engine light for a remote start:

Replace The Starter

A starter is responsible for running a car's engine. The relay in the starter helps in the transfer of power.

It is recommended to get a new starter so the car's electric output can be handled well. Also, a new starter is more efficient in safeguarding internal functions.

Check engine light illuminated on dashboard.

The remote starter won't become damaged during the check engine light with a new starter. You can contact a professional for the installation so you can bypass the check engine light.

Drive Your Car For A While

Driving for a while and giving your car some time to reassess systems is the simplest and easiest option for turning off the check engine light. 

Most onboard computers will perform many checks to determine what issue triggered the check engine light. Drive your vehicle the same way you would usually, and you might see the engine light turn off.

If the check engine light persists after driving for three days, then the issue hasn't been resolved. You may need to try other ways outlined below to turn it off.

Turn The Ignition On And Off

After three consecutive cycles of turning the ignition on and off, certain cars are programmed to automatically clear the error codes generated as a result of any initial malfunction.

To accomplish this, first put your key into the ignition, then turn the car on for approximately a second before turning it off again for roughly the same amount of time.

After you have done this a total of three times, you can drive the car as you usually would. See if the warning light for the engine has been reset or turned off.

Disengage The Battery

It doesn't matter what kind of vehicle you drive; you can use the battery in your car to your advantage. Remove the hold that secures the positive power cable to the battery using a wrench. 

After disconnecting the battery for at least half an hour, turning the ignition on three times in quick succession should fix the problem.

Once you've done that, reattach the positive cable to the battery terminal and then wait a moment to see whether or not the check engine light has been reset and turned off.

Take Out The Fuse 

You can turn off the check engine light on your dashboard by taking out the fuse from the engine control unit and replacing it in its original location.

Although this won't solve the issue for newer cars, it could be helpful for older ones. Consult your repair manual to discover where the fuse is located for the engine control unit.

Use A Code Reader

For this option, you'll need a wrench and an OBD  (onboard diagnostic) reader. These reasonably priced readers can interpret engine codes and clear them.

To use a code reader, you should insert it into the OBD port, This port is generally found under the dash, and you may need to remove the fuse box door on some automobiles.

Press enter to activate the reader after connecting it. The device will check the engine codes, and the reader will display error codes after analyzing.

You can check for code-erasing options. Then click on enter to clear the fault code and reset the check engine light.

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How Long Will The Check Engine Light Stay Off After Removing The Battery?

The check engine light may stay off for up to 16 minutes. Resetting the check engine light in a vehicle takes around an hour to complete.

After the computer in a car has been reset, it will take a few hundred miles of driving for the engine control unit (ECU) to re-record the critical parameters of the engine.

When resetting the check engine light, you can disconnect the battery for some time. By resetting your vehicle's engine control unit (ECU), you can efficiently clear the computer's memory of any problems.

Resetting the engine control unit (ECU) will not indefinitely fix the defective check engine light. However, it may help your vehicle pass an inspection.

Can Remote Start Work When Check Engine Light Is On?

Check engine light

No, the functionality of the remote start feature depends on several predetermined requirements. The engine of the vehicle needs to be stopped.

Second, the key fob must be within the vehicle's range for it to work. And last but not least, the battery in the automobile needs to have a sufficient amount of charge.

If even one of these requirements isn't satisfied, the vehicle won't turn on or start moving. If every one of these parameters is met and the car still won't start, there may be another problem (an issue with the engine).

If the check engine warning light is active, the computer in the vehicle may prevent the engine from starting.

This is because the computer is programmed to stop the engine from functioning if it detects any problem when it tries to start.

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Why Does Engine Turn Off After Remote Start?

Engine check light on car dashboard.

After a car is started with a remote start, it is programmed to turn off whenever the door is opened as a precautionary measure.

Most car owner manuals state that it will turn off when ten minutes pass. However, pressing the start button once more before the ten minutes are over allows you to extend the duration by an additional ten minutes.

If you hit the button again after running the car for five minutes, the timer will reset to zero, and it will continue to run for another ten minutes.

You can only do this once. Consult your user handbook for helpful information on this topic.

How Do I Reset My Remote Starter?

Man presses button on ignition key with immobilizer on the background of the car

You can learn how to reset your car's remote by consulting your owner's manual.

To do reset it you should get all the remote starters for your vehicle. While seated in the driver's seat, close the door, insert your key into the ignition, and switch the mode to the accessory.

Ensure the button labeled "Lock" is pressed on your remote automobile starter. Once it has been turned on, you should move the key to the off position within five seconds or press the start button again.

You should complete a total of four repetitions of the on-and-off cycle. When the accessory position is selected during cycle number four, you will hear a noise that tells you you are in a programming mode. 

While holding the lock button, lock the remote and turn off the car within the next 10 seconds.

Step away from the vehicle, lock the door, and check the remote starter. It should work properly. If it does not, you should contact the dealership for help.

To Wrap Up

If the need for bypassing the check engine light for a remote start arises, all you have to do is drive your car for a while, turn the ignition on and off, disengage the battery, take out the fuse, or use a code reader.

You can also install a new starter. Don't hesitate to consult a professional if you need help solving the problem.

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