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How To Clean Toy Hauler Ramp Door

Owning a toy hauler requires a bit of housekeeping and maintenance. While not time-consuming, the toy hauler ramp door will occasionally need to be cleaned. If you are wondering what the best way to do this is, we can help you. We researched toy haulers from multiple professional sources so that you'll know the steps you need to take to clean one.

A toy hauler door can be cleaned in one of several ways. The best way to clean it is to do the following:

  • Gather your supplies
  • Dust the ramp door
  • Use a sponge and an approved cleaner
  • Repeat, if necessary

Now that we know the steps in cleaning a toy hauler ramp door, we'll explore each in more detail. You might also be curious how often the outside of a toy hauler should be cleaned or if the garage floor will ever need to be cleaned. For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what our research has uncovered.

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Cleaning a toy hauler ramp door step-by-step

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The ramp door of your toy hauler can be cleaned with minimal effort. It will not take you very long to get this chore finished, either. It will require a few cleaning supplies and a little bit of elbow grease. But before you know it, you'll be finished.

Depending on the circumstances, the outside of the door might be dirtier than the inside. That's okay. The steps we listed should include you cleaning both.

Gather your supplies

For this job, you will need to grab and organize a few supplies that you probably already have on hand. You'll need a few clean rags, a bucket, a heavy-duty scrubbing sponge, and some approved cleaner.

Fill the bucket half full of water. This will be used to rinse the cleaning rags once they get soiled. The water should be pretty warm but not scalding hot.

Now that you have your supplies assembled, it's time to get to work!

Dust the ramp door

Using a clean cloth, dust the inside and outside of the ramp doors. Start at the top and work your way down. The idea is to eliminate any surface dirt or dust that might not be sticking to the door.

If you skip this step, it can muddy the cleaning efforts you'll be taking in the next step. The dirt and dust on the doors will become mud and add some time to your cleaning chore.

Do a thorough job with the dusting. When you're finished with this step, grab the bottle of cleaner and the sponge. It's time to get scrubbing.

Use a sponge and an approved cleaner

In this step, you will eliminate all the grime that dusting wouldn't remove. Liberally spray the inside and outside of the ramp doors. Begin at the top, and work your way downward. Allow for the cleaner to soak for a few moments.

If you notice particularly sticky spots, take time to spray them again after a few minutes. These spots might need some extra time for the cleaner to work its magic.

You will now take the sponge and scrub the inside and outside of the ramp doors. You should start work at the top and scrub your way down. This step will require the most elbow grease, as some spots might take a little more effort to remove.

When you are done, use a clean cloth and the water from your bucket to rinse the doors gently. Again, work top to bottom.

Repeat, if necessary

When you are finished, carefully inspect your work. If you see spots that you missed, it's okay to spot clean them. You must spray that spot with the cleaner and scrub it again. There will be no reason to re-clean the entire door.

This job will only take 20 minutes or so to complete. Your ramp doors will be clean of dirt and grime. 

How often should I clean the outside of the toy hauler?

The outside of your toy hauler is more than just the ramp doors. And like the doors, the rest of your vehicle will need to be cleaned now and again. The shell will get just as dirty. And so will the wheels, tires, and undercarriage.

You should clean your entire toy hauler at least once a season. You can do this with a power sprayer and some approved cleaner. Or, you can use a good old-fashioned garden hose to clean it.

If you are taking your toy hauler to places where it will get muddy, you might need to clean the outside more often. And if your toy hauler is being exposed to road salt during snowy winter weather, you will want to clean it regularly.

Dirt, grime, and road salt will work to oxidize the metal parts of your toy hauler. You will want to be particularly careful in remembering to clean these things off promptly. Toy haulers are rugged vehicles, but you do not want them to rust.

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Should I clean the garage floor of the toy hauler?

The garage floor of a toy hauler will probably get the dirtiest. If you are carrying motorcycles, ATVs, or any other motorized vehicle, you will get occasional fluid leaks that need to be cleaned up. The tires will track in a lot of mud and dirt, too. 

You should routinely sweep and mop the garage floor of your toy hauler. This will take more time than just cleaning the ramp doors, however. You will need to empty the toy hauler, then use rags to soak up any fluid spills.

When these are cleaned up, use a push broom to sweep out all of the dirt and debris from the floor. Begin at the back wall and work your way forward. Then, you will use an approved floor cleaner and a scrub brush to loosen and remove the buildup on the floor.

Rinse out the toy hauler with a garden hose. Mop up the pools of water. Then, you can let the toy hauler airdry with the doors open.

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How much weight will the toy hauler carry?

Your toy hauler is built to carry smaller motorized vehicles and other recreational equipment. But you will find that the weight they can carry will vary from model to model.

On average, a toy hauler will carry between 3,000 to 5,000 pounds. The owner's manual will have the exact payload amount listed. Do not overload your toy hauler, as this will damage the wheels, tires, and axles. It can also lead to frame damage.

Your toy hauler should be able to carry a motorcycle or two, depending on the room it has on board. Even the smallest toy haulers will have a good amount of payload capacity, enabling you to carry your best equipment on your travels.

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Final thoughts

Cleaning the ramp doors of a toy hauler is a quick and easy chore. You should clean the rest of the exterior regularly so it will continue to look good and stave off rust. We recommend that you clean the garage floor of the toy hauler as needed so fluids and mud do not accumulate. Drive safe! 

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