How To Cover Car Windows For Privacy Or Sleeping – DIY

You may need or want to cover your car windows for many reasons. It could be for sleeping or keeping your valuables hidden. With the help of automotive experts, we are here to help you cover up your vehicle's windows.

You can use poster board in the shape of your windows to conceal the inside of your car. Using poster board is cheap but will require some time. If you need to cover your windows and are in a rush, you can place oversized shirts or cloth in the windows.

There are many ways to cover a vehicle's windows. But even if the covers conceal the inside of your car, they may still attract attention, especially if they are not black or if they are on the outside. Keep reading below to learn more about how to cover a car's windows.

A kid sleeping inside a car, How To Cover Car Windows For Privacy Or Sleeping - DIY

DIY Car Window Covers

Covering a car's windows is easy, but the cover's quality will depend on how much time and money you are willing to spend on this project.

If you make your own car window covers, you must use suitable materials so that you not only keep the inside of your car private but don't attract attention. 

Covering car windshield with a insulated cover

The most important part of making your vehicle private is using neutral colors for window covers. Using neutral colors should decrease the chance of attracting people's attention.

Below are some options you can try keep the inside of your car concealed.

Shirt Or Cloth

Using a shirt or piece of cloth is the fastest way to cover a vehicle's window since the only thing you have to do is gather multiple shirts or cloth and something to help them stick to your window. 

Using a shirt or piece of cloth is also a great option if you don't want to permanently install hooks or holders to keep the covers in place. Follow the steps below to cover your car's window with a cloth or shirt.

  1. Gather several large shirts or large pieces of cloth.
  2. With the shirt, fit it over the car doors. Once the whole window is covered, take the excess parts of the shirt and ensure it is inside the car, then close the door. 
  3. Using a cloth, you can cover the window, leave some excess fabric outside, and then shut the door. After that, tape the sides of the cloth to the window to ensure it is flush.
  4. You'll have to tape several shirts or pieces of cloth for the front, rear, and side windows. The best material for these windows is cloth since you won't have to tape several shirts together, which could be troublesome and even attract attention.

Using Poster Board Or Cardboard

Using poster board or cardboard is a great way to cover your car's windows, since you can cut them down to the exact size, and they will be entirely inside your vehicle.

The best color to use will be black or other dark colors, since this will decrease attention. However, any color will do.

Poster board outside a cafe

For this window cover, you'll need poster board or cardboard, tape, a marker, and a large piece of paper. Follow the steps below to cover your car's windows with poster board or cardboard.

  1. Using your paper and pen, individually trace the outlines of your car windows. You can also use poster board or cardboard as an outline. 
  2. Place your outline onto your poster board or cardboard, then cut it to size. If you did not use paper for your outline, you can just cut the poster board or cardboard.
  3. Start test fitting your DIY window covers. Ensure they stay in place and won't fall off. If the covers don't stay in place, you can use tape to create flaps around half a inch. You can jam them to the side of the window to help them stay in place.
  4. If you find the poster board or cardboard too thick (usually for smaller windows), you can substitute them with construction paper. Remember to put a small flap of tape for easy removal.

Is Tinting Your Vehicle A Good Way To Increase Privacy?

Worker installing car tint film

Yes, tinting your vehicle's windows is a great way to increase privacy. A tint is a thin laminate film installed onto your car's glass to make it darker. Tinting a vehicle's windows is a common practice and has both upsides and downsides.

The upside of tinting your windows is the added privacy. With tinted windows, depending on the percentage of the tint, people will have a hard time seeing inside.

Tinting also helps protect you from UV rays, and it can preserve the interior of your vehicle from direct sunlight.

The downside of having your windows tinted is that it could catch law enforcement's attention. Laws about window tinting depend on what state you are in. Some states may allow you to have a darker window tint, while others will be strict about tinting.

Also, each vehicle's window may have different legal tint levels, so you may be able to tint your door windows but have to leave your front windshield untinted. That's why it's best to check your state laws on what you can install.

Remember that tinting your window can be expensive, especially if you get the best kind with UV protection and increased privacy. You get what you pay for with window tinting, so if you get cheap tinting, it may start to peel or bubble up after a while.

Is It Legal To Sleep In Your Car?

Camping equipment's on top of a car

Yes, it is legal to sleep in your car. Just make sure your vehicle is not in an area where you are not supposed to be, since this could be considered trespassing.

It is only illegal to sleep in your car if you are intoxicated, if you and your vehicle are trespassing, or if you are behind the wheel.

Best Spots To Sleep In Your Car 

Vacant parking lot

A safe area is the first thing you want to look for when planning to sleep in your car. You want to make sure there is light around you, and if the area you're in does not seem right, it's best to find a new spot rather than risk it.

The next thing to think about is your restroom situation. You never know if you'll need to relieve yourself in the middle of the night. That's why it's best to stay in an area with 24-hour access to a restroom. 

Remember to be careful, put window covers up, and avoid getting in and out of your vehicle too much. You don't want anyone to know that you are sleeping inside your car for safety reasons.

Below are some of the best spots to park your car and sleep for the night.

Rest Stops

Rest stops are a great place to sleep since some are huge and will have the necessary facilities such as a shower, restroom, and even convenience stores. Another reason this is a great place to sleep is that other people may be doing the same thing, especially people going on long travels.

Hospital Parking 

With hospital parking, make sure there are no signs stating you can't sleep in your vehicle. A hospital parking lot is an excellent place to sleep because there are always people coming and going, and you will be pretty safe there.

Also, it is normal to see people in their vehicles since some of them are waiting for someone in the hospital. This will help you blend in. Just be respectful and try not to make a lot of noise.

24-Hour Places

Places with parking that are 24 hours are great places to sleep, since you will be relatively safe and have a place to relieve yourself if you need to. Some of these examples are food chains, gyms, and supermarkets.

Supermarkets such as some Walmarts allow people to sleep in their car in their parking lot. But it is best to call ahead and ask, since some stores do not let people do this anymore.


Another great place to sleep is on a campsite or campground. You may need to pay a small fee for campsites, but this will give you access to the campgrounds and facilities.

At the campsite, you won't need to hide that you are sleeping in your car, since you are legally allowed to be there. You can also cook your food near your vehicle, which you can't do if you're camping in public.


A kid sleeping inside a car

Covering your vehicle's windows is easy. You'll need simple materials such as poster boards or a large piece of cloth. Having covers on your vehicle's windows is great for privacy, especially if you plan to sleep inside your car.

Remember, if you plan to sleep in your car, look for a place where you can legally park so that you are not trespassing on anyone's property.

Always be respectful no matter where you plan to sleep and make sure to be careful to make sure no one knows you are sleeping there.

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