How To Find Lost Car Remote Key

As a car owner, you are bound to misplace your keys at some point. If you have a remote key, you may be wondering if there is an electronic way you can easily locate the key without having to search the entire house. According to automobile experts, here's how to find your lost car remote key. 

Keys are traceable when it comes to vehicles that utilize keyless entry. These keys are known to produce certain signals that you can track. However, this is dependent on the kind of keyless entry your car uses. And also the kind of technology the manufacturer has added to your particular car model. 

For more details on the answer above, continue reading down the post as we will explain more on how you can easily find your lost car remote key. 

Black key fob forgot inside the car, How To Find Lost Car Remote Key

Tips on How To Find a Lost Car Remote Key

The following steps can help you find your remote key in no time. 

Hand of the child holds the car keys and a blurry background of a black car

Check Yourself

Losing your key can cause you to panic, and you might forget to put it somewhere close. The first step will be to calm yourself down. It is most likely that the event happened at home, making it easier than in a public place.

In situations like this, the most obvious places are the best places to start, and that includes yourself. So start by searching your pockets and any bag you may have with you.

Retrace Your Steps

Secondly, you should retrace your steps to the last time or point you could remember using your key. Search for the lost car remote key in places you may have likely dropped it upon exiting your car.

This would include the grass lawn or bushes around your parking lot or any spot within and around those areas where your keys may have fallen or you may have absent-mindedly placed them.

Ask For Assistance

In finding a lost car remote, you can ask for help from a friend or family member close by. The other person may have seen you drop the key somewhere or perhaps even spotted the key itself.

There is also the possibility of them going over the places you already checked and finding IT where may have missed them.

Check Inside Your Car

After exhausting every other likely spot, the best place to always go back to is inside your car. And if your car happens to be unlocked, it is more likely your key is lying in there somewhere. Check under the seats, floors, and hidden corners where your lost car remote key may be hiding.

Clean Up

Another useful hack is to carry out an emergency clean up, which would guarantee you go through unlikely places you would normally have missed. This is particularly useful if you lost your key in the office or a workshop.

Go Through Common Spots

This would involve a thorough and systematic search of common places where you often keep your car keys. You may have unconsciously dropped it there and forgotten.

Use a Key Finding Device

At this point, your best bet would be to take advantage of your car's electrical function by using a sonic key finder. Whenever the button is clicked, the key finder will respond with a glowing light and a unique sound.

And if your key happens to be nearby, the sound together with the light will help you immediately find the lost car remote key.

Is There a Way to Locate a Missing Key Fob? 

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Even though they are known for being techy, there is currently no other way to track your car's key fob. Several third-party options could help you out should your key fob go missing.

Key finders happen to be one of those options. A key finder is a tracking device that can be plugged into your key fob. These key trackers connect to your phone via Bluetooth. Even the cheapest key trackers have a range of dozens of feet. 

Your key finder may include one or more of the following features, depending on the manufacturer you choose:

  • Make a noise to aid in your search.
  • Use GPS to find out where it is.
  • Once you've traveled a particular distance, the system will notify you.

After downloading the key finder app and attaching the key finder to your key fob. With the app, you can synchronize the key finder to your phone, which can, in turn, be used to locate exactly where the key fob is through the sound it produces.

How Can I Track My Keyless Car Key? 

the hand holding the key FOB from the vehicle

Passive and remote keyless entry are the two primary types of keyless remotes that work in different ways. For you to send a signal via the remote on a remote keyless entry device, you only need to press a button. In most cases, these gadgets are just equipped with a transmitter. Unfortunately, this implies that you won't be able to use the remote control.

Your chances are improved if you possess a PKE remote. You don't have to press buttons to lock or open your automobile with PKE devices. The car sends a signal that turns on the remote and asks for a valid authorization number to open the vehicle.

Unlike a remote keyless entry device, a PKE remote for instance, includes both a transmitter and a receiver, allowing it to hear you when you call it with a specified radio device. You may also make a gadget that acts as a radio sender and receiver, recording and retransmitting the signal from your automobile while checking for a signal from your keys.

How Does Key Finder Work? 

Key finders communicate with your Bluetooth device to locate your key. For it to work, the finder must be within a specified range of the lost object. This ranges between 30 and 50 feet, depending on barriers and the number of Bluetooth devices in use.

The Bluetooth key finder's tracking technology is based on radio waves, which are electromagnetic fields that bounce off things and allow your key finder to detect where the keys are.

The strength and signal strength determine the range of a Bluetooth key finder. When this problem arises, the best method to avoid it is to get a device with a larger range than you now have.

Is There a Device to Find Car Keys? 

If you're fed up with misplacing your keys, there's some good news; technology can relieve you of this. Electronic key finders are small tracking devices that can be attached to a keychain or other commonly misplaced item.

The finder will buzz, chirp, or otherwise sound an alarm when you click the button, guiding you to your misplaced item.

Is There an App to Find Lost Keys? 

Several apps can be synchronized with the key finder to enable you to track your key should it get missing. And these apps are very much compatible with phones; it provides an easy means of locating a missing key or key fob. There are several apps of this nature, such as the Chipolo app with Tile Mate.

After you've acquired your Chipolo application, just attach the Tile Mate key tracker to your key and install the Tile app on your iPhone or Android device. If you lose your keys, simply launch the Tile app and select the keys icon. This will turn on your keys' key tracker, allowing you to locate them easily.

Are Lost Keys Covered by Insurance?

Most often time the answer is a no. Car insurance would be a great idea for a lost key, especially if it's a transponder key. However, you would have to shoulder the consequences if you misplaced your automobile keys. But on rare occasions, you might have comprehensive insurance that covers a stolen car with its keys still inside.

How Can I Track My Car With My Phone?

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The popular option is to use a built Car GPS tracker. Generally, GPS trackers use similar technology to your mobile phone to connect to the internet and make calls.

GPS trackers receive information from a network of various satellites in space, and they utilize that information to calculate the exact location of the car, then employ the use of cellular networks to send the data to a smartphone browser or app.

A car tracking GPS assists you in tracking your vehicle's location by providing answers to certain crucial questions such as;

  • What happened to my car?
  • What route did my vehicle take?
  • How many miles has my vehicle driven this week or month?
  • Was my car driven at excessive speeds?

To Wrap Up

Black key fob forgot inside the car

In this post, we have been able to provide you with sufficient answers and what to do should if you lose your car remote keys. As we advance more in technology, more keys, and key fobs will become even much easier to locate.

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