How To Fold The Back Seat Of A Kia Seltos

The Kia Seltos is an SUV of a different kind. It is considered a subcompact SUV, meaning you have the practical cargo space of a full-size SUV but in a smaller body. You can even extend the cargo space by lowering the Seltos' back seats. We ask automotive experts how to get more cargo space for your car. Here is what we got from them.

To get more cargo space, fold the 60/40 split rear seats by pulling the lever located on each side and pushing each seat down. After folding the back seats, you have a total cargo space of 30.5 cubic feet -enough room to fit five 21-inch suitcases!

With a 60/40 option, you can choose to put all seats down at once or only drop one side, so you'll still be able to let people ride with you. The foldable back seat is one of the features SUV owners like because it can haul bigger items compared to a car. Keep reading below for more information about the Kia Saltos and other automotive topics.

KIA Seltos rides on the road, How To Fold The Back Seat Of A Kia Seltos

What Is The Cargo Space In A Kia Seltos?

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The Kia Seltos has a decent cargo space despite not being a full-sized SUV. The Seltos has a cargo space of 15.2 cubic feet and around 30.5 cubic feet when the rear seats are down.

With the space offered by the Seltos, you can easily fit your items like luggage, golf bags, containers, and many more. Underneath all that cargo space is also a full-sized spare tire for your car. Your cargo cover is also located here.

The Kia Seltos cargo space also has two options of cargo height. You can have a flat lip that is flush with the bumper or a concaved cargo. You can do this by removing the floor and sliding it on the two available spots located on the side.

How Big Is The Kia Seltos Interior?

KIA Rio concept car - interior

The Kia Seltos is a subcompact SUV that gives you more maneuverability in places with tighter roads or less maneuverability like the city. Sometimes subcompact SUVs are built on a car platform but have a body of an SUV, which means you can have the practicality of an SUV in a smaller body.

The Seltos has:

  • legroom of 41.4 inches up front and 38 inches in the back
  • headroom of 40 inches up front and 38.4 inches in the back
  • shoulder room of 55.5 inches up front and 54.7 inches in the back

The back seat is also spacious because it does not have a center rest.

The legroom for the Kia Seltos is a lot; you can comfortably sit and move your legs around easily. On the other hand, if you have taller passengers, you might want to sit them upfront since there is more headroom.

Is Kia Seltos An SUV?

kia sonet in a rainy day

Yes. The Kia Seltos is classified as an SUV, but to be more specific, the Seltos is actually called a subcompact SUV. Subcompact SUVs are essentially smaller SUVs built for people who don't want a full-sized SUV but want to have its practicality.

Subcompact SUVs are perfect for city driving because they are roughly the same length and with as an average modern sedan. You also have the ability to traverse in tighter spaces. Also, subcompact SUVs tend to have better fuel economy.

Since the Kia Seltos is an SUV, you might also bring it to rougher terrain. The Seltos models are offered in both FWD and AWD trims. The AWD trim will help you off-road or dirt paths; the AWD drive train will give you more traction on looser surfaces like snow, dirt, and gravel.

Is The Seltos Bigger Than Sportage?

Renault is the famous automobile factory from France

No, the Kia Seltos is smaller than the Kia Sportage. The Kia Seltos has a width of 70.9 inches. The Sportage has 73 inches. The length of the Seltos is 172 inches, while the Sportage is 176.4 inches.

Finally, for the exterior of both cars, the Seltos has a height of 63.6 inches, while the Sportage is 64.4 inches.

The Seltos has driver legroom of 40 inches for the interior, while the Stratos has 41.5 inches. The headroom of the Seltos is 40 inches, while it's 39.3 for the Sportage.

Lastly, for the interior of both cars, the Seltos has a cargo space of 15.2 cubic feet, while the Sportage has 17.3 cubic feet.

The Kia Sportage is a good choice if you want a bigger SUV. This will give you the advantage when on cargo space and passenger room. But if you are looking for a nimble and practical SUV, you should go for the Seltos.

Does The Kia Seltos Have Remote Start?

motors car keys close up view. KIA company logo badge close up view.

Yes, the Kia Seltos has a remote start feature. You can access this feature by first locking your doors. After doing that, press the little button located in the middle of your key fob. You must press the middle button right after hitting the lock key

Remote start is very useful when in colder or hotter weather. You are able to heat up the car if it's cold out of cool it down if the temperature is too hot. Doing this will greatly increase your comfort in harsher weather.

Does A Kia Seltos Have A Sunroof?

Kia Sonet parked in a coconut tree farm

Yes, the Kia Seltos does have a sunroof option available. You might prefer this option if you get the HTX+ and the GTX. Kia has made this feature available to compete with its rivals like Hyundai and Toyota.

Having a panoramic sunroof is a classy feature that lets you open the roof letting in fresh air while you drive around. Some people also call this the moon roof because you can stare at the stars at night while you're parked.

How Many Gears Does A Kia Seltos Have?

Closeup disassembled car automatic transmission gear part on workbench

The Kia Seltos has a one-speed IVT w/od transmission. Conventional CVT can be noisy and have less response compared to Kia. While the Kia CVT simulated gear shifts like a conventional transmission.

Kia's transmission utilizes a wide-ratio pully system with an extensive operation ratio. This helps improve your fuel economy and performance. Kia's transmission gives its cars a faster response time compared to others.

With only Kia's transmission, you can overtake other people or climb a steep hill by pressing on the accelerator; this makes your car lower gear, giving you more power. For more in-depth information about your transmission, you can refer to your user's manual for your Seltos model.


KIA Seltos rides on the road, How To Fold The Back Seat Of A Kia Seltos

The Seltos is an overall great and practical vehicle. Being smaller than a regular SUV, it is more nimble in tighter spaces, perfect for city driving. Remember, you can extend your cargo space by dropping the back seats.

If you're looking for a bigger SUV that is not full-sized, check out the Kia Sportage. It's close to the Seltos but has a bigger body and more space in the interior.

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