How To Get My Harley Davidson Paint Codes

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are one of the most coveted bikes out there. Sometimes they need a few paint touch-ups from time to time. If you're planning to do that, you'll need the right color for your bike, and you need to know how to get the right paint code. We researched this topic for you, and here is what we've discovered.

To get the paint codes for your Harley Davidson, you should have your VIN or vehicle identification number ready. Call your local Harley-Davidson customer care representative or dealership and ask them for the paint code for your model. They should be able to get the right color for you based on your Harley-Davidson VIN.

Getting the right paint code is important because it's the only way you'll be able to match your bike to the paint color you'll need. In this post, we'll talk about the brand of paint Harley-Davidson uses for their bikes. Keep reading because we'll also discuss information about custom painting their bikes, so we hope you enjoy this post!

Rider cruisin' down the road with his Harley Davidson, How To Get My Harley Davidson Paint Codes

How To Get My Harley-Davidson Paint Codes

Known as one of the most prominent motorcycle manufacturers in America, Harley-Davidson is a household name for many bikers. With years of history under their belt, it is no surprise that Harley-Davidson has created dozens, if not hundreds of different paint colors for their bikes.

Just like any vehicle, your Harley-Davidson will most likely have a few dings and scratches here and there. These little blemishes can be an eyesore, so you'll want your model's paint codes to get the right touch-up paint.

A classic designed Harley Davidson

The Harley-Davidson paint code is an identification number that Harley sets for each color they use for their bikes. Different makes and models come in various hues within the same color. Each color's specific paint code is used to match it to the bike if it needs repainting.

To get the paint code for your Harley-Davidson bike, you need to know the bike's VIN or vehicle identification number. This number contains all the information the owner needs to know about a bike. This includes compatible motor parts, as well.

With the VIN in hand, you can call Harley-Davidson's customer care hotline or any of their dealerships to ask for the paint code. Just give them the VIN. The representative should be able to pull up all relevant information. If they can't give the exact paint code, you can simply ask for the complete color name of the bike.

Another option to get the paint code for your Harley-Davidson is by checking for a white sticker under the fuel tank or inside the front fairing. This typically works for newer models of Harleys as the sticker will include a suffix code that you can typically match with help from your paint dealer.

What Brand Of Paint Does Harley-Davidson Use?

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Harley-Davidson's colors and designs are uniquely their own, but they do not manufacture their own paints. Instead, they work with partner brands that can deliver the colors that Harley-Davidsons are well known for.

If you are looking for replacement paint that matches your bike's color, the best bet would be to purchase it from Harley-Davidson directly. However, owners have noticed that these paints typically come from PPG or sometimes from House of Kolor. You might want to check out these brands to see if they match your bike's color.

Can I use other paint brands for my Harley-Davidson?

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If you are looking for alternative brands that match the colors of Harley-Davidsons, you can refer to this table. Although the table is not official or complete, most of these colors have been matched to multiple paint brands.

These paint brands have their own matches to the true paint color of a Harley-Davidson, so they still look seamless on the bike when applied.

One of the most popular paint brands that match Harley-Davidson paints is ColorRite. They are the leader in OEM-matched paints; dealers and seasoned bikers prefer them. If you already know the exact color name of your bike, you should be able to easily find that color on their website.

Best Touch-up Paint For Harley-Davidson

Generally, motorcycle bikes are no different from cars, and you'll surely get scratches on the paint job at some point. If you're the type of bike owner who prefers their vehicle to look pristine, you'll want to cover up these imperfections quickly.

Repainted Harley Davidson

Of course, you can get the officially licensed touch-up paint from Harley-Davidson. These paints will surely match your bike's colors. However, this can be a problem for older bikes because Harley-Davidson often discontinues old paint colors.

If this is the case, you may want to look into alternative touch-up paint choices. As we have mentioned earlier, you can check out the numerous color-matching tables for Harley-Davidson bikes for these paints. Different paint brands have different matches for Harley-Davidson colors, so make sure that you get the model and year correctly.

TouchUp Direct

Check out TouchUp Direct touch-up paint on Amazon.

One of the top choices for Harley-Davidson touch-up paints comes from TouchUp Direct. This brand has created a kit that will allow you to touch up a few scratches from your bike using their paint pen kit. It includes the primer, base coat, and clear coat to ensure that it perfectly matches the color of your bike.

Depending on the package that you pick out, TouchUp Direct touch-up paints also come with other tools like polishing compounds for your bike. This makes your touch-up paint job look seamless and perfect like nothing ever happened to your Harley.


Get the ColorRite touch-up paint pen on Amazon.

A popular brand for OEM-match paints is ColorRite. This brand has a touch-up paint pen that works beautifully for small, minor bumps and scratches. This set comes with a perfectly matched base coat and a clear coat to achieve that perfect finish. This paint pen has a chiseled nib that you can use for hairline scratches or thicker, wider scratches.

Grab the ColorRite touch-up paint jar on Amazon.

If the scratches are larger and touch-up pens are not enough, then a small jar of paint might be better. ColorRite's touch-up paint jars come with a brush applicator which gives users better control when using. These paints also come with a Harley-Davidson-matched base coat and clear coat for that seamless finish.

How Much Does It Cost To Custom Paint A Harley-Davidson?

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Just like cars, Harley-Davidson bikes are very popular for having customizations that are unique to their owner. The best way to customize a Harley is by repainting its body. With this customization, a Harley-Davidson bike gets its own personality.

The price of custom painting a bike can range anywhere from $500 to $25,000 (or more). Of course, this depends on the paint and the job that it entails to do the paint job. Small, simple jobs may be priced on the low side of the spectrum. However, intricate and more specific paint jobs will definitely cost more.

Of course, with the Harley being one of the most coveted bikes available, customizing it can be very expensive. 

Custom painting a Harley-Davidson will depend on the size of the bike and the customized changes you want to do. Smaller Harley-Davidson bikes can sometimes start off with a $1,500 price tag for a basic paint job. A bigger Harley will typically start with a $3,000 price tag.

However, if you are looking to completely change the look of your Harley-Davidson bike, the price will be quite high. Intricate designs, getting specially mixed paint colors, and attention to extra details will typically run thousands of dollars in extras.

With a high-end Harley-Davidson, a custom paint job ranging anywhere from $15,000 to 30,000 is not surprising. The best thing about this though is that you'll get a special Harley-Davidson bike that nobody else will ever have.

Final Thoughts

Rider cruisin' down the road with his Harley Davidson

Harley-Davidson bikes have a unique color palette for their bikes, so always remember to get the correct paint code or color before looking for your own paint. This is very important, especially if you are looking for color-matched parts for your bike. Knowing that you have the correct paint code will ensure that your bike will have that classic Harley look everyone loves.

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