How To Install A Car Seat In Chrysler Pacifica

Consumers looking for a larger family vehicle will often consider a minivan. These are great for seating seven to eight riders comfortably and will always accommodate infant and child safety seats. Should you be considering a Chrysler Pacifica and are wondering how to install a car seat, we can help. We researched the Pacifica in depth so that you'll know how to get this task done.

A car seat can be attached by either using the seat belt or the LATCH point on the seat in the minivan. Either method is safe—just be sure to use one or the other and not both at the same time. You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Place the base of the car seat on a seat in the middle row.
  2. Secure the base of the car seat with the seat belt or the LATCH point.
  3. Perform the "one-inch" test on the base.
  4. Place the carrier on the base and secure it into place.

Now that we know the steps to take in getting a car seat installed in the Pacifica, we will look at each step in greater detail. You might also be wondering if you can fit three car seats in the third row of the Pacifica or if this vehicle has stow-and-go seats. For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead and see what we've found out.

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The Steps To Install A Car Seat In A Chrysler Pacifica

Installing a child safety seat in your Chrysler Pacifica isn't overly complicated. It can be done in just a few simple steps. As the safety of your child depends on the seat's proper installation, it's important to review the steps we mentioned earlier in this post and follow them using the specifics that we'll outline below.

Man installs a child car seat in car at the back seat. Responsible father thought about the safety of his child.

1. Place The Base Of The Car Seat On A Seat In The Middle Row

The middle row is the best row for your child's safety seat. The front passenger seat has airbags that, if deployed, can cause severe injury or death to any child that might be in its path. In fact, it's recommended that children under the age of 12 not be in the front seat at all, child safety seat or not.

The center of the middle row is the best spot, but if you opted for a Pacifica with second-row captain's chairs, then you'll have to select the driver-side or passenger-side seat.

We suggest the passenger side for the car seat. In the event that you park on the street, this allows you to retrieve your child from the safety of the curbside and away from moving traffic.

2. Secure The Base Of The Car Seat With The Seat Belt Or The LATCH Point

Once the location has been chosen and the base is set in place, you will need to secure it. This can be done in one of two ways. The easiest way in a Pacifica is to use the seat belt. Extend the seat belt and loop it through the car seat. Press down on the car seat with your free hand while doing so.

If you are using the LATCH points, they are located between the seat cushion and the seatback. These can be a little difficult to access, as the seat cushion itself is known to be a little stiff. Work the LATCH points out and affix them to the base of your child's safety seat.

Now that the seat base is in place and secured, it will need to be tested to determine if it is secured enough.

3. Perform The "One-Inch" Test On The Base

Using your hands, try to maneuver the seat. If you can move it more than one inch, then the seat belt or LATCH points are not attached firmly enough. You should not be able to move the seat more than this from side to side, up and down, or forward and backward.

If it passes the "one-inch" test, then you will be ready to install the carrier onto the base. If it fails, then you will need to repeat the preceding step until it passes.

4. Place The Carrier On The Base And Secure It Into Place

The carrier can now be attached to the seat base that you just installed. It's recommended that you leave the base installed at all times, if possible. This will save you a lot of time, as you will only need to secure the carrier to it when you are ready to travel with your child.

Please consult your child safety seat owner's manual for additional information.

Can You Fit Three Car Seats In The Third Row Of The Chrysler Pacifica?

Though there are technically three spots in the back row of the Chrysler Pacifica, you'll have a pretty tough time fitting three child safety seats here. At best, you will be able to install one on either side of the third row.

Though you might be tempted to place child car seats in the third row, some consumer agencies caution against this practice. Consumer Reports tells us that there hasn't been enough data to determine if child safety seats in this location are more or less likely to experience injuries in the event of a collision.

This reporting agency continues to state that if you do use the third row for safety seats in your Pacifica or any other minivan or SUV, certain steps should be taken.

Be sure that the seats are fully locked in place. Also, make sure that the child sitting in the seat is the proper age/height/weight for the seat you have installed.

Side shot on the seats for children mounted in minivan.

Does The Chrysler Pacifica Have Stow-And-Go Seats?

If you've owned minivans before, you are probably aware that the seats in some models can be folded down to accommodate more cargo space.

Some models will even allow for the seats to be taken out, leaving the floor flat. While this is great for the extra room it leaves, it can be a burdensome task. Removal of these seats can be cumbersome and time consuming, as can their storage.

Stow-and-go seats give the consumer the same amount of space but without any of the hassle. In models with this feature, the seats are folded and dropped into the floor of the minivan. When finished, it will look as though no seats were in the back of the vehicle at all.

Thankfully, the Chrysler Pacifica has stow-and-go seats. This is just one more feature that makes this minivan popular with consumers.

SUV Chrysler Pacifica on the road in the city. stock photo

How Much Cargo Room Does A Chrysler Pacifica Have?

Even though there are others in its class of minivans with more cargo space, consumers rave about how easy the stow-and-go feature is to use for the Chrysler Pacifica.

When it comes to carrying everyday cargo during your travels, you'll most likely find that this minivan offers more than enough room for storage, even with all of the seats up and in place.

Behind the third row of seats, there is a storage area that is accessible from the rear hatch. You'll find 32.3 cubic feet of cargo space in this spot. But if you collapse the third row, you'll see the overall cargo room nearly triple, yielding 87.5 cubic feet.

Collapse the second and third rows and the cargo space increases even more. With the stow-and-go seats collapsed firmly into the floor of the minivan, the overall storage space jumps to 140.5 cubic feet.

Chrysler Pacifica Electric Vehicle stock photo

How Many Passengers Will Fit In A Chrysler Pacifica?

Baby car seats in the store

The Chrysler Pacifica's rider capacity will depend on how you have the middle row configured. The front row will accommodate the driver and one passenger. The third row will seat up to three people. If you have captain's chairs for the second row, then this adds two more for a total of seven on board.

But you have the option to get a second-row bench seat instead of captain's chairs. This will increase the second-row capacity to three and the overall minivan capacity to eight.

Keep in mind that the third row might be a little cramped for taller people or for those who are larger framed. Though three can be seated in this row, it's best to save it for smaller adults or children.

Final Thoughts

The Chrysler Pacifica can easily have a car seat installed. Be sure to consult the car seat owner's manual before installation so that you understand all of the finer details. You'll find that the Pacifica is a roomy and comfortable minivan, capable of carrying up to eight riders. Drive safe!

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