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How To Load A UTV in Toy Hauler And Tie It Down

If you are the owner of a UTV, you are going to need to know how to transport your new toy safely. This will probably include how to load a UTV in a toy hauler and tie it down, especially if you want to take it on vacation with you. We have researched this question and have answers for you.

To load a UTV into a toy hauler and tie it down, follow these steps:

  • First, you need to slowly drive the UTV up the ramp into your toy hauler.
  • Once in place, strap the UTV to the inside of the toy hauler.
  • Be sure to secure the straps on the UTV close to the wheels so it doesn't move.

This article will cover how to load a UTV into a toy hauler and tie it down. We will then look into how strong of a ratchet strap you will need. From there, we will discuss what size toy haulers come in. We will talk about whether a Polaris Ranger will fit in a toy hauler and if you can fit 2 RZRS in a toy hauler. We will also cover how much weight you can put in a toy hauler. Keep reading to learn more.

A 4x4 Side-by-Side off-road vehicle with a beautiful mountain range background, How To Load A UTV in Toy Hauler And Tie It Down

How to Load a UTV in a Toy Hauler and Tie It Down

When you are loading a UTV into a toy hauler, there are two main parts that you need to get right to make sure that everything goes smoothly and safely. It is important to take your time as it can lead to serious injury if done incorrectly.

Loading The UTV Onto The Toy Hauler

When loading a UTV onto a toy hauler, the first thing you want to do is make sure the toy hauler is on stable level ground. If there is a parking brake, make sure it is engaged. The less the toy hauler moves while loading the UTV, the safer it will be.

Now you want to drive the UTV up the toy hauler ramp slowly. Keep the UTV in the middle of the ramp. This will make it easier to back out later. Once in the middle of the toy hauler garage, you can turn off the UTV and prepare to tie it down.

Tying The UTV Down

Now that the UTV is in the middle of the garage, you can tie it down. Take some tie-down straps and secure them to the bottom of the UTV frame by the wheels. This part of the frame moves the least and keeps the straps from loosening over time. Once secured on several sides with straps, the UTV is secure, and you are free to drive knowing your UTV is correctly loaded in your toy hauler and tied down.

Here is a great Youtube video on how to tie down a UTV so that it doesn't move.


How Strong Of A Ratchet Strap Do I Need?

Tie down strap ratchet on wood

Super ATV's website says that if you want to ratchet strap down a UTV, you will want heavy-duty ratchet straps. Cheap $10 straps from Home Depot won't work. You will want ratchet straps with a workload of around 1,500 lbs. This will ensure that your UTV won't wiggle free while driving down the road.

Since you are going to be dealing with large UTVs, don't use unsafe straps. If you do, someone could be injured.

What Size Do Toy Haulers Come In?

Toy haulers come in an extensive range of sizes. They have garages that can range from 7'-18' but are typically around 10'-14'.

They also come in a large variety of floor plans. Some of the floor plans have a large living area while maintaining a small functional garage. However, some other floor plans have small living areas with huge garages with enough room to fit multiple vehicles. With so many combinations of floor plans, there is sure to be a floor plan that suits your specific needs.

Small Toy Haulers

Heartland Pioneer RG26

The Heartland Pioneer RG26 is a small toy hauler with a 14' garage. The whole toy hauler is only 31' long but still has a carrying capacity of 2,214lbs. It comes with a queen-sized bed and a sleeping capacity of 3-4 people. A new heartland Pioneer RG26 is valued at roughly $36,000. You can find it on its manufacturer's website here.

Forest River Adrenaline 21LT

The Forest River Adrenaline 21LT is a small toy hauler that is only 27' 5" long. Despite its size, it has a large carrying capacity of 3,985lbs. It has one slide-out for the bed and a kitchen and bathroom. A new Forest River Adrenaline 21LT is valued at about $49,000. You can find more information on the Forest River Adrenaline 21LT on the manufacturer's website.

Large Toy Haulers

Heartland Trail Runner 31DB

The Heartland Trail Runner 31DB is a large toy hauler with room for 7-8 people to sleep in. The toy hauler is 36' long and has a carrying capacity of 2,570lbs. The Heartland Trail Runner 31DB is valued at about $43,000. You can find it on its manufacturer's website here.

Keystone Fuzion 429

The Keystone Fuzion 429 has a 13' garage and is over 44' long. It has two full bathrooms and a kitchen. The living area comes with an oversized L-shaped couch. This Luxury toy hauler is valued at roughly $125,000. You can find it on its manufacturer's website here.

As you can see, toy haulers come in a lot of different sizes and shapes. Learning about what's available can help you select which one is right for you.

Will A Polaris Ranger Fit In A Toy Hauler?

Polaris Ranger off-road vehicle parked on the road

The Polaris Ranger requires a garage at least ten feet long. It also needs to be over six feet high. If your toy hauler has a sufficiently large garage, you should have no problem transporting a Polaris Ranger.

If your garage isn't large enough to fit a Polaris Ranger, do not try to force it in. This can damage the Polaris Ranger and the toy hauler.

Can You Fit 2 RZRS In A Toy Hauler?

You can fit two RZRS in a toy hauler. However, most toy haulers can't hold two RZRS side by side, so you will have to store them bumper to bumper. If you keep them bumper to bumper, you will need a toy hauler with a garage length of 17'.

That is a pretty long garage, so be sure to have the right toy hauler you need before you try to load two RZRS into it.

How Much Weight Can You Put In A Toy Hauler?

The weight a toy hauler can support depends on the model type, but, typically weight limits range from about 1,000-2,500lbs. A small toy hauler may only be able to support about 1,000lbs, whereas a large toy hauler could support up to 2,500lbs.

When you load a toy hauler, there may be a lot more items you'll want to bring beyond just a UTV. You may want to bring water and food, fuel, camping supplies, blankets, clothes. It can be essential to have a toy hauler that can support the amount of weight that you need.

How Many ATVs Can A Toy Hauler Hold?

If your toy hauler is at least 14 feet long, you can set two full-sized ATVs inside. You put one in first, then the other behind it for this arrangement.

Now, if you have the broadest type of toy hauler at eight and a half feet wide, then you can store two ATVs side by side. If you can get two in side by side and front to back, it's possible to get four ATVs into a single toy hauler. This works on toy haulers with a garage at least eight and a half feet wide and 14 feet long.

How many ATVs you bring will heavily depend on the size of the ATVs and the size of the toy hauler. Anything smaller, and you won't be able to get all four ATVs in. Some smaller ATVs may fit in a smaller toy hauler. There are also toy haulers that aren't big enough to fit two ATVs side by side.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we discussed how to load a UTV into a toy hauler. We learned you want to take your time and use straps that can support 1,500 lbs. Then we covered what size toy haulers come in and how many smaller vehicles you can fit inside. Also, we learned about weight limits and how many ATVs you can fit in a toy hauler.

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