How To Make Snow Foam Car Wash DIY [Step By Step With Ingredient List]

Buying snow foam every time you wash your car isn't practical, but luckily you can DIY your own snow foam that cleans your car well and saves you money. Discover how you can make DIY snow foam car wash with this post. We've gathered this information to help guide you.

Here's a list of ingredients you will need:

  • warm water
  • 1/4 cup of baking soda or white vinegar
  • 1/4 cup of dishwashing soap or baby shampoo, or hair conditioner

Follow the steps to make a snow foam car wash at home with the ingredients and its measurement:

  1. Get an empty bucket.
  2. Get your available ingredients, such as 1/4 cup baking soda and 1/4 cup dishwashing liquid. You can also use white vinegar instead of baking soda and baby shampoo or hair conditioner instead of dishwashing soap. Pour it into the bucket.
  3. Fill the bucket with warm water on a half level.
  4. Mix thoroughly

DIYs can be both fun and challenging for homeowners, but you learn new things and save money. Stay on the page to find out the details of washing your car with the DIY snow foam car to achieve a satisfying result as if you had it washed by a professional.

car foam getting wash soap washing, How To Make Snow Foam Car Wash DIY [Step By Step With Ingredient List]

Making Snow Foam Car Wash DIY [Step By Step With Ingredient List]

Snow foam car wash is a pre-wash product for cleaning cars. It eradicates dirt and sludge that piles up on your vehicle. You don't need to use any sponge or mitt. You use a power washer and a spray gun. It's a contactless method of washing your car. You can readily purchase available snow foam car wash, but you can also make one at home.

Using snow foam car wash requires less work and quickly removes the dirt from your car. Thus, a quick car cleaning chore. The foam makes the car surface smooth to successfully wash away the dirt. It also prevents scratches on your car since you're not wiping or scrubbing it with a sponge. It's contactless with the washer.

Ingredient List

white bucket pale white background water inside clear clean warm water

The ingredient list for making a DIY snow foam car wash is practical. You commonly see them in every home as cleaning agents.

You can quickly get warm water from your faucet. Baking soda or white vinegar is almost a staple in your kitchen. All the more the dishwashing soap and the hair conditioner. Baby shampoo is another option. You may not have it if there's no baby in the house, but these are fairly easy to find.

pouring dishwashing liquid on sponge kitchen

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DIY Snow Foam Car Wash

foam soap snow car washing

Make sure to follow the measurements closely when making snow foam car wash (1/4 cup for each ingredient with only half of the water in the bucket).

Warm water triggers more foam. Hence, you get a better result similar to the pre-wash product. Be careful to add the exact water portion to avoid losing the foam and its thickness. Mix the ingredients thoroughly to create an effective solution.

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Pressure Washer And Foam Gun

cleaning red car using high pressure

Getting a high-quality pressure washer and a foam gun makes a difference in cleaning your car. Both work well with the snow foam car wash, securing your car's paintwork and deep cleaning it.

Use a pressure washer of about 1,800 to 3,000 PSI for the highest pressure. Also, verify that your washer can make eight liters per minute. The hose should be 8 to 10 m. in length for an effortless and convenient washing time. With these requirements, you can then secure the snow cannon to start.

As for foam guns or foam cannons, it is better to use one with easy installation, especially when you're a beginner. Be familiar with its features and functions. A custom-made foam gun is much more effective in creating foam and maintaining it than a cannon inclusion with the pressure washer. 

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Benefits of Snow Foam Car Wash

Snow foam car wash is becoming more popular because of its advantages for cleaning cars. Snow foam uses a soft, foamy detergent to remove dirt from your car with a foam cannon. Dirt and debris are much easier to remove using this method, and it is more efficient than traditional methods.

The best advantage of snow foam car wash is how it takes care of your car's paintwork. It is smooth on the surface, preventing any scratches or whirls.

Before Washing

There are some things to consider before snow foam washing your car. Remember to let your vehicle cool down after a long day of driving or if you just arrived home. The best time to wash your car is early in the morning or in the afternoon, considering the temperature.

Select your desired foam ray or speck with your cannon nozzle. Spray along your car and keep a three meter distance from your vehicle to cover your car with foam quickly and evenly.

Washing Tips

Here are some tips for washing your car with a snow foam car wash.

  • Use a gentle detergent or shampoo. Choose a snow foam car wash with a neutral pH level. This preserves your car's paintwork while effectively removing the dirt from it.
  • Use a lot of water. Be generous in washing your car with snow foam and with a tool like a pressure washer. More water means deeper cleaning. Excess dirt and debris will come off your vehicle with a sponge or a soft brush.
  • Test your foam. Always check the foam particle or consistency by spraying a small area of your car first, then move to the rest of the vehicle.
  • Keep the pressure. Always apply even pressure while pressure washing your car. Make sure to use a small hose and watch your pressure, or you won't be able to fully wash off the snow foam from your car.

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Maintenance Tips

After washing, you want your tools and materials intact and clean until your next car wash. Here are some tips to help you keep and store your tools in good condition for a long time and enjoy your car washing.

  1. Keep your equipment, such as the hose and foam gun, clean.
  2. Keep the wash area clean and out of clatter.
  3. Always check the pressure of your pressure washer. Never use a no-stop flow connector. It will obstruct the water flow.
  4. Always turn off the water pressure after use.
  5. Check the overall condition of the hose. Inspect any leaks or damage.

How Do You Make Foamy Snow Foam?

You make foamy snow foam by following the exact solution or mixture of your snow foam car wash. You can adjust and test the foam thickness as you mix the ingredients—also the settings of your equipment, such as your lance. Also, the kind of water you use, such as hot water, affects the foam-ability of your snow foam.

How Do You Wash Your Car Like A Professional?

Every car owner likes to have a shiny, glossy car after every wash, but how? There are things you need to apply in cleaning your car like a pro, even with doing it at home.

Never wash your car under direct sunlight or when it hasn't had a chance to cool down. Be consistent in spraying or applying the soap from top to bottom. Don't forget to lubricate your car. Having the right equipment and towels, such as a microfiber cloth, will make a big difference in your vehicle.

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How Do I Dry My Car After Washing It?

A microfiber cloth is the best way to dry your car after washing and without leaving any spots or scratches. It is gentle on your car's surface, very absorbent, and dries your car quickly. You can even keep one as a carry-on in your car for quick cleans.

In A Nutshell

car foam getting wash soap washing

Making your snow foam car wash at home is easy. Prepare a bucket with warm water, baking soda, and dishwashing soap. Mix them, and there you have your DIY snow foam. Purchase a high-quality pressure washer and foam gun for the best result.

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