How To Manually Move A Power Seat In A Mercedes

Mercedes comes with power seats that increase comfort. But you may be wondering how a power seat can be manually moved to the desired position. Luckily, we have made thorough research for you, and here is what we found.

There are two different ways to manually move a power seat in a Mercedes. The first method involves using a winder tool, while the second technique consists of removing the entire seat of the vehicle and working on the mechanisms. Here are step-by-step procedures for manually moving a power seat in Mercedes by removing the seat:

  • Take the car seat out.
  • Cut the mesh under the seat.
  • Turn the shafts.
  • Change faulty parts of the power seat.
  • Drive the car to test the seat.

Moving a power seat manually may seem complicated, but can be done without the help of a professional. Continue reading to get detailed information on how to move a power seat manually.

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What Is Power Seat?

A power seat is an adjustable front seat. A switch or joystick and electric motors usually help in the adjustment. The standard power seat can be moved up and down, backward and forward, and recline in different positions.

With a power seat, adjusting the position of the seat doesn't require any force or weight. This makes it convenient, especially for older people. Also, the power seat can be easily adjusted while the vehicle is in motion. Some problems might cause a power seat in Mercedes to malfunction, the most common of which is a damaged power seat switch. 

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How To Manually Move A Power Seat In A Mercedes

Two different approaches can be employed when manually moving a power seat. In the first approach, a winder tool is used, and the entire seats are removed in the second method.

First Method: Moving Power Seat Manually With Winder Tool

It is simpler to move your power seat manually using a winder tool, which usually comes with the Mercedes. The manufacturer offers this tool as the standard equipment used for moving the seat and can serve other purposes.

To use the winder tool, you have to connect it to the motor of the power seat. Find the electric motor that controls the seat, typically located at the rear of the seat on either the right or the left side. 

If you want to move your car seat forward, move the winder tool to the left. Turn it to the right if you want to move your car seat backward. When you are satisfied with the position, you can remove the winder tool. 

Alternative Method: Removing The Entire Seat of the Vehicle

In the second method, you have to remove the entire seat from the vehicle. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Take The Car Seat Out

Remove the car seat from your automobile. You can do this by using a pair of scissors or a sharp knife to open the back. Make sure to turn off your car's engine and remove the batteries before starting the process. Don't forget to wear safety equipment.

Step 2: Cut The Mesh Under The Seat

Cut the mesh under the vehicle seat with a bolt cutter or pliers once the seat is taken out. By removing the mesh, you will access the lengthy shaft that adjusts the seat's position. Only the wire mesh should be cut, not the wires inside.

Step 3: Turn The Shafts 

Manually adjust the shafts to the proper seat angle after exposing them. To move the long shaft in the right direction, use a pair of pliers. Turn to the left and to the right to move the seat forward to move the seat backward. To move the seat entirely, approximately 15 rounds should be done. Continue twisting the shaft until your Mercedes seat is at the proper angle.

Step 4: Change Faulty Parts Of The Power Seat

After maneuvering the shafts, you should consider taking your car to a mechanic for diagnosis so faulty parts of the seat system can be repaired or changed.

Step 5: Drive The Car To Test The Seat

Now that the seat is in the proper position replace the mesh on the car seat and place the seat back in the vehicle. Check your car seat for proper positioning. You can do this by driving the car. If you need to make more adjustments, you should repeat the process.

Why Won't My Power Seat Move Forward Or Backward?  

View through opened door to black interior of Mercedes Benz ML350 M class with dashboard, steering wheel, front seats after cleaning before sale on parking

Many problems can be responsible for this, but a faulty track motor is the most common. There are two separate motors contained within the power seat. Just one motor controls both the tilt-up and tilts down.

The second motor is for the track, which allows the seat to move forward and backward. If the power seat doesn't move forward or backward, there might be a faulty wire in the track motor. Check under the seat to see if any wires have been damaged due to movements. If the wires are not damaged and are connected, the track motor may be broken.

What Causes A Power Seat To Stop Working? 

If your power seat doesn't move when you press the power switch or moves slowly, there may be a problem with your power seat. The following are possible causes of bad power seat:

Faulty Power Seat Buttons 

In most cars, the buttons for adjusting the seat are located on the door or the side of the seat. Keep liquids from your power seat controls because they may stop working if water or any liquid touches them. 

Foreign Object Under The Seat

The power seat may stop moving when a foreign object gets stuck under it. Make sure to check if there are foreign objects before moving your seat forward or backward.

Bad Power Seat Motor

The motors that control your power seats may wear out over time. You might need a new motor if your seat is not in good working order.

Blown Fuse Or Worn Out Gears

When the power seat malfunctions, it could be due to a blown fuse or alignment issues with the gears. Make sure to tackle these problems as soon as possible so it won't aggravate.

Mechanical adjustment of the height of the driver's seat in the car

Why Does My Power Seat Only Move Forward?  

If the power seat in your Mercedes only moves forward, there may be a problem with the adjuster motor, the seat track, or the switch. Using a voltmeter, slide your hand underneath the seat, and unplug the connection that leads to the motor. Then, check the motor's power supply.

If power is being supplied to the motor, then the motor itself may need replacement. If not, the problem is most likely from the switch. Also, check to ensure the wires have not been cut or damaged between the switch and the seat.

How Do I Know If My Power Seat Switch Is Faulty? 

There are some signs that show your seat switch is going bad and needs to be fixed as soon as possible. If your seat only moves forward, moves slowly, or doesn't move when the switch is pressed, there might be something wrong with your power seat switch. 

Can I Fix A Broken Power Seat? 

ercedes G Class driver and passenger seat. Mercedes G320 dashboard. Mercedes G Class interior.

A damaged power seat can be fixed. If you have a broken power seat, you don't necessarily need a mechanic to fix it. But repairs can be time-consuming and complex, depending on the seriousness of the problem.

To repair a damaged power seat, you must first determine the cause of the damage. This can be accomplished by checking the switches, fuses, wires, connections, and motors. After that, you can work on the part that needs to be fixed. Make sure to remove the seats before you start the fixing process.

Final Takeaway

You can manually move a power seat in a Mercedes on your own either by using a winder tool or by removing the seat of the vehicle completely. This task might seem complicated but can be easily performed when the step-by-step procedures are carefully followed. You can seek help from a professional if you find it difficult to carry out the task by yourself.

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