How To Open Gas Tank Door On Buick Envision

If you just purchased a Buick Envision, there is an important thing you need to know how to do: fill it with gas! But first, you need to know how to open the gas tank door. We have listed the steps to do so below.

Follow these steps to open the gas tank door on a Buick Envision.

  1. Locate the fuel tank [indicator arrow is next to the fuel level on the dash].
  2. Once you have located the fuel tank, push the fuel door.
  3. The fuel door will pop open so that you can access the fuel tank.
  4. When fueling, push the fuel tank door closed until it latches.

It may be simple, but every vehicle has a different way to access the fuel tank. In this article, we will take a closer look at opening the gas tank door on a Buick Envision and the proper gas to fill it with. In addition, we will answer other frequently asked questions about the Buick Envision, so read on!

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How To Open Gas Tank Door On Buick Envision

When you are ready to fill the gas tank of your Buick Envision, make sure the car is parked on a level surface. Then, turn off the engine and locate where the gas cap is. You will see a small arrow next to the fuel level gauge on your dash.

The arrow will indicate what side of the vehicle the gas tank is on. Once you have located the gas tank, you have to press the gas tank door to open it. Unfortunately, the Buick Envision doesn't have a gas cap; instead, it has a non-vented cap.

The non-vented cap is a seal that keeps fuel from spilling out when in the case of a crash or impact. All you need to do is put the nozzle into the seal to fuel your Envision. When you are finished fueling, remove the nozzle, and the gas tank will reseal with the flap.

Does the Buick Envision use premium or regular fuel?

Before you start fueling your vehicle, it is essential to know if your Buick Envision takes regular or premium fuel. This is important because if you put the wrong fuel in than required, your vehicle may not run right or cause damages to the mechanical parts.

The only Buick Envision engine that requires premium fuel is the 2.0 L turbocharged engine. So if you have the 2.0 L turbocharged engine in your Envision, make sure to use premium fuel and nothing else.

If you fill the 2.0 L turbocharged Buick Envision with regular fuel, it will still run, but you may see a decrease in performance or cause damage to the engine over time. The engine can be prone to knocking or pinging due to premature ignition of the fuel, also known as detonation.

When this happens frequently, the vehicle is at risk of having damaged cylinder walls and pistons. As a result, the vehicle will also experience a loss of power and overall performance.

What's the difference between premium and regular fuel?

Premium and regular gas pump

Regular gas is less expensive than premium. However, regular fuel has a lower octane rating and won't make your car go faster or perform better.

Even though it burns slower, regular fuel doesn't contain as much energy as premium, and it has additives that increase engine deposits and reduce performance.

Premium gasoline costs more because it is made to keep your engine clean and burn smoothly. Therefore, it is recommended to always use premium gasoline in cars that require it. In addition, you will often see vehicles with high horsepower equipped with turbochargers or superchargers that require premium fuel.

Where is the button to open the fuel door?

Open fuel tank door on car for fueling gasoline

On the Buick Envision, the button for the fuel door is the fuel door itself. There isn't a button inside the interior so, you manually open the door itself. Some vehicles will have a button or pull the lever on the floor inside the vehicle to open the fuel door.

How do you open a gas door manually?

For the Buick Envision, manually opening the gas door is the only way to open it. Vehicles with interior gas door releases can fail, and if so, you will have to find another way to open the gas tank door.

  1. Open your trunk to access the gas tank to do this.
  2. You may need to remove any of the trunk insulation to do this.
  3. Once you have accessed the back of the gas tank, reach inside and pull the release lever.
  4. You should hear a pop or release noise from the gas tank.
  5. Using a popsicle still, wedge it into the gas tank door to open it.
  6. Once you have filled your vehicle with gas, it is important to get it into a mechanic as soon as possible to have the issue fixed.

Where is the gas cap release?

For the Buick Envision, there isn't a gas cap. Instead, the Buick Envision has a non-vented or "Lost Motion" gas tank seal. This seal doesn't need to be removed or replaced after filling.

Instead, you only need to place the nozzle into the gas tank to start fueling. Once you are done fueling, remove the nozzle, and the nozzle will seal the gas tank. This is a safety feature in the instance of a crash.

Why isn't my gas door opening?

The most common reason a gas door doesn't open is a broken gas door release. These most often break with age and overuse.

In this case, the interior levers may not work, or the plastic is broken inside. As mentioned earlier, the best method is to use the emergency release located in the trunk behind the fuel tank.

Can I use premium fuel if my car doesn't need it?

Yes, you can, but it won't help. If your vehicle isn't high horsepower, turbocharged, or supercharged, you will only be wasting money on premium fuel.

It doesn't make much sense to use a higher octane fuel in a car that doesn't require it, as regular fuel will still perform the same and cost less. Some consumers believe that using premium fuel in any vehicle will increase fuel economy and horsepower, but that is a myth.

You are better off sticking to the manufacturer's recommended fuel. In addition, be sure to use recommended oil by the manufacturer. Using the wrong oil can damage your engine.

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What happens if I leave my gas tank door open?

Once you have left the fuel door open on your vehicle, it is essential to close it as soon as possible. With the Buick Envision, you won't need to worry about fuel spilling out due to the non-vent cap. However, the bigger risk damages the gas tank door itself.

For example, if you contact a pole or another vehicle, you could break the gas tank door. In addition, you could cause damages to another vehicle.

In addition, leaving your gas tank door open and unattended can leave you with a security risk of someone getting into your gas tank and siphoning the fuel.

What are the warning signs of bad fuel?

If your vehicle isn't running right after fueling, then you may have bad fuel or moisture inside the tank. Running your vehicle with bad fuel can cause damage to the fuel pump, overheating, and even engine damage. Let's take a look at the common warning signs of bad fuel.

Whining noise from the fuel tank

If you don't take care of this issue, you could risk damaging the fuel pump or, even worse, engine damage if you continue to drive on bad gas.

Trouble starting

The bad fuel can cause the fuel pump to fail, and it won't deliver fuel to the engine.

No power or performance

If your vehicle runs fine, loses its power, or isn't performing as expected, you might have bad fuel. This can cause issues with the engine not working correctly, and it may even be the root of your sluggishness on gas mileage.

Reduced gas mileage

If you have been driving your vehicle and notice a drop in gas mileage or a sudden loss, there may be bad fuel.

Engine stalls regularly

The fuel may not be moving through the system properly, and it could stall when coming to a stop or entering traffic.

The engine is running at high temperatures

Bad fuel can cause issues with the engine keeping coolant in the system, leading to overheating.

Trouble accelerating

Your vehicle isn't performing right when you are taking off or struggling to get up to speed. This can cause issues with the engine because it won't have the proper amount of fuel, causing damage over time.

Check engine light

If your check engine light comes on and stays on, this is a common sign of water getting into the intake system and fuel lines.

Check engine light - Dashboard warning light

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to open your gas tank door is the first step of fueling your vehicle. First, however, it is essential to know the fuel your vehicle requires. In addition, you should always be aware of the warning signs of bad fuel.

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