How To Open Gas Tank On Lincoln Corsair

Lincoln Corsair is undeniably the epitome of modern, high-class design because of its grand exterior. But for most new users to the Corsair, opening its gas tank might seem baffling. So if you're wondering how to successfully do this, we have found the tips for you to follow.

The Lincoln Corsair has a capless fuel tank enabling you to pump gas most efficiently. You just have to simply push the fuel door until it releases, and then you'll access the fuel tank. On some models, you will gently pull open the fuel door using the tab. Now, directly insert the hose nozzle to refuel.

It's smart and efficient to always do your research before doing things to your vehicle. If you want more thorough details on the Lincoln Corsair's gas tank, you can read further and know more relevant details. 

Lincoln Corsair SUV at the Los Angeles Auto Show, How To Open Gas Tank On Lincoln Corsair

First Things First - The Orange Release Button

Before opening the gas tank, you have to press the door release button. This specific button can be found under the console lid. All you should need to do is raise both pieces of the lid, and then right after this, you'll be able to find an orange button. That orange button is your cue to unlock the gas tank door. 

If the previous one doesn't work out for you, there is a key to help you unlock the console. But if you can't open your console, don't worry, as the trunk has a manual release that will help you with this. 

3 Simple Steps To Follow

Here are three basic steps to follow when you open your Lincoln Corsair's fuel tank:

  1. Open the fuel door through your thumb on the exposed tab. If your Corsair fuel door does not have this kind of trim, you can simply apply light force by pushing in the fuel door until it pops open. 
  2. Be sure that both flaps are secured when you insert the fuel nozzle. 
  3. Lastly, wait for at least five seconds before closing the fuel door. 

For a visual representation, here is a video from Lincoln Owner on YouTube.

Capless Gas Tank: Pros and Cons

A capless gas tank or capless fuel filler is engineered to make gas refilling convenient. When the gas flap is open, you won't need to remove the gas cap before inserting the fuel nozzle, because capless gas tanks allow you to directly insert the hose into the filler. 

Another good thing about capless gas tanks is that it has a spring loaded-flap in the fuel filler neck to reduce gas fumes from escaping the tank. Additionally, you'll only have to wait for a few seconds or you can choose to instantly remove the nozzle and seal the tank, both methods are safe. 

Here are some of the advantages and drawbacks of capless gas tanks that you might want to know:


  • Less contact with gasoline vapor or odor.
  • Less chance of getting gasoline on your hands.
  • You won't have to worry about scratching your paint since it's not the ordinary gas cap that's prone to slinging
  • Unlike the ordinary gas tank that you have to twist, capless gas tanks offer no discomfort or struggle in terms of opening it.
  • Capless fuel tanks have an anti-siphon feature. 
  • You don't have to deal with a misplaced or stolen gas cap. 


  • Might experience an increased gas smell coming from the vehicle.
  • It's going to cause you trouble in cases where you'll run out of gas. 
  • You have to carry the special funnel provided because of its anti-siphon feature just in case you'll refuel from a gas can.
  • It's quite difficult to drain gas with a capless gas tank. 
  • On the occasion of driving on dirt roads, the nozzle is going to push the small flipper, allowing dust to enter or consecutively come back on the gas tank. 
  • There is a chance that rainwater may get inside the tank, specifically if the fuel door is not properly closed.

What Kind Of Gas Does The Lincoln Corsair Take?

Gas prices at the pump

The Lincoln Corsair has 25 combined MPG and a fuel tank capacity of 16.5 gallons. Using the proper fuel for the car is extremely important to match the vehicle's smooth and powerful performance. 

The Lincoln Corsair can take regular unleaded gas at the minimum. You can go for the 87 regular octane gas. With that being said, there are no worries if the gas station's only available option for your SUV is just the regular fuel.

On the other hand, if you're planning to have a long road trip, you might as well bring with you a portable fuel container to make things on your travel smoother. To accomplish that, you should purchase a streamlined fuel container that will come in handy. Don't settle for bulky containers that will cause you to struggle in storing or lifting them.

Wintools provides you with this exact fuel container that fits the standards. It's made of firm plastic that's impact-resistant. Despite its seamless body, it guarantees no leaks. Plus, it's anti-corrosion, anti-static, and anti-ultraviolet functions. 

Click here to see this portable fuel tank container on Amazon.

On top of that, you need to secure a funnel that will fit your capless fuel tank; one that ensures no damage to the fuel tank, and that's granted durable and efficient. 

Luckily, KarZone offers this all-purpose automotive 18-inch super funnel. It's ideal for any oil, gas, lubricants, and fluids in case you plan to use this in other specific areas. 

See Karzone's super-funnel on Amazon.

Does The Lincoln Corsair Require Premium Gas?

Car gas nozzle auto filling refuel fill up with premium petrol gasoline at gas station

As mentioned above, the Lincoln Corsair can use regular unleaded gas. However, since the luxury SUV has smooth, powerful performance, it would be suitable to fuel it with premium gas. In fact, Lincoln manufacturers highly recommend premium gas on the vehicle. 

There is also a huge difference between using regular gas and premium gas. For starters, regular gas might create a strange sound on your engine, whereas premium gas allows the engine to sound cooly. 

Premium gas has higher octane levels, which suits the vehicle's turbocharged four-cylinder engines. What's more, using premium gas on your Corsair lessens the probability of engine combustion. Not only that, Lincoln service technicians prescribe premium fuel to prolong the life of your engine. 

Over and above all of that, whatever fuel type you go for, it's important to stay consistent with your choice as this determines the quality of your Lincoln Corsair's engine. 

Are Capless Tanks Better?

Capless fuel system

With the advancement of modern technology, more and more car enthusiasts and regular car owners opt for capless tanks. To really answer the question, it's yes!

Capless has been going around for several years now, and it has proven itself reliable and efficient engineering. Not only that, recent car models have been going capless with their tanks, and reputable car manufacturers like Honda and Ford are totally pushing this feature.

Statistics in Ford's initial market research showed that 75% of women and 68% of men are very interested in this capless feature and find that it serves most convenient. 

What Other Lincoln Corsairs Have Capless Tanks? 

Aside from the Corsair, there are other SUV models that have the same feature offered by Lincoln. If you plan on purchasing another Lincoln vehicle in the new feature or if you happen to know a friend that's still adjusting to the feature, here are some Lincoln models that are totally capless:

Lincoln Navigator Black Label

Lincoln Aviator

Lincoln Nautilus

In Closing 

Now that you know how to open Lincoln Corsair's gas tank and have packed important things to remember along with this, you can now fuel with ease and enjoy your smooth ride. 

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