How To Put A BMW In Park

Putting your vehicle into park is one of the first things that a new driver learns. This allows you to leave the vehicle and completely shut off the engine. This is very basic and easy to learn. This article will teach you how to put your BMW in park for both manual and automatic transmissions.  

To put a BMW in park, press the brake pedal and shift the gear selector into the "P" position. The "P" should be located on the gear selector, typically on the console of the vehicle or on the steering column. Make sure the vehicle is completely stopped before shifting into park. This applies if you have an automatic transmission.

If you have a manual transmission, repeat the method above. But this time, as you stop, fully step on the clutch and the brake pedals to avoid stalling. Then, put the stick shift into neutral and engage the parking brake. 

Putting your BMW to park is a very easy task and could be done by absolute beginners. But we suggest you to continue reading as we will explain this process more throughly. We will also suggest other helpful articles at the end of this post to satisfy your vehicle-related questions. So what are you waiting for? Read on!

Parking a BMW

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Putting a BMW in park is a simple process that can be done in just a few steps. Whether you're a new BMW owner or have been driving one for years, it's important to understand how to properly shift into park to ensure the safety of yourself and others on the road. 

Below is a step-by-step walkthrough on how to properly put your BMW and other vehicles into park.

Step 1: Press the brake pedal

Before you can shift into park, you must first press the brake pedal. This is to ensure that the vehicle is completely stopped and will not roll forward or backward when you put it into park.

Step 2: Shift the gear selector

Once the brake pedal is pressed, you can then shift the gear selector into the "P" position. The "P" should be located on the gear selector, typically on the console of the vehicle or on the steering column. 

For manual transmission, as you step on the brakes, make sure to also step on the clutch almost simultaneously to avoid the vehicle from stalling while you are in gear. In this situation, you will most probably be in either the first gear or the reverse gear. 

If you think you have positioned your car at the spot where you want it to be, put the stick shift to neutral and release the clutch pedal. Engage the parking brake to make sure that the car will not move. For added security, put the car in gear to lock the transmission. This would act as an extra stopper in case your parking brake fails. 

Step 3: Double-Check

Make sure that the gear has been shifted into "P," and the gear indicator on the dashboard shows "P" (usually located on the instrument cluster or on the screen), or the stick shift is at neutral.

It is important to note that it is not recommended to shift into park while the vehicle is in motion for automatic transmission vehicles. This can cause damage to the transmission and may also lead to an accident. It's also important to remember that the steering wheel will be locked when the car is in park.

Additionally, when parking on a hill, make sure to engage the emergency/parking brake and turn your front wheels towards the curb to prevent the vehicle from rolling away. 

By following these simple steps, you can easily put your BMW in park and ensure that your vehicle is safely parked. Always remember to pay attention to your surroundings and follow the proper procedures for shifting gears to keep yourself and others on the road safe.

Does this also apply to other vehicle brands?

Yes. The process for parking vehicles will be the same for all car brands. All vehicles will have a gear selector indicating park for automatic transmissions and neutral for manual. 

Automatic ones will also have neutral in their gear selectors labeled as "N," but it is not recommended as this will not lock your transmission. That is why it is always best to leave your car in park for automatic transmission and in gear for a manual transmission when parking to lock the transmission and avoid free-wheel movement.  

How to use BMW Parking Assist?

BMW 8 Series Interior detail of premium car with rear view 360 surround view camera dynamic trajectory turning lanes and parking assistant redar. Driver assistance system.

BMW Parking Assist is a feature that helps drivers park their vehicles by automatically steering the car into a parking space while the driver controls the vehicle's speed and gear selection. This technology has been around for a couple of years now and is heavily utilized in luxury car brands like BMW.

To use the feature, your BMW must be equipped with the parking assist system, which is usually an optional feature on many BMW models.

To activate the parking assist, you will need to press the P button on the center console or select the parking assist option from the vehicle's infotainment system. When activated, the system will begin to scan for a suitable parking space.

Once a space is found, the driver will be prompted to accept the space by initiating the driver to stop the vehicle. The infotainment section will give out instructions on what to do next. You will be asked to activate your turn signal in the direction that you want the vehicle to be parked. 

The Infotainment will flash a reminder sign about the responsibility of the driver while using the park assist feature. The feature still encourages drivers to be mindful and vigilant of their surroundings to avoid the risk of accidents. As this sign pops out, press the OK button to continue.

Once the driver confirms, the system will automatically steer the vehicle into the parking space while the driver controls the speed and gear selection. In other models, you will have to press and hold the parking assist button the entire time the vehicle parks itself.

It's always recommended to read the vehicle's manual and understand the features of your BMW before operating it. Here is a quick video of how to properly use your BMW's Parking Assist feature.  

How do you park a car for beginners?

Brand new BMW M4 G82 Competition in Isle of Man green color grille. Photoshoot

Parking a car should not be a stressful task and should be mastered by all vehicle drivers. Knowing how to properly park a vehicle will avoid accidents, dents, and scratches on our vehicle. This section will give simple pointers when parking your vehicle for beginner drivers. 

To park a car for beginners, follow these steps:

  1. Find a suitable parking spot. Make sure that it is legal and safe to park there.
  2. Check your mirrors and use your turn signals to indicate your intentions to other drivers.
  3. Slowly and smoothly brake to a stop next to the parking spot.
  4. Shift the car into reverse gear, and look over your shoulder to check for any pedestrians or obstacles behind you.
  5. Slowly back into the parking spot, keeping the car centered in the space.
  6. Straighten the wheels and shift the car into park.
  7. Set the parking brake, and turn off the engine.
  8. Finally, check the area around your car one more time before exiting to ensure it's safe.

Here's a video tutorial on how to park a car for beginners. 

Interior of the luxury motor car BMW 520d. Parking assistance. Modern electric car instrument panel.

Some BMW models have a Parking Assist feature, which can automatically steer the car into a parking space while the driver controls the accelerator, brake, and gear selection. But you would be glad to know that as of 2023, every model of BMW has this feature. 

This feature can be used for parallel parking as well as for parking in a perpendicular spot. The driver must still be in control of the vehicle and be ready to take over at any time, as per the BMW official website.

It was first introduced in 2012 for the BMW 3 series and has since become a staple of all its lineup. If you have a more recent BMW, chances are you will have Parking Assist. But if you have a 2011 or older model, you will not have this feature. 

Should I always use the hand brake when parking my BMW?

BMW M850 2019 M 850 cockpit interior cabin details 2020

It is generally recommended to use the handbrake when parking your BMW and whatever car brand, for that matter, especially when parked on an incline or when parking for an extended period of time.

Using the handbrake helps to keep the car securely parked and prevents it from rolling away. It also helps to keep the car steady when parked on an incline. Additionally, using the handbrake also prevents the parking gear from wearing out quickly.

Here's A Quick Recap Of What We've Learned

Putting your BMW in park is not a hard task, as this is the same for all vehicle brands. The unique distinction that the BMW has is its Park Assist, but this technology is already present in most car brands, especially luxury ones. Making sure that the vehicle is properly parked will ensure your safety, your car's safety, and other road users.

We hope we have answered your question about putting your BMW into park. Do you have any more BMW-related queries that you want to be answered? Check out some of our previously written posts about BMWs below!

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