How To Put Rivian In Neutral

The onboard controls might seem a bit overwhelming if you've never driven an all-electric vehicle before. Trying something as simple as putting one into neutral can seem foreign at first. If you own a Rivian and need to know how to accomplish this, we can help.

We researched the Rivian from multiple professional sources, so you'll know how to get this done.

To put the Rivian into neutral, you will need to locate the shifter stalk. Push the drive stalk "up," and the Rivian will be in neutral gear.

Now that we know how to put a Rivian into neutral, we'll look at why you might need to place the vehicle in this mode. You might also be curious how you turn a Rivian off or how a Rivian gear guard works.

For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what our research has uncovered.

Why you might need to place your Rivian in neutral

Neutral will let your vehicle move naturally without being encumbered by any gears. Most people will use neutral in their vehicles when otherwise keeping them in gear would damage them. A great example of this is when you are going through an automatic car wash.

Putting your Rivian in neutral will allow it to coast through these places. But before you set out to wash your Rivian, we suggest practicing putting it into neutral first. This will ensure that you know how to do it properly when the time comes.

You might be tempted to flat tow your Rivian behind an RV at some point. This is highly inadvisable. The Rivian should NEVER be flat towed, even if you place the vehicle in neutral. 

How do you turn a Rivian off?

If you've noticed, the interior controls of the Rivian are quite different than standard gasoline-powered vehicles. For starters, there's no key, just a fob. This might confuse some folks when it comes to shutting off the car.

Rivian is designed to shut off as soon as you lock the door with the fob (or app) and walk away from the vehicle. The remote sensors on board will detect the locked door and your proximity to the vehicle as you put some distance between it and the fob.

The reverse is also true. You will start the Rivian upon approach, as the sensors will be able to recognize the signal from the fob when you hit unlock. 

A new Rivian R1T truck is seen at a Rivian service center

How does Rivian gear guard work?

The cutting-edge technology that Rivian employs on its R1T makes this truck less prone to theft or vandalism. Gear guard utilizes the onboard computer and exterior cameras to alert you [and potential thieves] that the vehicle is recording video.

Five of Rivian's cameras will give you a 360-degree perspective. This will alert you on your smartphone so that you can monitor the situation remotely. Any time someone comes within one foot of the truck, this technology is triggered.

The video is stored for several days and can be easily retrieved in case it is needed. Additionally, a warning that the potential intruder is being monitored will pop up on the Rivian's infotainment screen.

Rivian sign logo at headquarters in Silicon Valley.

What is Rivian dog mode?

A pet mode or dog mode is becoming more common in newer model vehicles. Many folks travel with their furry companions but do not want to take them inside places of business when they are on a quick errand.

But vehicles can warm up quickly and injure or kill our pets if left inside the confines of a vehicle for very long in the heat.

Dog mode solves this problem. Simply press the "paw" icon on the upper right-hand corner of the climate control screen.

This will activate climate control that makes the interior of your vehicle safe and comfortable for your animal companion. The interior of the Rivian will be set between 68 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit, with the default temperature being 72 degrees.

Engaging in this mode will leave you free of your pet while you run into the store on a quick errand without the fear of excess temperatures harming them.

This mode isn't meant for kids.

Some might be tempted to use this mode to leave young children unattended in the Rivian. While keeping the Rivian in pet mode is legal for pets, it doesn't make it lawful for you to leave young children alone in the vehicle. 

Though climate control technology will eliminate your young children from the dangers of excessive heat, there are many other reasons to not leave them alone in a car. They will be exposed to potential kidnapping or could get the vehicle in motion and cause themselves or others harm.

This is also illegal and can result in child endangerment charges levied against you.

Dog travel by car.

Does dog mode drain the battery?

A Rivian in dog mode can stay that way for a good amount of time. Not being in motion, the battery will consume a lot less energy. How long it stays in this mode will, of course, depend on how much juice the battery has.

Any power being used will certainly drain the Rivian's battery, however. Climate control takes energy, and putting the Rivian in dog mode will use the battery's power to keep the vehicle's interior at the desired temperature.

When your Rivian battery is drained to 20%, you will get an alert sent to your smartphone via the Rivian app. Experts advise against using this mode if you have less than 50 miles left on your battery's range.

illustration the Rivian logo seen displayed on a smartphone screen

Can I charge a Rivian with a Tesla charger?

With Rivian and Tesla being all-electric vehicles, you might think they can use the same chargers. After all, charging stations for e-cars and trucks use the same kind of electricity, right? But our research shows that just because their fuel comes from the same power plants, that doesn't mean they use the same power sources.

Tesla chargers and superchargers are explicitly designed for their vehicles. They are not compatible with a Rivian at all. So making note of where a Rivian charging station is located will do you good on the road.

In a pinch, you can use a converter to charge a Rivian at a Tesla charging station. Be forewarned that you should get a good quality one and avoid cheap knockoffs. And if your Rivian is damaged from using an unauthorized charger or adapter, you will run the risk of the warranty being null and void.

How long will a Rivian truck charge last?

electric pickup truck Rivian R1T in the motion., How long will a Rivian truck charge last?

The Rivian battery is the life of the vehicle and is built to last. On average, the R1T battery will allow you to drive up to 314 miles from a full charge, making it great for commuting. The charge is slow, so be prepared to wait if you are doing this at home.

A wall charger used at home will give the Rivian battery an estimated 25 miles of driving for every hour it is plugged in. Simple math tells us that it will take more than 12 hours to fully charge this truck battery when it's nearly drained.

Super chargers will give the battery its juice much faster, however. Depending on the location, you can expect it to charge from 10 to 90 percent in 60 to 95 minutes. Know the limitations of each charger and plan accordingly!

 Rivian R1T Electric Pickup Truck Charging at home on a Level 2 home charging station

Final thoughts

A Rivian can easily be put into neutral, but it's advised to practice doing so before you need to engage it. The Rivian has a great number of new features that will safeguard you from theft but also work to keep your onboard pets safe if they need to be left unattended in the vehicle on a warm day.

Know where the charging stations are located, and keep a great quality adapter in your Rivian just in case you need it. Drive safe!

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