How To Remote Start A Kia Soul

Figuring out how to use all of a car's features can feel impossible sometimes. Do you want to try remote starting your Kia Soul but don't know how to? Well, we've done some digging and have the answer here for you. Let's check this out.

If you want to remote start a Kia Soul, this won't be too difficult. To start:

  1. Press the door lock button on your Soul's key fob.
  2. Locate the remote start button on the side of your key fob.
  3. Within four seconds of locking your doors, press and hold the remote start button, and your car will turn on.

One thing to note, if you don't open your vehicle or start driving within ten minutes, it will automatically turn off. So, keep that in mind when using its remote start feature.

As we begin, we will cover all things Kia Soul's and discuss the many features that will come with your car. Whether you're new to the brand or have been wanting to upgrade, we're here to offer some help. With that said, let's get right into this topic!

Kia Soul on display at the 2015 North American International Auto Show, How To Remote Start A Kia Soul

What Years Of The Kia Soul Have Remote Start?

For those wanting to have a remote start feature on their Kia Soul, you can expect to see it on certain trim levels for their newer 2020, 2021, and 2022 vehicles. For example, the 2021 Soul will have it with the EX and Turbo trims, so you'll have to splurge for an upgraded model if you want to get this feature.

On top of that, any Kia Soul S trim and higher will offer a folding key fob, which can remotely unlock your car with the click of a button.

Can I Add Remote Start To My Kia Soul?

The presentation of Kia Soul on the motor show

Yes, if you have a 2014-2019 Kia Soul and want to purchase a remote starting kit, this is possible. As long as your vehicle has an automatic transmission, Kia does offer an OEM Remote Starter Kit, which you can install yourself.

This kit will give you the ability to start your Soul's engine up to 800 feet away, so it's certainly worth looking into.

Can I Start My Kia Soul With My Phone?

According to Kia's website, Soul owners can start their vehicles using the "Kia Connect" app. This feature applies to Souls 2020-2022 and is free to download for Android and iPhone users.

A few notable features that this app offers include:

  • Remote climate control
  • Remote lock and unlock
  • Automatic emergency dialing
  • Monthly vehicle health reports
  • Kia Connect voice assist
  • Stolen vehicle recovery
  • Connected routing
  • Find my car

The brand also has various packages through their Connect vehicle coverage, ranging from Lite to Ultimate, including plenty of added safety and comfort options.

How Do You Start A Kia Soul With A Key?

For anyone not wanting to use remote/app start for their Kia Soul, your car's key fob will also work. To use this, you want to have your vehicle's fob in hand and press the unlock button.

Once your Kia Soul is unlocked, press your foot on the brake and hold down your car's "Start" button. This will turn on your vehicle's engine, and you're now ready to drive!

Do All Kia Souls Come With Remote Key Fobs?

car key and remote central locking

Newer, 2019-2022 Kia Souls will come with remote key fobs. These come standard with Kia vehicles and are used to lock, unlock, and start your car each time you use it.

Your Soul should include two remote key fobs when you purchase it, which you can also replace directly through your dealer. Again, these are pretty common with any car brand you purchase and tend to make things a bit easier than a standard pair of keys.

How Do You Program A Kia Soul Remote Key Fob?

For anyone with a newer Kia Soul who needs to program their remote key fob, this won't be hard. To start:

  1. Close all of your car's doors and place your fob's retractable key into the ignition/key slot.
  2. Turn the key on then off repeatedly until the door locks cycle, ending with the key turned on.
  3. Press the lock/unlock button on your fob, and if it works, your key fob is programmed.

If your fob doesn't program after a few times of trying this, there may be a problem with its battery, so we recommend reaching out to your local Kia dealer.

Why Is My Kia Remote Start Not Working?

In general, a Kia remote start won't work if your car isn't locked and in park. Your Kia might also not have all of its doors fully closed, which can prevent remote start from happening.

Kia states that if you haven't driven your car in the past three to five days, you may need to manually start it to re-activate remote start, so there are a few reasons you're experiencing issues.

How Do You Reset The Kia Remote Start?

If you need to reset your Kia's remote start, you want to first check if your car's doors are all fully closed. Next, you want to get in your vehicle, turn on the engine, and press and hold the start button on your key fob.

Doing this will reset your Kia's current remote settings, which should get everything working normally the next time you're ready to drive.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Remote Start On A Kia Soul?

Front view of used Kia Soul in yellow color after cleaning before sale in a summer day

Typically, you can expect to pay between $200 and $600 to install a remote start system into your Kia Soul. Like we mentioned earlier, there are DIY options available, although we don't recommend doing this unless you're familiar with auto mechanics.

A car's model year can also affect how expensive remote start installation will be, usually costing more the older it is, so keep that in mind.

Is Kia Remote Start Reliable?

Overall, we would say that Kia's remote start feature is reliable. Like any technology, your Souls remote start won't always be perfect, but it is great for quick access to your vehicle.

Kia has also adapted its lineup to work with Android and iOS devices, making this feature accessible for almost anyone using a smartphone. Again, you can always reset your Kia Soul's remote start and key fob manually if they run into issues, although this shouldn't happen often.

Does Installing Remote Start Void Kia's Warranty?

Unfortunately, if your aftermarket remote start system is the cause of damage, it will void Kia's warranty. Of course, this would only apply if your Kia's remote starter kit directly caused any damage to your vehicle, which isn't very common.

That said, it's always safer to go directly through Kia or one of their recommended partners for installing your remote start system, so if you can, try to avoid unauthorized third-party sellers.

Can Installing A Remote Starter Mess Up Your Car?

Installing a remote starter into your car won't negatively affect it most of the time. As long as you use a reputable brand/mechanic, there isn't a high chance of complications with your vehicle.

According to Compuster, adding a remote starter to your car can benefit its engine, especially for people with turbos or diesel. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't mess up your vehicle by installing one, but overall it should be pretty harmless.

Is Kia Remote Start Feature Worth The Money?

Row of cars on summer day parking - close-up view on front parts from side

We do think that Kia's remote start feature is worth the money. Especially for those who live a busy life, having the ability to start your car and adjust its climate before even getting inside can make a world of difference.

On top of that, Kia offers plenty of app-based and remote starting features, including emergency 911 dialing, advanced navigation, and even a "Find My Car" option, so having this will come in handy.

The Wrap It Up

 Kia Soul compact car on display at the 2014 Brussels motor show

Whether you always shop Kia or want to switch over to the brand, knowing how to use your car is essential. We found that remote starting a Kia Soul won't be too complicated and can even be done with a smartphone.

Kia also includes key fobs with their newer vehicles, so if you don't want to use the remote start, you can grab your keys and unlock your car that way. On top of that, you can also add a remote start to an older Kia soul, so everybody gets to enjoy this feature.

Regardless, make sure to shop directly through Kia for your remote starting system, and don't be afraid to install it yourself if you're confident in your skills.

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