How To Remote Start A Nissan Maxima

Nissan Maxima is a mid-sized car with an approximate wheelbase of 109.3 inches and a length of 192.8 inches. And, this model is one of Nissan's flagship sedans, currently in its eighth generation. Among its special features is the remote start. But, do you know how to start your Maxima with remote start? We've thoroughly reviewed the process to get you the know-how you'll need. 

To activate the remote engine start system, here are the simple steps:

  1.  The car must be parked with all doors closed and locked for safety.
  2. The vehicle must be within view and allowable range.
  3. Press the lock button.
  4. Then, within five seconds, hold the engine start button until the vehicle starts.
  5. As the engine starts, parking lights will turn on, and automatic climate control will engage.
  6. The engine will remain running for ten minutes. 
  7. Enjoy!

The engine will start whether or not the doors are locked. But, for safety purposes, it is wise for you to always check that it is secured before starting. The engine will then automatically turn off if the ignition was not started before the end of ten minutes.

Warming up? As technology progresses, more and more amazing features are added to cars. Read on to know more.

How To Remote Start A Nissan Maxima PIN 

Can Remote Start last more than 10 minutes?

Exterior of Nissan Maxima car on display

Yes, the new Nissan Maxima and other Nissan vehicles can extend the engine run for another 10 minutes. To utilize this feature, you must again press the lock button with a long press for five seconds for the engine to start button.

This, however, can only be done once. And it starts as soon as you activate the extension. For example, you perform the extension three minutes earlier before the original time expires, then you will have a total of 17 minutes before the engine shuts off.

After the extension was used, the ignition switch inside the car must be switched on or off before you can activate another remote start cycle. Also, it automatically happens once you start the ignition and begin driving. 

Does Nissan have an app for a Remote Start?

Remote start can also be accessed through NissanConnect Services App or MyNissan Owner Portal. You have to open a MyNissan Owner Portal through NissanConnect Services, register, and set up a PIN that enables you to start or stop your car through the portal or app. 

Once you have your account, you have to download the NissanConnect Services App on your smartphone. Thereafter, you may command your Maxima through the app or portal, and it will start for a period of ten minutes. 

You may also try remote access to your Nissan vehicle with the Amazon Alexa skill or the Google Assistant action

Try this NissanConnect Services on Amazon.

How far away can Remote Start work?

Remote start works at approximately 80-197 feet away from the car in an open space. While for other market remote start kits this can be improved by another 100 to 200 feet of distance.

However, the range effectivity of a remote start is also affected by environmental hindrances, building, blockage, Radio Frequency Transmissions, battery, and position of the remote while performing the command.

How do I know if my Nissan has a remote start?

If your Nissan Maxima failed to start after a remote start, a notification will be sent to your NissanConnect Services app or MyNissan Owner Portal. If notification fails to do so, check your push notification preference and set it up to your desired notification for future instances.

Start the car with your Smartphone instead of key is also not prevalent and is especially interesting.

Reasons why Remote Start is Not Working

There are plenty of variables why your Nissan Maxima remote start might not be working; we list down some of them here: 

  • The fob has problems in its Hood Pin Switched or Sensors 
  • Your remote control batteries are old and need to be replaced 
  • Improper use or remote commands for the starting procedure 
  • Module needs reprogramming 
  • The vehicle is not in 'Park' mode 
  • The remote starter switch is off 
  • The engine light is on 
  • Hazard warning lights are on 
  • Engine coolant temperature is too high or oil pressure is too low 
  • Too many remote start attempts 

These are common reasons or instances that you have to double-check before starting. However, if the following instance fails your troubleshooting attempts, check your manual. The vehicles may include an additional feature that can help you solve the problem. And if it still does not work, call your local Nissan dealer for assistance. 

Do all Nissan Maxima have a remote start?

Nissan maxima

Remote start and the ability to access NissanConnect had started in early 2019. So models by this year, especially automatic transmissions from 2019 to current, are most likely to have remote start features. 

Aside from Nissan Maxima, models that have the same features also include: 

  • Nissan Altima
  • Nissan GT-R
  • Nissan Pathfinder 
  • Nissan Titan 
  • Nissan Rogue & Rogue Sports
  • Nissan Murano 

Unfortunately, earlier models have no remote start feature. But the wonderful news is, models of 2015 onwards enable them to have a remote start installed.

For Maxima, however, this starts with the year 2016. Furthermore, as technology improves every day, there are also some that offer a system compatible for Nissan Maxima 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.  

How to install Remote Start to older models

Why install a remote start to your old car? Well, it is a great way to upgrade your car system and comes with a number of benefits. Let's dive in. 

You must consider a lot of things in buying a remote start system kit. These include your car features, other accessories, wiring, and systems that may intervene with the remote start. For example, if you bought a Maxima with an antitheft system, make sure that the kit has all the necessary features to accompany this. Otherwise, you may encounter malfunctions or requires additional cost for antitheft bypass modules. 

The most certain way to check if your car is fitted for a remote start is to call or head to your local Nissan dealer and ask if your Maxima is able to remote start installation. As much as possible, seek authorized Nissan technicians for the installation. This will help you prevent warranty or insurance void. 

Here are some of the remote start kits available on the market 

The Compuster CS7900-AS

This is a two-way remote start and alarm bundle, boosting a command range of up to 3,000 feet. 

Enjoy this remote start and alarm bundle on Amazon.

Viper 5706V 2-way car security with remote start system

This product has an ability to activate a remote start at a maximum of one-mile range. And, with a high-definition LCD screen for the user interface. 

Check out this Viper 5706V on Amazon.

Crimestopper RS4-G5

This can be enable at a maximum range of 2,000 feet  and has 31 programmable options. There is also RS7-G5, which has a range of 3,000 feet. 

Check out this Crimestopper RS4-G5 one way remote start on Amazon.

Does remote start drain my battery or damage my alternator? 

A remote start can only work for 10 minutes with a maximum of 20 minutes. Therefore, a factory built-in remote start will never harm your battery, hence, offers great convenience. The same goes with the aftermarket system kit, provided that they are of high quality and installed properly.

For battery care, here are a few things to consider before installing a remote start: 

  • Check if your battery is old and needs replacement 
  • Check if there are battery connections that were loose upon installation

The Pros and Cons of Nissan Remote Start

Interior of Nissan Maxima car on display

Above all else, you want to buy this Nissan Maxima for its convenience. Imagine having the ability to start it from a distance, without having to actually go through the hassle of going down the stairs or going outside the house.

Secondly, warming up your car engine and getting the oil running through before actually driving is beneficial to the car. And lastly, the ability to work in advance and set a comfortable temperature on a hot summer is definitely a must-have. 

The edgy part of this feature, however, comes on maintenance. Regular use of the key fob to start your engine may result in earlier wear and tear. Replacement for a more technologically advanced key fob may cause a large amount of money, professional fees for the replacement, time, and inconvenience. 

Check out this Compustar Remote Start on Amazon.

In Conclusion

Nissan Maxima with remote start is a convenient factor to consider when buying or as an aftermarket accessory. This added feature allows you to activate several car functions ahead of time and to condition the car for some engine care before driving. But of course, a high technological feature comes with high monetary risk and intensive maintenance to consider. 

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