How To Remote Start A Nissan Rogue

One of the advanced car features that have been around for years, especially with a Nissan Rogue, is the remote start system. How does it function and how do you use it? Well, we've done the research to provide you with the best answer.

To remote start your Nissan Rogue, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Push the lock button.
  2. Press the start button.

You may find the steps quite easy, but do these steps apply to all Nissan Rogue models, including the older ones? Continue reading as we elaborate on the topic. In this article, we'll also go over the frequently asked questions along the way. 

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Nissan Rogue Remote Start

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In this modern-day world where everyone seems busy and rushing, convenience is truly essential. The Nissan Rogue's remote start feature doesn't only give you the convenience to start and warm your vehicle ahead of time during the cold season but also lets you set it to a comfortable temperature during the hot season. 

Familiarizing yourself with the Nissan Rogue key fob symbols and their functions must be the first thing to do. And before performing the steps in using the remote engine start feature, make sure to check all the precautions stated in the owner's manual to avoid any damage and injury.

The steps below are applicable for all Nissan Rogue latest versions equipped with a remote engine start system:

Step 1. Push the lock button

To ensure that the remote start feature will function, make sure to properly close and securely lock all your car's doors by pushing the lock button on your key fob.

Step 2. Press the start button

Next, press and hold the start button for approximately 5 seconds until the tail lamps switch on and the turn signal lights flash. 

If ever your vehicle is not within your view, press the start button for about 2 seconds more. By this time, your car's engine is already starting including the automatic control system.

However, in some Nissan Rogue models, especially those older versions and aftermarket remote start models, there are other ways of operating the feature. Check the video below for your reference:

How long does Nissan Rogue remote start last?

Nissan Rogue's remote engine start lasts for about 10 minutes. However, if you're still not ready to leave and need additional time, you can extend your startup time by redoing the steps. This will give you an additional idle time of 10 minutes to get into the vehicle.

Canceling a remote engine start

If you don't want to use the remote start feature of your vehicle and wants to cancel it, you may perform one of the steps below:

  • Point the key fob or intelligent key at the vehicle and press the remote engine start button. While pressing, wait for the parking lights to turn on. 
  • Switch on the hazard warning flashers.
  • Turn on the ignition switch and then turn it off. Do it in a cycle. 

Nissan Rogue's remote start downside

One of the major downsides of the Nissan Rogue's remote start feature is it's quite expensive. Since the feature is not available to all Nissan Rogue models, you'll need to pay $11.99 per month and $24.99 for Premium plus once your NissanConnect trial period has expired. 

Another major downside of the Nissan Rogue's remote engine start system is that some states have an anti-idling law that prohibits leaving your car idle outside to prevent air pollution. 

Why is my Nissan Rogue remote start not working?

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If any of these most common conditions below are present, your Nissan Rogue remote start feature won't work:

  • Your car comes with a Vehicle Setting feature and it can be found in the vehicle information display.
  • When the Remote Start feature is turned off in the vehicle setting, this will disable its function. 
  • Your car's hood is not properly closed.
  • If your car's hazard warning lights are turned on, this will also disable the feature. 
  • You didn't set your vehicle in Park mode.
  • When your car's ignition switch is enabled or turned on, the remote start will not operate.
  • The vehicle information display has signaled that the I-Key indicator light has remained solid.
  • Sometimes, the reason why the smart remote feature of your car doesn't work is that you try to operate it outside of its operating range. Make sure that the distance between the key fob and your car should be within 60 meters.  
  • When there are other I-Key inside or within the operating range of your vehicle, the remote start won't also operate. 
  • The brake is pressed and the liftgate is open.
  • The engine is still running.

How do you reset the remote start on a Nissan Rogue?

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One way of resetting your car's remote start feature is by turning it off. Next, you only need to take the battery off your key fob first and wait for at least 15 seconds before putting it back again. Now check your key fob if it's already working. 

Another way of resetting your remote start feature is by simply swapping or changing its battery. Sometimes the culprit is a weak battery.

Lastly, if the two reset methods above don't work, you may try the following steps:

  1. Once you're inside the driver's seat, close the driver's side door.
  2. Without pushing the brake pedal, press the start button on your key fob
  3. Next, press the lock button on your key fob.
  4. Press and hold the start button again for 5 seconds.
  5. Redo the whole cycle four times in total.
  6. On the last cycle, you'll hear a sound when selecting the Accessory position. Now, you're in the programming mode.
  7. Press the lock button for about 10 seconds.
  8. Once done, turn the car off after.
  9. Now, it's time to step out of the car and shut all the doors for you to test the key fob.
  10. If the remote still doesn't work, call the customer service center. 

Is remote start bad for your engine?

Some car myths would suggest that the remote start feature is bad for your car and could wear down your engine over time. However, there are no hard data that could support that claim. 

Other automotive experts said that using the remote start feature is beneficial to your vehicle. This is because every time you turn on your vehicle using the remote start feature, it preheats your engine's oil resulting in a much smoother run and a limited engine strain. 

In any case, using the remote start feature has the same effect as if you're starting it when you're sitting inside the car. So since it is pre-installed in your vehicle by the manufacturer, it is designed to work well with your car and not cause any harm to it. 

Can remote start drain battery?

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Starting a vehicle, whether using a car key or remote, doesn't affect the car itself. The process of engine ignition using a factory-installed remote engine start system won't drain the car's battery and won't affect its overall performance.

However, other Nissan Rogue models don't have a pre-installed remote engine start system, hence, some consumers would avail of the aftermarket model. These aftermarket remote start models are harmful to your vehicle if they are not properly installed. 

Proper installation of an aftermarket remote starter is very vital to your battery's health. If installed improperly, it can ground your engine's wires and will cause the premature draining of your battery.  

Check this Nissan Rogue remote start kit on Amazon.

Does remote start use more gas?

There is a myth circulating about how uneconomical the remote start feature is as to gas consumption. Well, a car's fuel efficiency would greatly depend on your usual personal habits when it comes to using your car. 

The Nissan Rogue's remote start system only gives you a total of 20 minutes to get in the car before it shuts off. This will only consume a very little amount of fuel compared to driving your vehicle right after you start it. Your engine works harder and will consume more gas once you drive right away before your engine has warmed up.

In Summary

2020 Nissan Rogue SV AWD

To remote start your Nissan Rogue, you have to make sure that all the doors are securely closed and locked by pressing the lock button. Next, you need to press the start button for about 5 seconds until the tail lamps switch on and the turn signal lights flash. Press the start button for at least 2 seconds if the vehicle is not within your view. 

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  1. I HATE the remote start feature on the 2014 Rogue I just bought. (love the vehicle and only 17000 miles on it ). But I have preschool age grandkids and my car is not visable once I am in my suite. Moreover the climate is mild here so very little need to preheat the car. Several times when we have been getting ready to go somewhere, we get to the car and it is running. The kids aren’t allowed to play with the keys but they do bring them to me, when we are putting our shoes on. The fact that it can be started by me or them remotely is NOT GOID!!! How do I disable it?

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