How To Remove Ford Rear View Mirror

The standard rearview mirror, positioned in the center of the front windshield, is a feature that almost all passenger cars have and can sometimes be broken for plenty of reasons.

Even though you might rush to a repair shop, understanding how to do it yourself can be useful. If you're wondering how to take the rearview mirror off a Ford, you've come to the right site.

We've thoroughly researched this topic and have discovered the ultimate answers to this query.

A Ford's rearview mirror can be removed by following these few simple instructions:

  1. Put the tip of the pry bar into the base
  2. Pry the base
  3. Remove the rearview mirror
  4. Remove the wiring harness

Although removing a rearview mirror can vary in brand and type, they all share some characteristics that make removal simple. We will discuss how to remove Ford rearview mirror and how to reattach it. Continue reading to learn more about a rearview mirror.

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Removing Ford Rear View Mirror

Modern rear view mirror and part of car ceiling on white background

The rearview mirror is a godsend for ensuring the lane is open for lane changes. You should always keep one in your car to maintain safety. 

A rearview mirror has many purposes, like keeping an eye on your kids in the backseat. Thus, driving with a broken or dysfunctional rearview mirror is not an option.  

When removing the mirror, you need to be careful because it is easy to damage the windshield. However, removing the rearview mirror from a Ford vehicle is no longer difficult. If you have the correct tools, this job becomes quite simple.

Below are the steps on how to remove Ford rear view mirror:

1. Put the Tip of the Pry Bar Into the Base

Ford vehicles' rearview mirrors are affixed to the windshield using specialized adhesives that form a chemical bond. The rearview mirror's base clips onto the anchor glued to the windshield. 

Friction and tightness between the base and the anchor vary from vehicle to vehicle.

The tab of your rear view fits on the anchor. The mirror can break if you use your hand to pry it open. 

Using a handled pry bar, place the tip into the opening at the bottom of the base. Removing rearview mirrors is now hassle-free and takes a few seconds with the help of this useful little tool.

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2. Pry the Base

Carefully pry the lower inner lip of the base below the edge of the anchor. When you continuously move your pry bar, you'll see that your rearview mirror is also moving. It means that you can remove it.

3. Remove the Rearview Mirror

Maintain the prying action while sliding the mirror up and away from the anchor. You must use a light rocking motion and upward pressure with the tool.

You may also hit it with anything complicated to remove the rearview mirror, such as a flat-head screwdriver or wrench. 

One can also apply soapy water into the opening at the top of the base and along the sides. Allow a few seconds to let the soapy water work itself in for lubrication. Then, you may remove the rearview mirror.

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4. Remove the Wiring Harness

The wiring harness connected to the mirror that powers accessories must be removed after it has been taken off the windshield.

How Do you Change A Rearview Mirror on a Ford?

Woman hands adjusting rear view mirror in the car in vintage color tone

Many of us take the rearview mirror in our cars for granted, yet it's a crucial safety element. Rearview mirrors assist us in keeping an eye on what is happening behind us.

When your rearview mirror is broken, you should replace it immediately. If you correctly follow the instructions, you can fix the mirror quickly.

1. Select Proper Rearview Mirror

Usually, you have to replace the entire unit; you cannot just replace the mirror glass. Make sure to replace the rearview mirror with an exact replacement after removing it. 

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2. Correct Placement

The mirror's base plate is positioned so the driver can see it clearly without any obstructions.

3. Remove Remaining Adhesive

The adhesives are designed to polymerize to chemically adhere the metal plate to the windshield. Use a heat gun to eliminate the adhesive holding the mounting hardware to the glass. 

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Use heat to carefully loosen the mount for the mirror hardware on the outside of the windshield. Be careful since too much heat will cause the windshield to crack.

You can also scrape any remaining crusted glue to leave a flat surface. Use a razor blade, glass cleaner, or rubbing alcohol to cut through the old adhesive. Position your tool as parallel to the glass as possible to avoid scratches.

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4. Wipe the Surface

Before continuing, clean the surface with a rag and glass cleaner and let it dry. 

5. Apply Adhesive

When handling the adhesive, protect yourself by donning vinyl gloves and goggles. Apply the necessary amount of adhesive to the base plate's center. 

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Use adhesive on the mirror mounting hardware rather than the windshield. Read and accurately follow the manufacturer's directions when applying.

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6. Install the Anchor 

Install the anchor of your new rearview mirror after the glue has thoroughly dried.

7. Apply Soapy Water

For easier installation, apply soapy water to the inside of the base. Feed the base down onto the top of the window anchor.

8. Slide in the Mirror to its Anchor

Just slide it back into position. When fully seated, the bottom edge of the anchor locks into the inner lip of the base.

What Kind of Glue is Used For a Rearview Mirror?

The good news is that gluing your rearview mirror back on is one of the more straightforward tasks. A Ford F150 rearview mirror is mounted using a different kind of adhesive. The adhesive should withstand heat, moisture, and impact.

Acrylic is a typical adhesive for replacing a rearview mirror on a Ford F150.

Versachem Rear View Mirror Adhesive is a wise option. Remounting a mirror takes 30 minutes for this kind of undertaking since it can join metal to plastic and sometimes even glass. This adhesive is more appropriate for automobiles with glass windshields.

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Others also use Loctite Rearview Mirror Adhesive in attaching a rearview mirror bracket to a windshield. You can also use this adhesive in Ford. You can handle the bracket securely once the product has just 15 minutes to cure.

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One can also use epoxy as an adhesive. It hardens in about five minutes and is resistant to solvents and water. Additionally, it has the benefit of allowing you to see through it, which makes it ideal for complicated tasks.

The Gorilla is a perfect example of an epoxy adhesive. Be careful since you must combine the liquids in equal parts before applying, just like with other epoxy products. 

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Does Vinegar Remove Glue Residue?

white vinegar on the wooden table top

You can potentially save money by learning how to remove sticker residue using everyday household items. When diluted with water, vinegar effectively removes sticker residue.

Apply a solution of warm water, vinegar, and liquid dish detergent to the glue-covered surface. For three to five minutes, let it seep into the glue.

Put a paper towel over the sticky spot after soaking it in vinegar. The adhesive should be significantly less sticky after the cloth is removed.

Wipe away the residue with a paper towel dipped in the warm vinegar solution. Repeatedly wipe the surface until all adhesive has been removed.

In Closing

Cheerful joyful woman adjusting mirror while sitting in her car, looking in reflection at camera. Sunset time.

Removing your Ford rearview mirror is just so easy. The first step is to insert the tip of the pry bar into the base, then pry the base, remove the rearview mirror, and remove the wiring harness.

Always follow these instructions, and if you make a mistake at any point, it's never too late to visit a mechanic. If you want to discover more about mirrors, feel free to check out these other posts:

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