How To Remove The Jack From Kia Sportage

The Kia Sportage is a fun size SUV that gets exceptional gas mileage. However, there may be a time when a flat tire stops you in your tracks. In the case of needing to replace a bad tire, where do you find the jack? Below we give the most common places to find the Kia Sportage tire jack and how to remove it from the vehicle.

Here are the most common places to find the Kia Sportage tire jack and how to take it out:

  • In the trunk cargo area: Open the trunk of the Sportage and lift up the carpet and remove the tire jack from the car.
  • In the rear wheel arch: Open the trunk of the Sportage and release the rear wheel arch container to remove the tire jack.

Hopefully, it would be best if you never changed a flat tire, but in case you do, it is important to know where the tools are in the car. All Kia Sportages are different when it comes to where the jack is located. So keep reading as we discuss the possible locations your Sportages jack could be.

2020 Kia Sportage SUV parked at a dealership, How To Remove The Jack From Kia Sportage

How do you get the jack out of a Kia Sportage?

The Kia Sportage is a great mid-size SUV, but you never know when you might need to change a tire. That's when knowing where the jack is located comes in handy! So what is a jack anyway?

The jack is a tool that you carry in your trunk. It's always handy if you ever need to change a tire or something else on the car, but it can also be used for other things like lifting large objects too! So let's take a look at the possible places your jack could be so you can use it when the time presents itself.

To remove the jack from most Kia Sportages, you need to have a flat screwdriver and use it to unscrew one nut. The jack point is usually located on the vehicle’s side or in its front quarter panel area just behind where the driver would be sitting if he were inside his Kia Sportage vehicle. Even though the jack tool may be located somewhere different than here, it will all still work in basically the same way.

The jack is usually black in color, and the nut you will need to remove from the jack point on your Kia Sportage is located underneath a metal cover plate. Once you remove this plate, use your flat head screwdriver to unscrew the nut holding your Kia Sportage’s jack tool tightly in place.

Once you have unscrewed what is holding the jack tool under the metal cover plate, lift it and take out whatever is inside.

Where is the jack point on a Kia Sportage?

As we discussed above, not all jacks are in the same spot on the Kia Sportage. Below we have listed in detail the most common locations for the tire jack.

In the trunk cargo area

The most general location for this all-important tool is inside the Kia Sportage’s trunk; lift off the carpet and find it there with plenty more space left over. The jack should come equipped with handles, so when lowering down heavy items from an elevated surface, use care not to scratch against anything underneath, such as metal beams, etcetera, at any point during these movements whatsoever.

In the rear wheel arch

Your jack may be in your trunk but on the side of the trunk. There's no need to open it up all if you know where to look and have a little bit more space for maneuvering!

Under the Back of The Vehicle

The last possible location for the jack on your Kia Sportage is under its motor vehicle. If you still have a spare tire, then you'll find it stored underneath its trunk in most cases - but first of all, you may need to unscrew one nut before being able to release and remove that old-timey thing from afar!

Jacking up a car to change a tyre with the hydraulic jack

How do you use a Kia Sportage jack?

Once you have located your Kia Sportage’s jack, you may be wondering how to use it. The following are basic steps for using the Kia Sportage's jack:

Put the floor jack in place and then position everything so that the vehicle itself is properly supported. You don't want your car falling when attempting to change your tire or jack up something else on the Kia Sportage like the motor vehicle itself.

To use a jack properly, you need to know how to lower down your car with it and raise it back up again when finished. The downward motion is achieved by using the handle found inside its trunk. At the same time, you may be able to move around the handle a bit in different ways. However, you should not be able to spin it or move it from side to side, which may cause damage to whatever is supporting the Kia Sportage at that time.

If this happens, something has not been placed correctly and needs to be fixed immediately before continuing. To raise your vehicle using the jack, just put on the brakes and then attempt to jack it back up again by using a hydraulic oil type of jack.

How do you get the jack out from under a Kia Sportage?

Once your vehicle is lifted, you can perform the rest of the tire-changing procedure and then get back to replacing that first jack point cover plate. This, too, should require the use of a flat screwdriver.

Remember, it has to do with that one little nut! First, you need to unscrew it while applying pressure downward on the handle. Then, once you have unscrewed it, reinstall everything in there before to include the jack, and then put that plastic cover plate back on it.

How do you change a tire on a Kia Sportage?

Once your jack is in place and clicked into whatever it's supposed to click into, you're ready to start the rest of the tire-changing process. Again, it's a good idea if you follow this order:

  • Any lug nuts that are not on will be removed with an impact wrench or something similar before beginning the actual procedure from there.
  • Next, get the jack out and have it placed beneath whatever you're trying to lift.
  • After that, use care as you lower down whatever is being lifted with the tire iron or lug wrench - pay attention!
  • Remove the lug nuts altogether from your Kia Sportage's wheel by hand. If this is too difficult, you may need to use a lug wrench.
  • Watch out for any sharp edges on whatever you used to remove the lug nuts. After that, get your jack ready to put the spare tire into its place (in most cases, this will be placed nearby). Then, lift it and replace its old wheel with the new one (this is when you will need to put the lug nuts back on it).
  • Once it is safely mounted onto what is supposed to be its new mount, lower down the jack from its possible location; then remove any excess pieces of equipment you may have used during this process. It's also a good idea if you get out and clean up your vehicle in some way after this whole process is completed.

Jacking up a car to change a tyre

Does A Kia Sportage Have A Spare Tire?

Kia Sportage drivers might be surprised to learn that the 2020 model doesn't come with a spare tire. However, Kia's are not alone; many newer models now include Tire Mobility Kits (TMKs) instead of spares for roadside assistance in place of tires and car care and maintenance. It's worth checking before you buy, though!

Tire Repair Kits are becoming a popular replacement for the spare tire. These kits significantly reduce weight, increase cargo space, and improves fuel economy, so it's perfect if you want to save money on gas or protect our environment from unnecessary emissions.

What does a Tire Repair Kit Include?

The Kia Tire Mobility Kit can be found in the trunk. It includes:

  • Aerosol sealant 
  • A compressor that reaches up to 140 p.s.i. is higher than most compressors on the market today, allowing for better sealing of small punctures from nails or other objects sticking out of your tire while you are driving down the highway at high speeds.
  • Filing hose with replaceable brass fittings allows watertight seals when attaching itself to either side of a tire stem valve opening without undergoing any corrosion as rubber hoses do over time; this will help keep the air inside reduce leaks from faulty joint connections. 
  • Bottle of water with a built-in compass.

If drivers still want extra security, spare tire kits are available for purchase. For those that love their Kia Sportage 2020 and need to drive on the roads of America, a sporty new kit is recommended. This includes everything you'll need once your vehicle's unfortunate run-in with another car leaves it stranded in the middle of nowhere - like:

  • Spare tire
  • Steel wheel 
  • Jack (typically comes separately)
  • Tool kit
  • Tool organizer

In Closing

We get it. Flat tires aren't fun, and changing them is even less amusing. Still, it is important to know what your vehicle is equipped with. Some Sportages might only have a tire repair kit. In this case, be sure to check with your dealership on how to use it properly. Knowing how to use it properly could come in handy in an emergency.

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