How To Remove Sun Baked Vinyl Wrap [Quickly & Easily]

Nobody wants to drive a car with cracked, sun-baked vinyl wrap on it. If you're wondering how to remove vinyl wrap from your car, keep reading. We've researched this issue and have information to share in this post. 

You can remove sun-baked vinyl wrap by following these easy steps:

  1. Strip the vinyl from the edges
  2. Heat the vinyl edges with a heat gun or blower
  3. Remove the vinyl
  4. Apply adhesive remover 
  5. Clean the vehicle's surface

This article will explain how to quickly and easily remove sun-baked vinyl wrap from a car. We will also discuss the lifespan of vinyl wrap, some tips for extending its life, installation costs, and more. 

How To Remove Damaged Vinyl Wrap From A Car

You can remove sun-baked or damaged vinyl wrap by following these basic steps:

1. Strip The Vinyl From The Edges

Peel the vinyl wrap by sliding a scraper under the edges. Vinyl edges are typically found along the hood, doors, trunk, and other car sections with seams. To begin, insert a fingernail and check if you can lift the edges. If not, use a scraper.

2. Heat The Vinyl Edges With A Heat Gun Or Blower

Heat will weaken the adhesive beneath the vinyl, making it easier to peel off the wrapping. Place your heat gun or blower about six inches away from the wrapping and move it back and forth to spread the heat properly.

The amount of heat required to remove the vinyl will vary depending on what it's made of. Do not overheat the vinyl to the point where you can't touch it. 

Don't apply excessive heat if it is unnecessary. This can cause the adhesive to become deformed and leave hard-to-clean residue behind.

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3. Remove The Vinyl

car unwrapping specialist putting vinyl foil

When you're finished heating the vinyl, slide your fingers under the edges and out across the vinyl. Start by peeling it away from the car's body and holding it at a 20-degree angle.

Try not to tear the vinyl; keep it intact so it can be removed easily. Try not to peel the wrap off at a 90-degree angle, as this can cause the adhesive to stick to the vehicle.

If the vinyl is hard to peel off, reheat it around the edge to weaken the adhesive. Make sure you heat it evenly so that when you peel it off, all of the adhesive= detaches from the vehicle's body.

4. Apply Adhesive Remover 

After removing the vinyl, inspect for any adhesive residue and apply a few drops of chemical citrus cleaner.

If there is a lot of adhesive left, pour the cleaner into a spray bottle and spritz it over the glue, or wet a clean cloth and wipe it over the vehicle. Give it a couple of minutes to soak up the glue.

Take a dry rag and wipe the glue off your car when the remover has absorbed the adhesive. To remove all of the adhesive, rub the affected areas with the rag.

If the rag doesn't work, try scraping the adhesive with a plastic scraper, then wipe the area clean with a clean towel. When you're finished, your vehicle should be smooth to the touch rather than gritty and sticky.

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5. Clean The Vehicle's Surface

Most adhesive removers will leave unattractive streaks or a foggy residue on your vehicle's surface.

To remove any noticeable streaks, wet a soft cloth in rubbing alcohol or soapy water and rub it over the body of the vehicle. A glass cleaner can be used to remove glue from windows.

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How Long Does Vinyl Car Wrap Last? 

car wrapping specialist putting matte vinyl foil

Good vinyl wrap can last five to seven years. Various factors will impact its lifespan.

The first is routine care and maintenance. The second factor is car storage. If you keep your vehicle in a garage, the vinyl will last longer because it won't be exposed to the sun and other weather elements.

Tips For Making Your Vinyl Wrap Last

BMW M4 F83 wrapped matte black vinyl foil

Most vinyl products don't have any finish but instead have a color printed directly onto the surface, leaving it exposed to the elements.

Vinyl wrap is meant to be a temporary addition to a vehicle and will soon fade. These general recommendations can help you maintain or extend the life of your vinyl wrap.

Remove Stains As Soon As Possible

When there are stains on your car, it's essential to remove them as quickly as possible. Scrub the stain softly with a microfiber cloth and use steady movements until the stain disappears. 

Many stains are baked in as a result of sun exposure. When it comes to handwashing your car, try to give it a good scrub every one to two weeks to be safe. 

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Avoid Parking In The Direct Sunlight

When your car bakes in the sun for extended periods, it can cause problems, including damage to the vinyl. Prolonged exposure to heat and sunlight can degrade the colors of the vinyl. When possible, park in the shade to extend the life of your vinyl wrap. 

Practice Car Hand Washing

Vinyl wrap is both robust and delicate. While it can withstand the elements and daily use without issue, when it comes to jet car washing, its fragile side shines through, and it can peel away.

The powerful brushes and harsh cleaning chemicals frequently used in jet car washes can cause the vinyl to peel or tear. They can also make the color and design of your vinyl wrap fade. 

To keep your vinyl wrap in good shape for years to come, you should wash it by hand with a gentle cleanser and soft cloth and soak up any extra moisture as a finishing touch.

How Much Does Vinyl Wrap Installation Cost?

Due to the intricacies of correctly applying a car vinyl wrap, it's better to leave it to the professionals. Vinyl wrap will last longer when professionally installed since it will be less prone to peeling or cracking due to poor installation.

Car vinyl is composed of rigid PVC material that can endure the harsh elements. A number of factors determine the cost of wrapping an automobile.

car wrapping specialist putting vinyl foil, How To Remove Sun Baked Vinyl Wrap [Quickly & Easily]

A full car wrap by a professional might cost between $2000 and $6000. However, this is an approximation. The cost of a high-end car in pristine condition ranges from $10,000 to up.

A car wrap ranges from $5 to $15 per square foot. You should also factor in labor costs, which can range from $3 to $4 depending on the model and condition of the car and how you want it wrapped. As a result, the cost might reach $19 per square foot. 

What Are The Benefits Of Car Vinyl?

car wrapping specialist putting orange vinyl foil

The benefits of having a vinyl-wrapped car are listed below.

Easy Maintenance

You don't have to deal with the daunting process of cleaning your vehicle. Vehicle wraps are simple to clean and remain in good condition. All you need is an appropriate cleaning agent for the vinyl.

Easy Upgrade

If you're bored with your vehicle's appearance, a vinyl wrap can provide a quick fix.

Some styles that you might want for your vehicle can't be replicated by paint. Instead, you can use vinyl wrap to achieve the desired design. Vehicle wraps are adaptable, making it easy to choose the ideal look for your vehicle.

Protects Your Car Paint

The paint on your car may fade with time. Additionally, you'll need to guard it against gravel, rust, debris, scratches, dents, and sun damage. 

By shielding your automobile from damage, a vinyl wrap will spare you from having to pay for costly repairs. You don't have to worry about shelling out cash to have your automobile fixed if it has dents and scratches.

How Long Does It Take To Wrap A Car?

car wrapping specialists putting blue vinyl foil

Wrapping a car is a difficult procedure that can be accomplished in as little as seven to nine hours or two to three days, depending on how much surface area needs to be covered.

Wrap installation takes only a few hours for partial wraps and two days for full wraps. Because the car must be wrapped indoors so that weather does not interfere with the procedure, it must be left in the installer's facilities.

The car can't be driven right after wrap installation. To preserve the wrap's durability, allow it to cure and dry thoroughly before driving.

It's A Wrap!

car wrapping specialist putting vinyl foil

To quickly and effectively remove your sun-baked or damaged vinyl wrap, simply follow the instructions we have provided.

Keep in mind our suggestions for extending the life of your car's vinyl wrap, and let a professional install it for you to prevent peeling or splitting.

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