How to Replace an RV Dinette

RV dinettes are the perfect place to eat dinner, work on your laptop, or just relax. However, the typical dinette that comes with your RV could use some upgrades. To help you improve your RV's dinette, we researched how you can replace an RV dinette. 

To replace your RV dinette, you should follow these steps:

  1. Measure your table and seats
  2. Disassemble and remove the dinette set
  3. Assemble new dinette bench seats
  4. Install new dinette seats into the RV 
  5. Mount dinette tabletop

An RV dinette with purple couches and brown pillows, How to Replace an RV Dinette

Now that you know the steps to replace your RV's dinette let's go over how you can perform these steps for a more comfortable RV. By following these steps, you can customize your RV's dinette set and design it however you would like. 

How to Replace an RV Dinette

Step 1: Measuring the Table and Seats

Before you start to remove your dinette, measure the dimensions of the table and seats. RVs are very compact, and RV manufacturers carefully place each piece of furniture to allow the most space. If you make a mistake on measuring, you could potentially block the entryway or pathway through the RV. Be mindful of the dimensions of your dinette when purchasing your new set. 

Step 2: Disassemble and Remove Dinette Set

Disassembling the dinette set is the longest part of the replacement process. You will not be able to remove the large benches without disassembling them first. Start by removing the cushions of the seats to reveal the wooden base.

RV dinette benches are made from a basic wooden frame that you can easily unscrew to take apart. Remove the screws from the frame's corners to break apart the seat enough to fit it through the RV door.

Once you remove the benches, you can now easily take apart the table. RV dinette tabletops can be quickly removed by unscrewing the mount at the bottom of the tabletop. To remove the table support, unscrew the bottom portion that is secured to the floor. 

Step 3: Assemble New Dinette Bench Seats

Now you are preparing to install the replacement parts. You will typically need to assemble the dinette bench seats or chairs inside of the RV. However, some RV furniture manufacturers such as RecPro have started to design dinette bench seats that come assembled and fit through the 22" opening of the standard RV door. 

Step 4: Install New Dinette Seats

You assembled your RV dinette seats, and they are ready to install. This process relies heavily on your situation with your RV. Dinettes are in different locations on each RV model.

However, be sure to measure your RV tabletop's dimensions and install the two seats at an equal distance between the tabletop. Secure your bench seats by screwing them into a sturdy part of your RV. You want no movement of the dinette seats during driving. 

Step 5: Mount Dinette Tabletop

If you correctly installed your bench seats, this step should be an easy process. Drill the base of your table at the center-point of the bench seats. In some cases, you will secure the tabletop on the wall of the RV using a secure base that you mount onto the wall. 

How Much Does it Cost to Replace an RV Dinette?

Cost of Dinette Seating

The costs of replacing an RV dinette will depend on your goals and your knowledge of renovation. If you are hiring a professional for your seat upholstery, you can expect to spend upwards of $800. Replacing your seats on your own can cost as low as $200 for a high-quality replacement.

Cost of Dinette Table

The cost of replacing your dinette tabletop can be as low as $35 or as high as $200 for a custom finished wood tabletop. The standard mounting brackets and table stand will cost $85. The costs for mounting your table will depend on the design. Some tabletops can be installed on the side of your RV with screws, making it very inexpensive. 

How Do you Fix a Wobbly Table in an RV?

If your dinette table has started to wobble, eating dinner or using it to study can seem impossible. The best way to fix your wobbly table is to replace the table's stand and the mounting bracket that connects the stand with your table. 

When these components become worn or broken, the table will start to wobble and make noise while you are driving. The mounting parts of dinette tables do not need to match to a specific model of a table, and you can purchase any standard table base for a replacement.

RV Dinette Table Top Replacement

To replace your RV dinette tabletop, start by measuring the dimensions of your table. Choosing the correct dimensions for your replacement table will prevent the pathway through your RV from being blocked. 

Choose a tabletop that fits the dimensions and has an excellent seal to prevent stains. An unsealed dinette table will be stained if something spilled on it.

Can Rou Replace the RV Dinette with Table and Chairs?

While sofas may be more comfortable, they also can take up a large amount of space and allow no movement. Replacing your RV dinette with a table and chairs will enable you to save more room by pushing in the chairs under the table. 

The chairs for your dinette can be any dining room chair, or you can choose a more specialized chair made to save space. A folding chair is a great option to create the maximum amount of space in your RV. 

Stakmore Folding Chairs

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Removing Dinette from RV

If you don't plan on using your RV's dinette, removing it can be a great way to open up more space. Many RV owners have also withdrawn their dinettes to replace them with recliner sofas or installing a work desk.

Removing your RV's dinette is a straightforward process of removing the table using a power drill and then dismantling the seats as well. Depending on the design of your dinette, you can complete this task quickly.

How Can I Make my RV Dinette More Comfortable?

As RV's get older, the dinettes start to lose their comfort. The cushions in the dinette bench seats have lost their bounce and are beginning to become worn out. Your dinette seats may also provide no back support, leaving you with back pain after sitting for long durations. Here are two ways that you can make your RV dinette more comfortable. 

Replacing the RV Dinette Cushions

Just like an old sofa, an RV dinette seat can become worn out over time. A worn seat can cause you to sink into the bench seat and be uncomfortable. To give yourself necessary support, replace your RV dinette's cushions with firm cushions. Are you looking for a new custom cushion for your RV's dinette? FoamOrder offers custom foam RV seat cushions that you can use to upgrade your dinette. 

Adding Back Support

Most RV dinette bench seats do not have sufficient enough back support. The bench seats are built with a straight-back design. While the best option for adding lower-back support is with a professional upholstery shop, you may also purchase an inexpensive lower-back pillow. 

How Do You Build Dinette Furniture in an RV?

If you are someone knowledgeable in renovating your RV, you can build dinette furniture yourself. The design of an RV's dinette is a straightforward frame requiring basic carpentry skills to create and customize to your liking.

To begin, we will start by making the dinette's seating. Create a basic wooden frame to fit the dimensions of your RV's dinette, screw plywood onto the surface of the structure, and add cushions to finish off your very own dinette. 

You can make the tabletop of the dinette using materials such as a piece of plywood that you seal to prevent the surface from staining. After sealing the piece of plywood, mount the tabletop with a basic table mount, and support post that you can purchase on Amazon here.

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How Do I Turn My RV Dinette into a Bed?

Making the most out of your space is the key to being an RV owner. Many RV enthusiasts have created a bed setup out of their dinette. To turn your RV dinette into a bed, you will need an easily removable table. 

Once you have removed the dinette table, you can place an additional padded section in-between the benches to create a bed. Make sure that this padded section is level with your dinette's seats so that you can sleep on an even surface. 

Where Can I Buy RV Furniture?

RecPro 38" Dinette Booth

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24" x 42" RV Dinette Laminate Tabletop

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If you want to learn more about RV dinette furniture, check out our post here. 


Replacing your RV's dinette set is a great way to improve the comfort, appearance, and convenience of your RV.  

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