How To Replace Battery In Mercedes GLC Key Fob

Having a Mercedes GLC is a great advantage for many reasons, among which is that it has functions that can be controlled by the key fob. But what if the key fob needs a new battery? How can you replace it? We've researched this topic for you and we're here to answer your questions.

Follow these steps to replace the battery on the Mercedes GLC key fob:

  1. Look under the key fob and slide the pin. Pull the key out.
  2. Flip the key fob. Insert the key in the center until you feel the groove lock. Slide the key to pop out the battery cover.
  3. Using a small screwdriver or nail pusher, remove the battery.
  4. Place the new battery, then test the key fob before putting back the cover.
  5. Dispose of the old battery and reset the key fob.

By simply pressing the buttons, a key fob can let you locate your car in a parking area. The key fob has a unique technology that sends a signal to your car when a command is received by the vehicle's internal network. We have more to tell you about key fobs, so keep reading!

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Key Fob Not Working After Replacing Battery

Mercedes Car Remote Access Key Fob

It's possible that the actual key fob is having an issue instead of the battery being dead. You might need other solutions besides battery replacement. See below for some possible causes of the key fob not working:

Faulty Internal Networks

Tweezers with chip

In every electronic gadget transmitting energy, there is a motherboard. The motherboard connects to different networks to send signals and follow commands based on the program. The key fob has a small motherboard responsible for the car's function depending on what command is set to follow.

A broken motherboard will result in the key fob not working. You might need to replace the key fob itself or ask a professional if it can be fixed.

Broken Sensor

man hand holding key with car in street

A sensor is usually located at the tip of the key fob. Once you press any button, the command will be processed by the motherboard. The sensor will then transfer the command to your car, and your car will perform the task you chose.

You have to make sure that the key fob points directly at your car and that you're not farther than 10 feet from it. The distance between the key fob and the car is important for the car to achieve the command that you've selected.

Loosened Buttons

Broken or damaged remote key fob and new vehicle key on black dark grey background.

The buttons might be loosened or misaligned. Buttons are the indicators of which commands will be processed by the vehicle's internal network. Without buttons, you'll find the key fob hard to operate.

Make sure that the buttons are tight and stable to let the motherboard receive the command. You may ask a professional or the car's manufacturer to fix the buttons for you. Remember not to do any repairs if you're not certain about it. This might result in worse issues.

Common Types of Key Fob Batteries

Key fob batteries are circular in shape. The common battery used in key fobs is called CR, or Chromium, which is also used to manufacture hard materials such as stainless steel and metal alloys.

It is then combined with lithium to be able to store and transmit 3-voltage electricity to power up components. See the common types of key fob batteries below:


closeup on Lithium batteries of various sizes arranged on white background

Mercedes GLC key fobs use the CR2032 battery, which is common in low-power consumption materials such as calculators, wristwatches, remotes, and key fobs. This battery does not drain power when not in use. Rather, it reserves electric charges until you use it.

The number is a unique code for manufacturers to avoid confusing it with other types. The CR2032 battery is 0.13 inches thick and is 0.75 inches wide. However, it's typically suitable for common key fobs.

See this CR2032 battery on Amazon.


Unlike the CR2032, the CR2450 battery is a bit thicker and can store more energy to power up devices for longer. It's 0.19 inches thick and 0.95 inches wide. It may be hard to fit into the insertion port depending on what device you'll use.

See this CR2450 battery on Amazon.


A CR2025 button cell lithium battery isolated

A CR2025 battery is commonly stacked up by its type to increase the power level. The CR2025 battery is 0.09 inches thick and 0.75 inches wide.

It's thin enough that you may need at least two of them to fit into the key fob. Another use of the CR2025 battery is to fill up the space when you've got the wrong, smaller battery size for a device.

See this CR2025 battery on Amazon.


CR2016 is the smallest of the four types we've mentioned above. It is 0.06 inches thick and 0.75 inches wide. It also has the lowest storage capacity and requires at least three pieces to fit in the key fob.

However, the key fob may not function properly due to the low electrical power this battery can transmit. But you can still use it as a temporary backup.

See this CR2016 battery on Amazon.

How to Dispose Of Used Batteries?

Used AA and proper disposal of toxic to the environment and soil batteries on a blue background

Proper disposal of used batteries is important to keep our environment safe. Follow these steps:

  1. Cover the battery with masking tape to restrict it from discharging energy.
  2. While waiting for the local waste collector, keep the batteries temporarily where dry soil is present but not on plant pots.
  3. When the waste collector arrives, put the batteries in a transparent container to easily distinguish them.

Upon collecting the used batteries, the local authorities will decide whether to recycle them or to make them into fertilizer.

How to Tell if Key Fob Battery is Low Before it Runs Out?

The best way to know if the battery has power is to test it. Press any button on the key fob and observe if the car follows the command instantly. If you need to press a button twice or many times before it activates, then it can be a sign that the battery is running out of power.

Also, you'll notice that the key fob becomes a bit lighter than usual. That's why it's recommended to have a backup battery even if you just replaced one.

What Can The Mercedes GLC Key Fob Do?

Luxury car keys on wood surface

The Mercedes GLC key fob has specific functions designed for your convenience. See below some of the significant things you can do with the key fob:

Roll Down Windows

You can roll down windows from a distance. It helps you pick up things by reaching through the window space instead of opening the door.

Lock and Unlock Doors

You can lock the doors for safety and unlock them when needed. Most cars need an actual key to be locked from the outside. With a key fob, you get to lock it even if you don't turn the keyhole.

Trigger the Alarm

If you think someone is peeping into your car, you may scare them by triggering the alarm. The car will then burst into a loud noise to keep robbers away from it.

How Long Does Key Fob Last?

Used 2011 Mercedes-Benz C Class 180 Kompressor Key and Original Silver Mercedes-Benz Key Chain

The key fob has a seven-year lifespan or longer. You have to keep the key fob out of children's reach to ensure it will not break.

However, its battery lasts for 1-2 years depending on the frequency of use. 

When and How to Reset Key Fob?

Man's hands to take the keys to start the engine car

Every time you replace the battery, you need to reset the key fob. Resetting gives you the assurance that the key fob will recall its functions after losing power. To reset the key fob of your Mercedes GLC, see these steps:

  1. Turn off all of the car's components.
  2. Insert the key into the ignition port near the steering wheel.
  3. Turn on the ignition and leave the key fob for at least 15 seconds.
  4. Remove the key fob. Go outside the car and stand a bit farther.
  5. Test all the functions.

How Far Should Key Fob Be From Car?

When using a key fob, you should be 15–65 feet away from the car. It's not recommended to go farther than 65 feet, as you may experience difficulty accessing your car's features.

Can You Have A Duplicate Key Fob?

You will probably have to justify it to the car manufacturer as to why you need another copy of the key fob. For instance, if the car you use is shared by other family members.

You can request a duplicate by following the manufacturer's guidelines. However, the car manufacturer might ask you further questions for security purposes.


Replace the battery in the key fob to continue enjoying the features of your car. Always test the key fob before driving, and refer to the user's manual.

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