How To Replace Your RV Keys [5 Easy Ways]

Losing your RV keys stops your travels in an instant. Get back on the road fast by replacing your RV keys with these 5 simple solutions. Fortunately, there are several easy and affordable ways to replace your lost or damaged RV keys.

In this article, we explore 5 straightforward methods to replace your RV keys. We will also outline the costs, speed, and ease of each key replacement option.

With insider tips on obtaining new RV keys through insurance, locksmiths, garages, breakdown services, and dealerships, you'll be prepared to handle any lost key situation.

Keep reading for 5 easy, tried-and-true solutions to replace your RV keys and quickly get back on the road.

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The 5 Ways to Replace RV Keys

Knowing how to get replacement RV keys is key to fixing a lockout situation quickly and easily.

Can You Get A Key Made Without The Original Key?

Yes, you can get an RV key made without the original. The best option is a qualified locksmith. Before contacting them, know your key type. This ensures no steps are overlooked.

You'll also need the RV's VIN and proof of ownership. With this, the locksmith can create a replacement key without the old one.

For the best results in making a new RV key without the old one, use a professional auto locksmith. Their expertise and tools efficiently replicate your key.

How Can You Know The Key Your RV Uses?

Figuring out your RV's key type - traditional, transponder, or fob - makes replacement faster and easier. Here are tips on identifying your key:

  • Look at the key head. Traditional keys have basic cuts, while transponders have a black resin head, and fobs are large wireless remotes.
  • Check your owner's manual or documents. They should note the key type needed.
  • Call the RV manufacturer and provide the VIN. They can verify the exact key.
  • Have a locksmith inspect the lock itself to determine the keyway and system.

Knowing your exact RV key type, along with choosing the quickest and most affordable replacement method, prevents any steps from being overlooked.

Where Do I Find My RV Key Code?

Finding your RV's key code can help you get new keys made faster. The key code is a unique number for your RV's locks. You need it to make a matching replacement key.

There are a few places to find your RV key code:

On the Key or Lock: The code may be engraved on your key. Or it could be on a sticker on the lock itself.

Inside the Lock: You can also find the code inside the lock. Remove the screws and carefully take the lock apart. Shine a flashlight inside to find the key code.

Owner's Manual or Door Sticker: Your owner's manual likely has the code. Also, check for a sticker on the door. It may have the lock code or part number. Keep the manual somewhere safe but easy to access.

Keypad by the Door: If your RV has a keypad entrance, the code may be noted on it. But if there's no keypad, this won't help.

On the Lock or Inside Cabinet: The code could be stamped on the lock. Or it may be on a sticker inside a cabinet. This is common for RV and camper doors and storage locks.

Having several places to find the code is good practice. You'll be more likely to find it quickly to get your replacement key made faster.


How To Replace Your RV Keys Quickly?

A common question among RV owners is, 'Can RV keys be replaced?' The answer is yes, and there are several methods to do so, which we'll explore below.

1. Hire an Auto Locksmith

  • Auto locksmiths have the tools and skills to make new keys or replace lost RV keys. They can also program electronic key fobs well.
  • Hiring a locksmith to replace RV keys costs about $129 on average. Prices are often between $85 and $175, depending on the key complexity.
  • Many locksmiths offer 24/7 emergency service. This is useful if you lose keys at night or on weekends.

2. Use a Vehicle Breakdown Service

  • Some breakdown services like AAA may help with lockouts for free with membership.
  • However, you may have to wait over an hour for help to arrive. Wait times vary based on their call volume.

3. Visit a Local Garage

  • Local garages can provide replacement camper keys at a reasonable cost, making it a viable option for many RV owners. Costs average between $50-$100. This is often cheaper than a dealership.
  • Most garages can replace keys for various makes and models. They have the key cutting and programming equipment.
  • One benefit of local garages is some offer on-demand help if you need new keys urgently.

4. Go to an RV Dealership

  • RV dealers can handle complex electronic fobs or chipped keys. Their expertise justifies the higher cost.
  • Expect to pay $200+ at a dealership for RV keys. This is often higher than other options. The exact cost varies by vehicle.
  • Dealers may need to order key blanks for your model. This can mean long 1+ week wait times. Verify time estimates if you need keys quickly.
  • Dealers can provide master keys and replace locks to match RV brands like Lippert or Fleetwood.

5.  File an Insurance Claim

  • You can file a claim to replace RV keys if your auto policy covers it.
  • Filing a key claim may raise your premiums at renewal. Too many claims can increase rates. Consider this potential cost.
  • Wait times for key claims vary by insurer. You may wait 1-2 weeks in some cases. This may not be the fastest if you need keys urgently.


Can Walmart Make Camper Keys?

People often ask if Walmart can make camper keys. At some locations, Walmart has key machines, usually in the hardware or camping department, to make camper keys.

However, the availability of specific key blanks needed might vary. The cost of key copying at Walmart varies widely, from $2 to $330, based on your vehicle's details and key type.

While Walmart is an option, professional locksmiths or dealerships often offer more specialized key replacements, especially for modern RV keys with transponder chips.

RV Key Security

In RV security, it is important to understand the different types of keys and their functions. Individual keys are for specific locks, while master keys provide broader access; each type serves a distinct purpose.

What Is an RV Master Key?

A master key opens all the doors and compartments in an RV, even though each door and compartment typically has its own key.

It's useful for RV servicing since only necessary areas can be unlocked. A master key works for doors, storage, and the gas cap but not the engine.

Does the Master Key Work for Storage Bays?

Yes, RV manufacturers offer Keyed-Alike systems compatible with storage bays, doors, and exterior locks.

These master keys have more complex cuts than traditional ones, providing better security—brands like Jayco, Forest River, and more offer this as a standard feature.

Are All RV Keys The Same?

This brings us to a common question: Are RV door keys universal? The answer is no; not all RV keys are the same, as door keys may vary from one RV to another.

In contrast, around 60% of RV storage compartment keys are the CH751 standard key. This means if you lose your keys, someone else with that common key could access belongings in your RV.

To enhance security, many RVers install tubular cam locks or get their locks rekeyed. You can also upgrade to keyless entry on compartments. This ensures only your unique key accesses your RV.

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Finding the Right RV Replacement Key

When replacing RV locks, check your current lock specifications so new keys and hardware are compatible.

Note that around 60% of compartments use the CH751 key. Seeking replacement motorhome keys from reputable sources ensures that you get the correct key type for your specific RV model.

Smart Keys and RFID Technology

Some newer model RVs use advanced smart key technology for enhanced security and convenience. These keys contain an RFID (radio frequency identification) chip inside.

The RFID chip transmits a unique code to the ignition when in close proximity. This allows the RV to detect the key and unlock or start without physically turning an ignition.

If you have a smart key, replacing it is often only possible through an authorized RV dealer. They have the specialized equipment to program new smart keys. Generic duplicates will not work.

Signs you may have a smart RV key:

  • There is no physical key blade - just a plastic fob with buttons.
  • Unlocks and starts the vehicle simply by having the key in a pocket or purse.
  • Has a logo for keyless start systems like VATS or PASS-Key.

Alternative Options

You have options to upgrade RV locks and keys:

  • Install keyless entry for keyless locking. This prevents unauthorized access.
  • Rekey existing locks to work with new, more secure keys.
  • Install entirely new locksets made for your RV model. This provides maximum protection.

Replacing locks and keys reduces the risks of using common keys. Choose what fits your RV's security needs.

Rekey RV Locks Yourself

With the right tools, you can rekey RV locks:

  1. Get the rekey kit for your lock brand.
  2. Remove the lock using a screwdriver.
  3. Remove the cylinder with a retainer ring tool.
  4. Remove old pins by turning the key 90 degrees.
  5. Gently remove pins with a plug follower.
  6. Insert new color-coded pins per the instructions.
  7. Test the new key for smooth operation.
  8. Reinstall the rekeyed lock securely.

Note: This process requires some mechanical skill and the ability to work with lock components.

Following these steps allows you to rekey without replacing the entire lock. For an easy upgrade, install new RV locksets or keyless entry.


Keyless Entry Options For RVs

Yes, RVs can have keyless entry with fobs or keypads. The RVLock V4 offers both in a sleek, weather-resistant exterior handle.

It comes with two fobs and an 8-key pad, with batteries included. You can be up and running in under 20 minutes.

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The RVLock V4 Keyless System also combines a fob and touch keypad handle. It allows countless code combinations for maximum security.

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The RVLock V4 Keyless Entry System has a remote fob for easy access. It also has an easy-open handle with a low-profile touch keypad that can take countless code combinations.


Don't Stress About Lost RV Keys

No matter how careful you try to be, accidents happen, so you shouldn’t beat yourself up over a lost or damaged key.

This guide has provided insights on how to replace lost RV keys, ensuring you're well-prepared for such unexpected scenarios.

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