How To Replace A Valve Stem [Without Breaking Bead]

You probably notice the leak on your valve stem and want to replace it. If you want to know how to replace your valve stem without breaking the bead, we've got the correct information for you. We have reserached, and here's what we learned.

These are the essential steps on how you can replace your valve stem without breaking the bead:

  1. Prepare the materials
  2. Remove the tire
  3. Deflate the air
  4. Remove the valve stem
  5. Assemble the valve
  6. Insert the rod into the insertion cone
  7. Place the insertion cone
  8. Attach the new valve stem
  9. Examine for leaks

We will discuss in this post if it is possible to replace your valve stem without taking the tire off the rim, the steps to replace your valve stem without breaking the bead, and when to change your valve stem. Continue reading to learn the necessary information about valve stems.

Can You Replace A Valve Stem Without Taking The Tire From Its Rim?

You do not need to remove your tire from its rim if you want to replace your valve stem. You only have to directly remove the valve stem from its place and replace it with a new one.

Tire Air Pressure Valve with cap on car wheel. Tire Air Pressure Valve is one of the wheel components.

A Guide To Replacing A Valve Stem Without Breaking The Bead

The wheel of the car contains a valve stem. If you notice a leak in your valve stem, you could choose to have it checked and replaced by a professional. 

Air pressure gauge on tire valve stem of car wheel. Vehicle safety, tire wear, fuel mileage and winter checkup concept.

However, you can easily replace it yourself with the right knowledge and help of the proper materials. No matter how skilled you are, driving a car with a slow valve stem leak can be risky. 

Below are the complete steps on how to replace your valve stem without breaking the bead:

1. Prepare the Materials

You need a valve stem extractor in the form of a metal hook, insertion cone, solid steel push rod, and handle to install your valve stem.

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You must also prepare the jack and lug wrench to remove your tire from your vehicle.

2. Remove the Tire

Close up male hand removing blue plastic car air valve cap before tire inflation, How To Replace A Valve Stem [Without Breaking Bead]

Always turn off your vehicle and park it on a flat surface. You can also opt to place wheel chocks on the tires so that they will indeed remain on the ground.

Take your jack, and place it under your vehicle near the wheel you will remove. You may slowly jack up your car for easier removal of your tire.

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Use your lug wrench to loosen the lug nuts. Place your tire on a flat surface after you remove it from your vehicle.

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3. Deflate the Air

Close up male hand removing blue plastic car air valve cap before tire inflation

Make sure to deflate your tire before removing the valve stem to let all the tire's air out. Remove the cap from the valve stem by rotating it counterclockwise. Ensure that you place the cap safely because you will need it back after the process.

Using a Phillips screwdriver, press its end on the thin metal pin of the valve stem to deflate the air. Any air present in your tire during the replacement process of your valve stem can damage its body.

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4. Remove the Valve Stem

Use the metal hook to remove the valve stem. Slightly push the valve stem to the side. Insert your metal hook down into the rim beside the valve stem.

Make a quarter turn so its hook will firmly grab the bottom of your valve stem. You can now pull the valve stem out of its place.

5. Assemble the Valve

Attach your new valve stem to the one end of your push rod where there is the thread. Fasten the valve stem firmly by rotating it in a clockwise turn. Fastening it together will give you the leverage to pull it later on.

Attach your handle by pressing it firmly on the other end of your push rod.

6. Insert the Rod into the Insertion Cone

Before you insert your rod into the insertion cone, lubricate the end part of your valve stem using a silicone lubricant paste.

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You can also lubricate the inside of your insertion cone using a spray lubricant for easier installation of the valve stem later on.

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7. Place the Insertion Cone

Make sure the hole is clean before performing the installation. You can use a cloth and wipe the surface and the area around the hole to remove any dust and debris present. 

You may also apply a lacquer thinner on your cloth and wipe it on the underside of the hole to clean the area and produce a smooth and glossy finish.

Take the insertion cone with the push rod inside and place them parallel to the hole.

8. Attach the New Valve Stem

Push the rod straight to the hole. You will hear a pop when it goes into place.

Pull the rod after to let your valve stem sit in its position. You may now slowly unfasten the rod from the valve stem. Wiggle your valve stem to make sure it is firmly attached and seated.

After installing your new valve stem, pump air into the tire. Place the cap of your valve stem back immediately after applying air thoroughly to your tire so that it will not escape and prevent dirt and debris from entering the valve.

9. Examine for Leaks

It is best to inspect the tire for leaks before mounting it back onto the car. Apply a soapy solution all over the valve stem. There must be no air bubbles escaping during the application.

When To Change Your Valve Stem

As valve stems age, they may become brittle and produce cracks. These issues cause leaking, which makes it challenging to maintain the correct pressure inside the tire. You, your passengers, and your vehicle can get damaged if you have a leaky tire because it will lose its ability to hold air.

It is time for you to change your valve stem if there is the presence of a leak in your tire. Look first for a nail or any sharp objects stuck in your tire, which may cause the leaking. If none, then it can be your valve stem.

You can also check leaks by rubbing the uncapped valve stem with soapy water. You can tell there is a leak in your valve stem if there are tiny bubbles near the stem's base.

Leaks might be slow or fast, depending on how terrible the problem is. Even if the leak is gradual, it will require frequent tire inflation and air pressure checks. 

You need to replace your valve stem immediately if the leak is severe enough for your tire to hold air. You can take it to a tire shop or replace the valve stem.

If you're changing your tires, it's also a good idea to change the valve stems.

How Much Does Valve Stem Cost?

hands of the mechanic Release the air from the motorcycle tire and remove the valve-stem needle by unscrewing it from the stem. motorcycle service and maintenance and repair concept . selective focus.

It will cost you less if you replace the valve stem yourself since you no longer need to pay for labor. Moreover, it is also quick and easy to replace a valve stem.

Valve stems will typically cost you around $10. You will have additional expenses if you take it to a tire shop because of the services and labor they will provide for you. The cost to have your valve stem replaced by a repair shop can reach up to $30.

How Long Will It Take To Replace A Valve Stem?

Removing and installing valve stems can quickly be done even if you are no mechanic. With the right amount of knowledge and following the instructions, you can replace the valve stem in around 10 minutes.

In Closing

The condition of your tire will affect how smoothly your automobile rides. You must take notice of a leaking tire. You will be in grave danger if the valve stem loses air pressure. 

It is essential to learn how to replace your valve stem so that you can immediately replace it in case of an emergency. This is crucial for your safety on the road. Also, get new valve stems whenever you replace your tires.

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