How To Reset ABS Light On Chevy Tahoe?

Did the ABS light on your Chevy Tahoe suddenly light up while you’re driving? Now, do you want to know how to reset it? You’ve come to the right place, for we have researched this question, and we have the answer for you.

If the ABS light suddenly came on while your Chevrolet Tahoe was parked, drive it around at more than 15 mph to reset the ABS light.

However, if the quick fix above doesn’t work, there is another ABS reset solution that you can try—and we have the complete steps for you in the sections below. You can even learn about the problems that can trigger the ABS light to turn on in the succeeding sections.

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Used Chevy Tahoe on display. With current supply issues, Chevrolet is relying on Certified pre-owned car sales while waiting for parts - How To Reset ABS Light On Chevy Tahoe

How to quickly reset the ABS light of your Chevrolet Tahoe?

  1. Turn on your Chevrolet Tahoe without starting the engine.
  2. Wait until the lights on the instrument panel have stabilized.
  3. Press your gas pedal quickly three times.
  4. Wait for a few seconds. There are instances when the ABS light will turn off after you press on your gas pedal quickly three times.
  5. If the ABS light is still on, turn on your engine, and the ABS light should turn off. Turning on the engine after these series of steps forces the ABS system to dump its ABS data, recalibrate, regather the data, and then verify that all parts related to the ABS system are working properly and are in the correct configurations.
    • In some Chevrolet Tahoe models, the ABS light will not automatically turn off after this reset method, but it will as soon as you start driving your Tahoe at 10 to 15 mph.

What causes the ABS light to turn on?

A photo of a silver Chevrolet Tahoe sport utility vehicle. The Tahoe is a very popular SUV in the United States.

There are several reasons why the ABS light would turn on. If your Chevrolet Tahoe has one of these problems, then your ABS light would light up once more after you reset it. The ABS light turning back on simply means that the system has detected the same problem once more and is alerting you through the ABS light.

If the ABS light is still on after fixing the cause of the problem below, then you need to reset the ABS light.

Here are the most common problems that could trigger the ABS light on your Chevrolet Tahoe:

Faulty Wheel Speed Sensor

Safety First

The troubleshooting in the succeeding section involves working on the electrical systems of your Chevrolet Tahoe. Thus, it is a good safety precaution to disconnect the battery of your car.

Wear rubber gloves and disconnect the black battery cable from the battery leads.

Position or secure the disconnected cable where it will not slide back to the battery lead and make an accidental electrical connection while you’re working on your Chevrolet Tahoe.

Checking The Wires

Motor car Chevrolet Tahoe is parked in the city street

Behind the wheel hub where the brake rotor is connected is the speed sensor plate that connects to a magnetic ring. This ring often goes around the axle behind the wheel.

The spinning of your wheel rotates a toothed ring that interrupts the magnetic field. Counting the interruptions within a specific amount of time is how the system determines the speed of your Chevrolet Tahoe.

There are four wheel speed sensors—one on each wheel. If one of the speed sensors fails to report a speed that is similar to the reports of the other three speed sensors, then your Chevrolet Tahoe will turn on the ABS light.

Some car computers will automatically suspend the ABS function until you fix the problem with the faulty speed sensor. In this situation, even the traction system might get disabled.

Trace the wiring and check for any crack or damage to the wires. Do this for all four sensors.

Additionally, there is a plastic connector behind the wheel well lining near the engine bay. Water can make its way into the plastic connector especially if you have been driving over deep water puddles or if the connector freezes during cold months. This can cause the wheel speed sensor to malfunction or even short the wiring.

Check this connector for damage or for the presence of moisture. Bring your Tahoe to a professional mechanic to check the wiring and the connectors if you see problems with the wires.

Malfunction In The ABS Module

Used Chevy Tahoe on display. With current supply issues, Chevrolet is relying on Certified pre-owned car sales while waiting for parts.

The ABS module or the ABS control module is a computer chip inside your Chevrolet Tahoe. It is responsible for running diagnostic checks on the anti-lock braking system. It is also responsible for controlling the ABS modulator.

The traction control system is responsible for keeping all four wheels of your Chevrolet Tahoe rolling smoothly on the ground. Once the traction control system senses that one of the wheels is spinning at a different pace than the other wheels, it will cut off power from the engine to that wheel until the problematic wheel achieves stable traction once more.

The ABS module and the traction control system share common components. This sharing of resources can sometimes cause these two systems to interfere with each other.

An ABS light turning on could be an indication of a problem with the traction control system. In this situation, it is best to bring your Chevrolet Tahoe to a mechanic to diagnose the problem and determine the best solution.

Low Fluid Level

The brake system of your Chevrolet Tahoe is hydraulic. Thus, it relies on the energy generated by a cylinder pressing against a fluid surface. This energy causes your brake calipers to grip your brake rotors and stop your car.

This means that your brake system needs a specific level of hydraulic fluid to work properly. If the level of the hydraulic fluid in your brake system goes below normal, then the brakes on your car will not be able to work correctly.

The computer in your car can normally detect the level of the hydraulic fluids inside your car. If the ABS light turns on, then the computer in your car detects a low hydraulic fluid level.

Check the brake fluid level of your car to eliminate the possibility of a low fluid level causing the ABS light to turn on. Check your user manual to find out the type of brake fluid that your Tahoe uses. Never use brake fluid that is not recommended by Chevrolet.

Add more brake fluid until you reach the maximum level marker on the reservoir. Keep in mind that it is also not a good idea to overfill the brake fluid reservoir.

Prestone AS400 DOT 3 synthetic brake fluid is available on Amazon. Check it out through this link

ABS System Is Not Active

Some Chevrolet Tahoe models allow you to turn off the ABS system. If you accidentally turn off the ABS system, the computer in your Chevrolet Tahoe will turn on the ABS light to remind you that the ABS system is turned off and that this safety feature will not activate if a situation needs it.

Read your user manual and look for instructions on how to enable or disable the ABS system. If the ABS system is off, turn it back on to get rid of the ABS light on your instrument panel.

Can a low battery cause ABS light to come on?

Beautiful all-new 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe displayed at McCormick Place at the annual Chicago Auto Show

The ABS light can turn on due to a weak car battery. Similarly, a brake light that is no longer working can also trigger the ABS light to turn on.

The ABS system requires electrical energy to function properly. A weak car battery can make your brakes feel hard or spongy.

Thus, the ABS light will turn on to notify you of this issue.

Replace your battery and have the alternator belt checked to resolve this issue.

Can a blown fuse cause ABS light to come on?

A blown fuse that provides connectivity to one of the components of your ABS will trigger the ABS light to turn on. Replacing the blown fuse and then resetting the ABS light using the steps above should take care of the problem.

However, getting a couple of blown fuses in a short period could mean that there is a short in your electrical system. Bring your Chevrolet Tahoe to a professional mechanic to check your Tahoe for problems in the circuitry.

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Will disconnecting the battery reset the ABS light?

Beautiful all-new red 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe displayed at McCormick Place at the annual Chicago Auto Show

Yes, disconnecting the battery long enough will reset the ABS light. You will need to ensure that any electrical energy stored inside the Tahoe is drained before reconnecting the battery so that the ABS light will be reset.

Why is my ABS light on after changing the tire?

Installing a new tire the wrong way can damage the wheel speed sensor that we talked about in an earlier section. Damage to the wheel speed sensor or the wires that run from it will trigger the ABS light.

Additionally, the TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) can also be damaged when you change your tires the wrong way. The TPMS is responsible for monitoring the tire pressure of all four tires, and it will turn on the Low Tire Pressure light if one of your tires has below normal tire pressure.

A bad TPMS sensor can cause the ABS light to turn on.


Resetting the ABS light will be a temporary fix unless you also fix the underlying problem.

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