How To Reset An RV Air Conditioner?

RV air conditioners may encounter some issues throughout their serviceable lives. Some problems may include the unit not turning on, or it's not providing cold air. Resetting the air conditioner may help restore its functionality. But how do you reset the appliance? We researched for you, and here’s the answer that we found.

The exact steps to reset an RV air conditioner often depend on the specific model. Check the owner's manual to know the correct troubleshooting and repair methods. Certain RV AC models might require these steps for resetting the unit:

1. Remove the breaker and check the power supply using a voltmeter. 2. If the handheld tool can detect power, reinsert the breaker.

Take note that resetting an RV air conditioner might only be a temporary solution. It’s best to proceed with other troubleshooting techniques to prevent your vehicle’s cooling unit from breaking down again. Keep reading as we talk about these troubleshooting steps. We’ll also discuss the steps to reset some specific RV AC models.

A worker installing an air conditioning unit inside an RV, How To Reset An RV Air Conditioner?

When Should I Reset My AC Unit?

RV owners should reset their vehicles’ AC units if signs of malfunctions and breakdowns appear frequently. Take note of the following indicators to know the appropriate time to reset the appliance.

A large air conditioning unit of an RV

Unknown Noises

Your RV AC might start up with loud bangs, or it may operate with a racket. If so, the appliance’s fan, motor, or shock absorbers might be experiencing malfunctions.

Warm Air

Failure to deliver cold air is a sign of a faulty motor in an RV AC. One of the possible causes for this issue is the motor is having difficulty receiving sufficient power from the mains.

Persistent Operations

A faulty AC unit in an RV might continue to operate even when you turn off the appliance manually. The problem may lie with the connected thermostat. If so, resetting the indoor climate control may help solve this issue.

Additionally, watch the video below for additional tips on troubleshooting an RV AC:

How Often Should I Service My RV Air Conditioner?

Have your RV air conditioner serviced at least once every year. Certified professionals should handle the extensive maintenance procedures if you’re not confident in doing the task. Make sure that the RV AC upkeep includes services like:

  • Inner coil inspection and cleaning
  • Drain cleaning
  • Gasket and filter replacement
  • Amp-draw testing

Ponder upon inspecting your RV's AC before having it checked by professionals to save money from the service. For instance, troubleshoot the cooling system if its fan isn't working. You can also read our post on what to do if your RV AC's fan isn't working for more information. 

How Do You Reset An RV Air Conditioner?

A worker installing an air conditioning unit inside the RV

Rebooting an RV indoor cooling system generally has different steps based on the specific model. But the process typically requires checking the rig’s electrical compartment and the breaker connected to the AC.

Once you find the vehicle's box, remove the switch and use a voltmeter if the circuit makes a proper connection. If it does, reinsert the breaker to reset the system.

However, if the voltmeter fails to give a proper reading, the wires connecting the switch to the AC unit are either broken or damaged.

Wiring A Camper Electrical Distribution Panel

Ensuring that the connection from an RV’s distribution panel to the AC should provide sufficient power to the cooling unit. Bear in mind that some rigs don’t have a distribution panel case, which means that you may need to buy one or create this system using DIY techniques.

Once you have the container, make sure to turn off or disconnect the power from your RV. After completing the preparations, proceed with the next step:

  1. Turn the distribution panel around and remove the plastic knockouts by punching them with a flathead screwdriver.
  2. Connect and secure the wires connecting your RV battery to the DC section of the distribution panel.
  3. Attach and secure the positive wires attached to appliances to the lugs on the panel’s DC region.
  4. Remove the DC panel to reveal the negative bus bar. Then, attach the negative wires from the appliances to this negative section. Reattach the DC panel afterward.
  5. Bring the three conductor wires from the inverter’s AC out through the knockout made from the first step.
  6. Connect the green wire to the ground bus bar, and the white one goes to the neutral bus bar.
  7. Install the breaker to the distribution box. The switch installation may differ based on its design. Nonetheless, make sure that the breaker is secure to prevent frequent tripping.
  8. Install the DC fuses and label them to avoid confusion.
  9. Turn on the power in the RV and test the connection to connected appliances like the vehicle’s AC unit.

You can also watch the video below to find more details about the steps mentioned above:

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How Do You Reset A Coleman RV Air Conditioner?

Restoring a Coleman RV air conditioner may need you to work with the vehicle’s circuit breaker box and the connected thermostat. This process may entail the following steps:

  1. Turn off the thermostat.
  2. Remove the AC’s switch from the circuit breaker box for about 5 minutes.
  3. Reinstall the switch but wait another 5 minutes until you turn on the AC.
  4. Turn on the vehicle’s cooling system to check for recurring issues.

How Do You Reset A Dometic RV Air Conditioner?

Resetting a Dometic RV air conditioner may not require tinkering with the vehicle’s fuse box. You can complete the operation by using commands found on the air-conditioning unit.

First, ensure that the connected thermostat is off. After that, proceed to the next step:

  1. Hold the plus (+) icon on the unit.
  2. Maintain pressure on the '+' button while holding the 'On/Off Mode' button.
  3. Keep pressing the buttons for three seconds until the LCD shows a '- -' symbol.
  4. Turn off the air conditioner by pressing the 'On/Off Mode' button again.

Completing the steps above should reset the Dometic RV AC. Consult the manufacturer or your owner’s manual if some problems continue to persist. If the issues are more concerning than expected, you may need to replace the unit with a new model.

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How To Maintain A Dometic RV Air Conditioner?

Caring for a Dometic RV AC unit can help extend its life. The following are some ways to help you achieve that objective:

Secure the Filter

Remove the cover on the AC unit, which should reveal the filter. Dometic would usually only secure the cooling system’s filter with one rubber band. Add three more rubber bands to ensure the filter stays in place.

Secure the Connections

One particular fixing to keep in mind is a white wire with a blue fitting on one end and a black fitting on the other end. Ensure that this particular connection is secure to the fins of the AC. If the wire is secure, it’ll help you verify if the cooling system is icing up or not.

Don’t Run the AC on Low

Running an RV AC on its low setting puts the unit at risk of icing up. Instead, run the cooling system on either its 'Auto' or 'High' modes.

Watch the video below to learn more details about how to maintain a Dometic RV AC:

How Much Does It Cost To Service An RV Air Conditioner?

A worker installing an air conditioning unit inside an RV

The costs of having an RV air conditioner serviced can range between $600 and $3,500. The overhead may depend on the services used and the parts repaired or replaced. Some of the relatively common problems that certified repair technicians might fix are:

  • Leaks
  • No cold air
  • Noisy operations
  • Turns on and off frequently

On the other hand, replacing an RV AC unit may cost about $700 to $1,400. Moreover, labor costs can range from $1,000 to $2,000, particularly for the installation of the new model. Find out more about the expenses of RV AC installations by reading our post on that topic.

How Long Does An RV Air Conditioner Last?

Some rig owners say that certain RV air conditioner models last about six to eight years. Certain models, particularly some low-range options, may only last about three years before you need to replace them. However, some AC units may last over 20 years, particularly with regular maintenance and repairs.

Final Words

A worker installing an air conditioning unit inside an RV

You may reset an RV air conditioner by removing the switch from the vehicle’s fuse box. Then, reinstall the circuit after a few minutes to reset the cooling unit. But take note that some RV AC models may not require you to tinker with the circuit breaker box to reset the appliance.

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