How To Reset Honda Sensing

The Honda Sensing is a revolutionary system designed to keep you safe on the road. It includes several sensors that point out potential problems or dangers so that you can avoid them. If your Honda’s sensing system stops working, your safety and that of your passengers and other road users can be jeopardized. So, what do you do when you are in this type of situation? Honda experts gave us the following information.

When the sensing system in your Honda malfunctions; try resetting the sensor before taking it to your auto-mechanic. The recommended process is as follows:

Press and hold the main sensing system button to disable all the sensor features. Press it again to restore all the features.

But, if you only want to reset certain features of the sensing system, press the particular button until the sign appears on the instrumental panel. Then, press and hold the same button once more to reset it.

Can you reset individual sensor features? Keep reading to learn more about this, as we also explain how to reset the sensing system as a whole. In addition, learn why your sensing system has failed, and how much it costs to repair it.

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How Do You Reset The Honda Sensing?

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If your sensing system is malfunctioning, it could be due to various reasons, which we shall tackle later in this post. However, before panicking and calling your mechanic, try resetting the system by pressing and holding for a few seconds.

The whole sensing system will shut down. Wait, for a few seconds, then press and hold it to turn it back on.

If it is only one particular sensor failing, you can reset it on its own.

The following are some sensing functions of your Honda, how they work, and how to reset them:

Collision Mitigation Braking System

The collision mitigation brake system (CMBS) assists you to avoid colliding with another car. It does this by automatically applying brakes to stop your car. 

When you are about to hit another car, the brake lights turn on and let out a constant beeping sound. 

However, the warnings will not come on if you swerve off on time, and the difference in speed between your car and the other one is less than 10 mph.  

How To Reset The CMBS

A 2020 Honda Civic sedan at a dealership

Press the CMBS off switch for about one second, which will produce a beeping sound. A CMBS OFF message will appear.

Turn back on the system by pressing the switch for one second, and the CMBS light will come on. 

When the CHECK CMBS SYSTEM message appears on the display, it is a sign there is a problem with the CMBS system. Has your system been checked by your dealer?  

Road Departure Mitigation System 

This system helps you to drive within the lane markings. If you get too close to the markings, or you are almost leaving the road altogether, the system will vibrate your steering wheel. 

Lane Departure message will appear on the dashboard. And, if it senses that you have not steered back properly into your lane, the system will automatically apply brakes.

To reset the system; press the support safety switch. Roll the selector wheel until the RDM symbol comes on and push it.

The check mark symbol next to the RDM mark will change from green to gray, indicating the system is off. Use the same procedure to turn it back on.

Below is a video that shows how you can customize the RDM system and how to reset it:

The Adaptive Cruise Control

Your Honda’s Adaptive Cruise Control is designed to help you maintain a safe distance from the car in front of you, especially in heavy traffic. It makes use of a radar unit placed on the front bumper and a windshield-mounted camera that detects how far away the car in front of you is.

Your Honda will then set up a suitable throttle position to maintain the predetermined distance between your vehicle and the car in front of you, as well as apply brakes if you happen to get too close.

To reset the ACC system of your car, press and hold down the button for one second. It is symbolized by a vehicle with three or four bars behind it.

The Cruise Mode Selected message will appear on your dashboard. Press and hold the interval button once more to reset the ACC feature.

Below is a video that shows you how the ACC system works:

The Blind Spot Information

The Blind Spot Information system (BSI) of your Honda detects the areas difficult to see as you drive. When your car detects another one in a spot difficult to see, a red or yellow indicator lights up in your side mirrors, or on the window frame.

It also has a warning sound. This system helps you prevent crashing in blind spot areas. This system is helpful when you are passing another car, your car is being passed, or you are preparing to change lanes.

This sensor is located on your rear bumper. To reset it, check if it is covered in dirt, mud, or debris. If it is dirty, clean it. Next, turn off your engine and wait for a few seconds. Turn it back on. Your blind spot system will reboot and reset. If this does not work, take it to your mechanic.

You could also reset it by pressing the safety support switch. Afterward, rotate the selector wheel until the BSI symbols are turned on.

Press it, and a check system will turn from green to gray. To switch it back on, follow the same procedure that you used to turn it off.

Below is a video that shows how the BSI system works and how to reset it:

Some Of The Common Causes Of Your Honda Sensing Not Working 

Your sensors can refuse to work due to several reasons, some of which include:

Sensing System Is Off

This is the first thing you should check before you go deeper into what could be making your sensors not work. If it is off, turn it back on. 

Unclean And Obstructed Sensors

Mud, snow, and other debris can cause your sensors to be dirty, thus obstructing them. You can still drive your car, but you will not benefit from these added features in the car. 

You can clean the camera on your windshield by running the wipers or scraping ice off using an ice scraper. Don't forget to clean the area around your radar. Find the location of your car, which is dependent on your model. 

For example, if you have a Honda Accord, you will find the radar in the middle of the lower bumper. If you drive a Honda HR-V, locate it at the front fascia on the passenger side. 

Bad Weather

The sensors may be affected by fog, snow, or rain as you drive. The sensing features may not work. For example, your car may not detect the car ahead when it’s foggy. 

Condition Of The Road

Some road conditions can interfere with the proper collection of data. For example, the sensors may not be able to detect a lane as you drive on a winding road.  


These sensors work at certain speeds. For example, as seen earlier, the collision mitigation brake system will not come on if you are driving less than 10 mph.

Another example is that for the Road Departure system to work, you should drive at a speed between 45 mph and 90mph

 Honda HR-V e:HEV on a street.

Cost Of Repairing The Sensing System Of Your Honda

Any part of your sensing system can fail. Due to the technology used, and the materials used to put it together, it might be better to replace a malfunctioned sensor. 

To begin with, if your Honda does not have a sensing system, you can upgrade at a cost of $1,000Unlike the older models, most of the newer models have embraced Sensing Technology for added safety.

Replacing a radar sensor in your rear bumper, like that used for blind-spot monitoring, will cost you between $850 and $2,050. Your front radar sensor behind the grille will cost between $900 and $1,300.

In Closing

The sensing system may appear complicated, but it is a network of sensors that ensures your car is working optimally while keeping you safe on the road. This system can fail due to several reasons, some due to natural causes such as rain, snow, or fog. Other reasons include your car being dirty or being obstructed by debris.

You can troubleshoot by resetting it, but if the system still fails, take it to your auto-mechanic.

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  1. The sensing system on my 2016 Honda is total crap. The CMBS has never worked properly even before it threw up the error message. Never used the cruise control because the warning light has been on forever. Same with the road departure. Honda’s safety sensors are nothing but a constantly malfunctioning, expensive mess. I’ll never get another Honda because of these so called advances in technology.

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