How To Reset Oil Life On Mercedes Metris

If you change the oil in your vehicle, you will need to know how to reset the oil life. Resetting this to zero gets rid of unwanted maintenance warning lights and signals, as well as lets you accurately keep track of the mileage until your next scheduled change.

Should you be wondering how this is done, we can help you. We researched the Mercedes Metris from multiple professional sources, so you'll know how it's done.

To reset the oil life in the Mercedes Metris, you will need to follow a few simple steps. Once you are seated behind the wheel, do the following:

  1. Turn the key to the first position.
  2. Press the phone key on the steering wheel down and hold it while you press the "OK" button opposite it.
  3. A new menu will appear on your dash. Select "Assist Plus."
  4. Select "Full Service."
  5. Select "Confirm."
  6. You will be asked if you used the recommended grade of oil for the Metris. Select "Yes" and then confirm.
  7. Turn the key to the off position. When you restart your Metris, your oil life will be reset!

Now that you know the steps for resetting the oil life on a Mercedes Metris, we'll look at why you need to do so. You might also want to know how often the oil should be changed in this vehicle or what type of oil you should use.

For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what our research has uncovered.

Why you should always reset the oil life on a Mercedes Metris

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When your oil is changed at the dealership, they will reset your oil life. But sometimes they forget. After all, no one is perfect. 

Or maybe you changed the oil on your own and need to figure out how to reset the oil life. No matter why you need to reset it, doing so is pretty important.

Let's look at the two most important reasons you should reset your oil life if you haven't already.

Keeping track of your oil life is critical for knowing when it needs to be changed again.

The oil is the lifeblood of any engine. But it needs to be changed regularly if it continues to do its job. The oil life tracker on your Mercedes Metris gives you an automatic way to keep track of how many miles you've driven it since the last time it was reset.

Assuming your oil life is reset after every oil change, you will know exactly how much longer you have before this critical piece of maintenance needs to be performed again.

Sure, you can always keep a mileage log. And the dealership puts a decal on your windshield to remind you when it's due again. But logs can be lost [or forgotten], and decals can easily fall off and be lost.

The oil life tracker for your Metris is a great tool. Be sure to use it!

Restarting your oil life will get rid of the annoying warning messages

Failure to restart the oil life in a Metris will only cause annoying warning indicators to populate on your dash every time you start the engine. These reminders will not go away unless it is reset. 

Though you've changed the oil in the engine, the onboard computer does not have any way of receiving this information. Therefore, unless you manually reset the oil life, your van's brain will think that you've skimped on this necessary piece of routine maintenance. 

Follow the steps we outlined earlier in this post to quickly and easily get this warning message out of your life until your oil is due to be changed again!

How often should you change the oil in a Mercedes?

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The oil that courses through your engine serves important purposes. This vital fluid lubricates the many moving parts, so they do not grind together and wear out.

The oil also carries away gunk and debris so that these parts can effectively function. Additionally, the motor oil will act as a cooling agent, keeping this mean machine operating under its maximum temperature.

You are likely aware that the oil will need to be changed periodically in this vehicle. But when you should have it done will depend on what type of oil you are using.

Though some consumers will still use conventional motor oil, many are now switching to synthetic oil. The one you use will determine the rate at which the oil should be changed.

Conventional motor oil needs to be changed more often

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If you have an older model Mercedes, you might still use conventional motor oil. This oil should be changed out every 3,000 miles. Failure to do so will significantly increase this fluid's viscosity, reducing the rate it flows through your engine. 

If the oil is too thick or too dirty, it will not be able to remove contaminants. The oil will also be unable to cool the engine and its moving parts.

Conventional oil is less expensive, but it is dirtier and harmful to the environment. And though it costs less, you'll need to change it more often than its synthetic counterpart.

Synthetic motor oil carries more benefits than less frequency of changes

Any Mercedes built after 2010 needs to use synthetic motor oil. If you are driving a Metris, you will have used this oil variety all along, as this model was not introduced until 2015.

Synthetic oil should only be changed after 10,000 engine miles. If you are driving an older model Mercedes or one with higher mileage, consult with your dealership about increasing the frequency of changes. They may have you change the oil out every 7,500 miles.

Synthetic oil costs more, but since it needs to be changed less, it will cost less overall. It's also a time saver, as it means fewer trips to the dealership.

This oil will not evaporate, as there is no trace of water in it. This variety is much cleaner for the environment and does a better job of removing contaminants from your engine.

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How long will a Mercedes Metris last?

Several factors can determine the road miles you can expect out of any vehicle. Generally, you can expect a Mercedes Metris to last you between 150,000 and 200,000 miles. If you drive this vehicle 15,000 miles yearly, you'll see it on the road for 13 years or more.

It takes more than just regular oil changes to keep your Metris on the road.

Of course, it will take some effort to get to this milestone. Regularly scheduled oil changes are a great start, but there is so much more to it than just this one item.

Following your factory-recommended maintenance schedule is vital to ensuring a long life for your vehicle. 

The various filter changes and inspections outlined in your service manual all do their part in keeping your Metris maintained and road ready. Whether you perform these tasks yourself or have them completed by the dealership, they are all critical.

Keep it clean and drive it mindfully!

Getting your Metris serviced will get you a long way in extending its life. But you should also work to keep the vehicle clean inside and out, as contaminants can cause the corrosion or wear of vital parts.

Driving carefully and with purpose will also lend a hand in getting the most out of your Metris.

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Final thoughts

The oil life indicator for the Mercedes Metris serves as a handy reminder of when you should get the oil changed out of its engine. But this helpful tool will only be useful if you have it reset after the oil has been changed.

If you use the proper oil and have it changed at factory-recommended intervals, you will keep this vehicle on the road for many years to come. Drive safe!

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