How To Reset Park Assist On A GMC Yukon

Parking in a narrow space is easier these days since your GMC Yukon is installed with Park Assist. However, it can throw you into disarray if it stops working. What is the first thing you should do when this happens? The GMC car experts had the following advice.

Before taking your car to the mechanic when the park assist fails, you can try to reset it by doing one or more of the following:

  • Clean the sensors on your rear bumper
  • Turning ON and OFF your Park Assist Button 
  • Turn the ignition ON and OFF
  • Disable the rear park aid button and enable it again
  • Press the odometer stem
  • Visit your professional mechanic

What do you do when your park assist suddenly stops working? Keep reading to learn different methods of resetting, how to employ them, and what causes them to malfunction. We shall explain how the Park Assist system works and the cost of repairing it.  

cockpit of vehicle and parking assistant system, How To Reset Park Assist On A Gmc Yukon

How Do You Reset The Park Assist In Your GMC Yukon?

When your Park Assist malfunctions, it will display a message indicating it has a problem. The SERVICE PARK ASSIST message or a similar one such as PARK ASSIST BLOCKED will appear. 

The first thing you should try is resetting it. Try one, more, or all of the following methods until it works again:

GMC Yukon Denali, American Full-Size SUV

Clean The Sensors On Your Rear Bumper

With time your parking sensors will get dirty. Dust and grime can get lodged within the sensor, making it difficult to detect objects. 

Mix water and car shampoo in a bucket. Dunk a clean soft cloth, clean the sensors, and rinse well. Don’t use any abrasives as you might damage the sensors.

If this does not turn back on the Park Assist function, try the next method. 

Turning ON And OFF Your Park Assist Button

Check your GMC Yukon manual for instructions on how to reset your Park Assist.

If your car is ON, turn it to OFF mode and back to ON mode. Press the Park Assist button for about 10 seconds and wait for 5 to 10 seconds.

You will hear a beeping sound, and your parking system should work again.

Turn The Ignition ON And OFF

Putting the key into keyhole for ignition the engine and start the car with key

If your vehicle is ON, turn it OFF. Turn the ignition ON without starting your car. Press the parking button ten times, and then turn the ignition OFF.

Press and hold the parking button for 10 seconds, and then turn the ignition ON. The SERVICE ASSIST or a message indicating that your Park Assist is blocked should go OFF.

Afterward, your parking sensor symbol should appear, and your parking system should be fully restored.

The video below demonstrates how to reset using this method: 

Disable The Rear Park Aid Button And Enable It Again

The rear park aid is a feature that assists you when you are parking in reverse. It gives out a low-pitch sound when you are about to hit an object.

Depending on your GMC Yukon model, this feature is either in your vehicle setting menu or the Rear Park Assist system control. To reset it, turn it OFF to disable it, and then turn it ON to enable it. 

The Rear Park Assist is not designed to detect people, animals, cyclists, or objects below the bumper.

Remember to always check the back of the vehicle, and adjacent areas when reversing. Also, ensure the rear sensors like the ones shown below are clean.

Have a look at these rear sensors on Amazon.

Press The Odometer Stem

You could also try pressing the odometer stem. The message showing that you need to service your Park Assist should clear, meaning you have managed to reset it. 

Visit Your Professional Mechanic

If all the above fail, take it to your mechanic, that will inspect your car to find out where the problem is.

Reasons  Your Park Assist Is Not Working

Blocked Parking Sensor

Park Assist uses ultrasonic sensors, which, if blocked, will not detect objects. It can get blocked by things, such as ice, snow, or leaves. It could lead to your system not working or giving false readings. 

Dirty Sensors

Dirt and debris can build up on your sensors, causing them not to function. As mentioned earlier, the solution is to clean them regularly using car shampoo. 

Active Park Assist When Engine Is On Rest

Turning off your engine while Park Assist is still active can cause it to stop working. That is why you should completely turn off the system before turning off the engine.

Car Battery Is Low

 If the car’s battery is low, your park assist may not work. So, it is good to check the battery. Jump-start if it is low. If this does not work, replace the battery. 

Not On Parking Or Neutral Mode

Automatic Car engine shift

The Park Assist system may fail if you have not put your car on Parking or Neutral mode. Before you park, always check what mode you are in and adjust accordingly. 

Wrong Steering Fluid

You use your steering when parking. If it has the wrong fluid, your Park Assist may fail to function. The solution is to use the correct fluid.

Check out this steering fluid on Amazon.

Apparently, the density of this fluid needs to be compatible with your car. As you park, your sensors may give you the wrong distance reading between your car and other objects. 

In addition, frequently check the level of the fluid. Add more when the level is low. 

Blown Electric Fuse

A blown-up fuse will interfere with the proper working of your Park Assist system. If you open the fuse box and find they are brown, they have blown up and need replacement. 

The video below shows you the likely places to find the fuses in your GMC Yukon:

Different Park Assist Systems And How To Use Them

The 2017 Yukon Denali on display at the Chicago Auto Show media

The Park Assist technology uses parking sensors fitted onto a vehicle. You can find them at the front, back, and sides, which detect objects and parking spaces. The most basic of these systems control your steering automatically, while you change the brake, accelerator, and gear. 

There are different systems, including:

Automatic Steering

This is the most popular type of Park Assist system. After you find a parking spot, activate this system that will show messages indicating when to accelerate, change gears, and when to brake. 

Your steering wheel will be controlled automatically. To prevent overriding the steering, don’t touch it to allow it to help you park. 

Park And Exit System

This type of system helps you to park in a parallel parking space. It is useful when you find your car sandwiched between two cars. 

Just like the previous system, the steering is automatically controlled as you accelerate, brake, and change gears accordingly. 

Find below a video explaining how this system works:

Automated Parking

This system controls your steering and completely takes over your brakes and accelerator.

It works by pressing a button throughout as you park. When you stop pressing the button, your car stops moving. It works in cars that have automatic gearboxes.

Remote Controlled Parking

You can operate this system with your smartphone app or digital key fob. Once you are out of your car, activate this system and watch your car maneuver its way into a parking spot. 

Continue pressing your key fob or smartphone until your car is parked. If you stop pressing, your car will stop moving. 

Below is an interesting video on how you can use your smartphone to come out of and into a parking space:

Cost To Repair Your Park Assist

If your Park Assist has malfunctioned, your mechanic will charge you a fee depending on the specific problem. Afterward, you will pay for the repairs. 

If you were to replace the park assist camera for a GMC Yukon, you will spend between $79 and $100 for labor and $304 for the camera and parts. To replace the sensors, you will be charged between $125 and $157 just for labor.  

In Closing

cockpit of vehicle and parking assistant system

The Park Assist System allows you to park safely, preventing you from hitting objects, people, animals, or other obstacles.

If it stops working, you can troubleshoot by resetting it; several methods have been explained in this post. In the event, none of them work, contact your mechanic.

We have explained the different types of Park Assist systems and how they work. There are two mentions of the cost of repairing this system.

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