How To Reset The Radio On A Nissan Maxima

Nothing is more frustrating or awkward than a silent car ride. Whether you're alone or driving with someone, the background sound that the car radio provides does offer a certain amount of comfort. If you're driving a Nissan Maxima and the radio is just not cooperating, we have done the legwork for you, and here are the most useful tips on how to reset the radio.
To reset the radio of your Nissan, press the power button to turn it on. After a couple of seconds, press down and hold until it switches off and comes back on again. These steps would start the reset process of the device.
Now, because of different car models, this basic step is not a fix-it-all. Read on to find out which solution will apply to your Maxima model.
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How To Reset The Radio of My 2014 Nissan Maxima

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With the radio turned off, long press "Preset 1" while simultaneously turning up the volume knob until the menu appears on the screen. Do not press anything when this happens; just press "Back/Return," and the radio will have reset.

How To Reset the Radio of My 2016 Nissan Maxima

The process of resetting the radio on the 2016 Nissan Maxima is not that different from the previous model. This is how you do it: while the radio is off, long press or hold the "Home/Menu" button while turning the volume knob left and right.
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How To Reset the Radio of My 2018 Nissan Maxima

Resetting the radio of your 2018 Nissan Maxima is easier. Simply press down and hold the power button and wait for the Nissan logo to appear. When this happens, it means you have successfully reset your radio.

Reset Vs. Reboot A Car Radio

Aside from restarting, which is what you'd usually do when you notice a glitch in your device or equipment, you can also try and reboot your radio, especially in cases where you had your battery replaced wherein restarting might not work.
Restarting simply means to turn it off and turn it back on. This will not change anything on your equipment at all. To reboot, however, will erase data from the radio like your presets or pre-saved stations and restore the data into how you first got it.

How Do I Reboot My Nissan Maxima Radio

The safest way to reboot your radio is to bring it to the nearest dealer near you so they can address any other concerns you might have. If taking the time to take it to the dealer is too much trouble, though, you can always try to reboot the radio system by using your car's radio code.
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What Are Radio Codes and How Do I Find It

Radio codes are an additional security feature added to the system by the manufacturers to keep your radio protected in case of car theft. Most Nissans have a four to five-digit code that will enable you to reboot your radio in the instance of having your battery replaced, or when as luck would have it, your battery got disconnected, and you had to jump-start it.
You can find the code in the owner's manual or at the back or side of your car radio. You can also try holding down the "Power" button until it reads "Radio Code" on the screen. Type in "0-0-0-0" three times until your radio locks up. While in locked mode, the serial number will be displayed on the screen, which you can use to trace the radio code for your device.

How To Use The Radio Code

Once you have the radio code in your hands, all you have to do now is input it into the system. Here's how you do that:
  1. Turn in the ignition key into the "ACC" position.
  2. The word "CODE" should be on display.
  3. Use your radio preset buttons to type in the code. For example, the code is "4321." Press the number one preset button until '4' appears on the screen.
  4. Repeat the steps until you have typed in all the digits.
  5. Click the "Home" button or any other button to enter.
You get three chances to put in the correct code. If you used up all the chances, the radio will display "OFF" and not accept any more data until it has been reset.
Interior of Nissan Maxima car on display at New York International Auto Show at Javits Center

Bluetooth Connectivity

If you have exhausted all these steps and still find yourself in radio silence, maybe it's time to try and use your car's Bluetooth capabilities. You might find that connecting your car audio to your phone is much more enjoyable since you can pick your songs or listen to your favorite podcasts while driving.

How To Connect My Nissan Maxima To My Phone Via Bluetooth

Applicable For Both Apple and Android Users

  1. Go to your phone settings and make sure that you turn "On" your Bluetooth.
  2. If your Nissan Maxima comes with a navigation system, you have to press the phone icon on your car's audio system.
  3. Choose "Connect," then select "Connect New Device."
  4. If your vehicle doesn't have a navigation system, you just need to click the "Enter/Settings" button, then go to Bluetooth settings and choose "Add Phone."
  5. Check your phone and see if "My Car" is showing up in the list of devices that you can connect to. Try to refresh the feed until it shows up.
  6. Once you can see "My Car" in the options, click on it; your phone and your vehicle should be displaying a matching PIN. If it matches, click the "Accept" button for permission to connect, and you're done.
These steps should be applicable to generally all Nissan Maxima models, but if you do have a later model or encounter any other problems, you can visit Nissan's website for more detailed instructions.
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What is NissanConnect

If all of this technical data is baffling to you, you might consider upgrading your Nissan compatible vehicle with NissanConnect. NissanConnect is a paid connectivity system available for both Android and IOS users to integrate entertainment, navigation, and security seamlessly between your device and your car.
If you sign-up with NissanConnect, you get added perks like Remote Engine Start/Stop, safety features like Auto Collision Notification, and speed or boundary alerts.
If all this sounds appealing to you, or you might just feel like it's time for an upgrade, you could go ahead and check it out here, type in your car's model and year to see if it's available as an add-on.


So let's review. In the event of your radio not working, you can first try to reset it, the steps of which can vary depending on the model of your Nissan Maxima. Next up is to reboot using your radio code, which you can access via the owner's manual, checking your radio, or calling your local dealer and giving your device's serial number.
If the radio is in real bad shape and you still want to have your music or your favorite podcast with you, enabling your Bluetooth is a great option. You can connect Bluetooth easily by switching it "On" on both your car and device; the same steps to connect would apply for both Apple and Android users.
If all else fails, NissanConnect is an excellent upgrade that will help you to easily access your car's audio system with added perks like security and convenience.
If you need more information about your Nissan vehicle, particularly about its engine and how you can avoid getting stuck in the middle of nowhere, you can head on to this blog to find out more.


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