How To Reset The Stabilitrak On A Chevy Tahoe

There is a system in your Chevy Tahoe that manages instability when driving. It is called the stability control system or Stabilitrak for short. If you've noticed a setback in your car's Stabilitrak, the first thing you need to do Is to reset the system. Here is the best way to do so according to automobile technicians. 

Resetting the stability control system can be done either with a scan tool or without one. Using a scan tool, you can get the complete details about the state of the Stabilitrak in your car.

To reset, follow these steps: 

  1. Turn off your car 
  2. Let it rest for about 30 seconds.
  3. Check the vehicle diagnostic port 
  4. Select car type and model 
  5. Turn the ignition key for 15s and restart the car afterward.

Continue reading as we would expand more on how to reset Stabilitrak, what the Stabilitrak message means, and a few other points you need to know about the stability control system.

A black Chevrolet Tahoe at winter, How To Reset The Stabilitrak On A Chevy Tahoe

What is Stabilitrak?

Stabilitrak, primarily known as a stability control system, is a system in cars that is in charge of stability and reviving how the wheel moves or directs the car. Usually, cars lose their balance on slippery surfaces, and also sometimes, when they bump on a hard surface. This system will keep your car from on the ground. 

Luxurious interior of a Chevrolet Tahoe

Before your car can respond to other physical activities around it, turning over and resulting in an accident, the stability control system would have intervened immediately. 

The Stabilitrak system has its own set of minor parts that work together to make up the system:

  • The first set is the central rotating sensor that manages every other part of the Stabilitrak system.
  • The second set is the speed sensor located to manage each wheel's stability. One speed sensor is assigned to each wheel and is later directed to the central rotating sensor.

Also, most modern cars now have Stabilitrak function and a traction control system.  The likes of the latest Chevrolet cars now have both features.

Somehow, you might have made the mistake of interchangeably using the stability control system over the traction control system. Maybe they perform almost the same function but in different circumstances. 

The stability control system keeps your Tahoe going in the direction you want it to. It monitors the steering wheel position so if your Tahoe starts to fish-tail on a slippery road, it can right the path. 

While stability control helps with the direction of your Tahoe, traction control helps with maintaining, as you might have guessed, traction. This helps you accelerate and slow down on slippery roads in a more controlled way.

Both display messages show whether they are in action or if there is an issue you should resolve. 

How Do You Reset Stabilitrak?

Black Chevrolet Tahoe at a parking lot

You can reset your Stabilitrak in two ways. Either you choose to do it with a scan or try the first-hand measure for resetting. You can easily reset the system yourself without needing to pay anyone. This is if the error with the Stabilitrak is minor. 

If you want to reset without using a scanning tool, you should check that the system only has a glitch or simple system error tricks; here are the steps involved:

  1. Turn off your car in a safe and balanced area. 
  2. Let it rest for the next 20-30 seconds.
  3. Finally, turn on your exchange.
  4. The engine must have been reset immediately. 

Here are the steps involved in resetting the service Stabilitrak with a scan tool:

  1. Turn off your car.
  2. Look for the vehicle’s diagnostic port below the dashboard.
  3. Insert it into the car diagnostic port which you can find below the dashboard. 
  4. Choose your car type and car model; it should start diagnosing your car immediately. 
  5. Now, in the end result, you will see several error codes notifying you that there are other problems in your car. You don't have to panic yet,  most of them are regular issues. 
  6. However, if it is the stability control system errors, it might depict several other errors in your car. These are the parts that work with the stability control system in the car.
  7. Mostly, you can only find out what the problem is, but you wouldn't be able to fix it through the scan since this issue is an internal issue. 
  8. After fixing the problem, follow the same steps in the first method to complete the resetting process by turning off the ignition key for 15s and restarting the car afterward.
  9. It is better to take your car to an automobile repair shop for a diagnostic test when it requires you to reset the Stabilitrak.

How Do You Reset Stabilitrak On a Chevy Tahoe?

A black Chevrolet Tahoe

Chevy Tahoe is one of the latest cars with several automated systems. For several reasons, your car's Stabilitrak might be working below par, and you would need to reset it. 

If you want to reset the StabiliTrak on a Chevy Tahoe, find a suitable place to Park, and turn off the car's ignition switch.  Leave for the following 15 to 20 seconds before restarting the car once again. You can also follow the general guidelines for resetting a Stabilitrak on other vehicles. 

What Does It Mean When My Tahoe Says Service Stabilitrak? 

When your car is in motion, and you see a notification about servicing Stabilitrak, it means the system is working. Perhaps you just bumped into something hard or passed through a road that might have obstructed your motion. 

Typically, once it is functioning, it will read service Stabilitrak. However, if it should say this without the system running, then it might indicate a malfunction with your Stabilitrak. 

What Would Cause Stabilitrak Light to Come On? 

Interior of a Chevrolet Tahoe

StabiliTrak light can come on for several reasons to signify an error command in your car. It would help if you immediately pulled over in a stable space because this can later result in the system opposing its normal function. 

These are the aspects you should look out for once you notice the Stabilitrak light is on:

  1. A car's alternator is in charge of several elements in the car. If it should damage within a few days or weeks, these other car parts will be affected too. The Stabilitrak light can help notify you that the alternator is damaged, and you should get it changed soon before it affects other parts of your car. 
  2. A faulty input sensor can also result in the service strabilitrak light turning on. 
  3. Issues with the battery connection or current flowing around the engine can result in the Stabilitrak light turning on. 
  4. If the system controller, in charge of all the commands in the car, becomes faulty, the Stabilitrak light can turn on too. 
  5. Failing wheels and steering disorders can result in Stabilitrak light coming on.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Stabilitrak? 

Suppose you would like to repair your car's Stabilitrak, the cost in each automobile shop differs. Mostly, the cost is always around $400-$500, considering the expertise and the location. 

What Are The Symptoms of a Lousy Stabilittrak?

Here are the signs you will see when the Stabilitrak is faulty and perhaps needs a replacement soon:

  1. Bad Steering: Once the wheel starts moving on its own and you aren't controlling it, the issue might be from a malfunctioning Stabilitrak.
  2. Even the accelerator pedal might not work at all. Hence, instead of your car increasing speed when the accelerator pedal is pressed, it wouldn't. This shows that the Stabilitrak has a problem. 
  3. If you hear strange noises when you apply the brake, steering, gear, etc, then the StabiliTrak might have a problem. Examples of those strange sounds are grating, whirring, knocking, buzzing, and so on. 

Can I Drive My Car If It Says Service Stabilitrack?

Yes, you can drive your car if it says service Stabilitrak. However, if the notification keeps coming on even when you are not around anything that can trigger the Stabilitrak, then there is a problem. Even if you intend to drive, you should take extra precautions on the road. 

Can Stabilitrak Cause Cars Not to Start? 

Your car will start if the Stabilitrak system is turned on. If the car Stabilitrak light is not on and you are not getting an abnormal notification of service Stabilitrak, your car can start. 

To Wrap Up

A black Chevrolet Tahoe at winter

Stability is required to move a car. If your car is in a state of flux due to a slippery surface or bumping into a rock that changes its position, Stabilitrak will manage the situation for you.

It would help prevent your car from irregular movements by restoring grip and stability to the four wheels so they can be clutched to the group.

If you come across any Stabilitrak message that shows an abnormality in your car, do not hesitate to reset it. 

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