How To Set The Clock In A Hummer H3 [Step By Step Guide]

You might need to set the clock on your car especially if it's your first time using it or if the battery was disconnected. If you have a Hummer H3 and wonder how to set its clock, we can help you. We research this concern and here is what we've found out.

Here's how to set the correct date and time on your Hummer H3:

  1. Turn on the vehicle
  2. Press the CONFIG button
  3. Adjust the time

The steps are very simple, but keep reading for a more detailed run-down. In this post, we will also answer some closely related questions. Let's get started!

Setting The Clock In A Hummer H3

If you're into huge but lovely cars, then you've probably considered buying a Hummer H3. If it's your first time using this kind of car, then you might also wonder how to set up a time. Setting up the clock on a Hummer H3 varies depending on the car model.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to set up a clock in a Hummer H3:

1. Turn On The Vehicle

Before you can use the accessories on your car, including the clock, you must first turn on the vehicle engine. You can also turn only on the accessory mode of your vehicle to use this.

2. Press The CONFIG Button

Newer Hummer H3 models have the CONFIG hard button. If your car happens to have this button, all you need to do is to press it. Other models don't have a CONFIG button, so you need to turn the volume knob to turn on the system.

3. Adjust The Time

To adjust the time on newer models with touch screens, you need to tap on the clock screen button. Search for the desired time zone, and it will automatically set the date and time of your car.

However, on models that have the "H" and "M" hard buttons, you will need to adjust the time manually. Push and hold these buttons to adjust the time. Push the H button to adjust the hour and the M button for the minute.

Why Does Car Clock Keep Resetting?

the car Hummer is off-road, How To Set The Clock In A Hummer H3 [Step By Step Guide]

Have you experienced starting your car's engine, you're off to somewhere, and suddenly noticing that your car clock is displaying the wrong time? If you experienced this more often, then you better check for some issues. Here are some of the possible reasons that you need to look into why your car clock keeps on resetting:


The most common cause of a clock that keeps resetting is an issue with the car battery. The battery is responsible for the electrical components in your car, including the clock. These components continuously run even when the engine is off.

However, don't rush about replacing your car battery. Instead, you need to check the connections on the battery terminals and adjust them as needed. If there are no loose connections, test if the battery is not empty. If the battery is near-empty, you can either recharge or replace it.

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Check out this post, "Why Does My Car Radio And Clock Keep Resetting? [& How To Fix It!]" to learn more about how to fix resetting clock and radio issue.


Your car fuse is responsible for controlling the flow of current throughout your car's electrical components. You better check for some loose connections on your fuse if you experience your car clock resetting more often.


When you do not start your car properly, there is a possibility of an interrupted electrical connection that may cause a dropping in voltage. This will, in turn, interrupt the flow of current to your car's electrical components, including the clock.


If there are no existing issues with the abovementioned causes, your car's wiring can be a problem. These wiring issues should be consulted with a professional mechanic since this can only be diagnosed using special tools.

Where Is The Clock Located In Your Hummer H3?

The clock setting in your Hummer H3 can be found in the instrument panel and the radio and indicator screen. You will need to use the radio volume to turn the clock on. You will also find the H and M button on the radio's lower left side.

However, on other Hummer H3 models with touchscreen panels, you will only need to find it in the settings and tap the clock. There you will find different time zones to choose from.

Can A Clock Drain A Car Battery?

Hummer H3 on forestry winter road, the Hummer H3 is a compact SUV produced by Chrysler

The clock in your car works 24/7, even if the engine is turned off. Generally speaking, the components of your car, such as the radio, alarm, and even the clock, will not drain your car's battery. However, faulty relays and parasitic draw from these components can cause battery drainage.

Why Do Car Clocks Gained Extra Minutes Over Time?

Are you one of the many car owners who wonder why their car clocks are suddenly not telling the time correctly? If you've experienced this, there's no need to panic because the problem is not about your car but probably with your car's clock.

Most car clocks, especially digital ones, are made up of quartz. Quartz has some limitations, like tolerating temperatures. If the car is heated up, it will be put under high pressure and exceed the quartz limit. This will add extra minutes to your clock over time.

Do Clocks In Car Change Automatically?

modern digital car clock in dash

Although other car models need manual settings to adjust the vehicle's time, there is a new trend in this. If you own a car that is already GPS-linked, you should expect it to set the time automatically.

Is Hummer H3 A Good Car?

the Hummer H3 is a compact four wheel drive off road and sport utility vehicle

Hummer H3 is a popular off-road car, even on extremely rough roads. They also provide comfortable seats, stable handling, and a quality interior. They also have a unique lighting system that will give you a brighter view when you use your vehicle at night.

One reason this vehicle is popular is that they have double fuel tanks that are great for people who enjoy long road trips. The design was primarily used as military vehicles but has made its way to the commercial market.

However, like any other car, Hummer H3 also has its drawbacks. Hummers are expensive and require regular and costly maintenance, which may require you to be financially prepared before buying one.

They are also difficult to drive, especially on narrow roads, because of their big sizes. And lastly, they have double-fuel tanks because they consume more fuel than regular vehicles. This is because their engines are too big and use more power.

Overall, the Hummer H3 is a good car, especially on off-roads, but whether to buy them will depend on your preference and your needs. If money is not a big factor, Hummer H3 is a good choice.

In Conclusion

2009 Hummer H3

Setting up the clock in your Hummer H3 is very easy. Just follow the abovementioned step to set the time. You also need to check on your car model since clock setting differs from one model to another.

Lastly, take note that a well-maintained car is convenient in every way. If your clock and other components inside keep on resetting, you better check the battery, the wirings, and the fuse to see and fix these issues. Do not be afraid to ask for the help of a professional plumber to avoid getting higher diagnosis and repair costs.

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