How To Set The Seat Memory In Chrysler Pacifica

Vehicle comfort has come a long way since the invention of automobiles. Automakers have started including memory features so that you can set your very own seating preference. The only question now is, how to set them? Well, you've come to the right place. In this post, we'll be specifically discussing how to operate and set the seat memory of your Pacifica. Read on!

Just follow these simple steps to set the seat memory feature in your Chrysler Pacifica.

  1. Turn the ignition into the ON/RUN position.
  2. Adjust the seat to your seating preference (the control button is on the side of the driver's seat).
  3. When the seat has been adjusted to your liking, press the "S" button on the memory switch (located on the driver's side door).
  4. Press either "1" or "2" to set the seating memory feature (do this within five seconds after pressing the "S" button).
  5. All done! The instrument cluster will display which number your seating preference was set.

Well, that was easy! Want to learn more cool features of your Chrysler Pacifica? Head over to the rest of the article as we discuss setting your seating memory with your key fob and many more useful features the Pacifica has.

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How Do I Link The Memory Seat Feature Into My Key Fob?

Car and door keys hang on a wall in a house.

What's better than pushing a button on the door to set the seating preference to your liking? Using your key fob to set your desired seating preference every time you unlock your vehicle. Pretty neat, right?

The key fob that you have can be programmed to initiate one of the two saved seating profiles your Chrysler Pacifica has. If you have a spare key fob, you can also program that to the other seating profile.

But first, you must select "Personal Settings Linked to Key Fob" on your Uconnect Settings. This can be accessed through the instrument cluster.

Linking Your Seat Profile To Your Key Fob

Once you have selected the "Personal Settings Linked to Key Fob" on the settings menu, you can link your desired seating profile to your key fob by following these steps.

  1. Set your vehicle's ignition in the OFF position.
  2. Recall your desired seating profile by pressing either the "1" or the "2" button.
  3. Once desired seating profile has been recalled, press the "S" button.
  4. Next, press the assigned button (1 or 2) to your desired seating preference.
  5. The instrument cluster will display "Memory Profile Set" along with the seating profile saved on the key fob.
  6. Finally, press the lock button on your key fob within 10 seconds from the "Memory Profile Set" display.

Your key fob is now linked to your seating memory feature. When you unlock your Chrysler Pacifica with a specific key fob, your desired seating profile will already be ready.

How To Unlink My Key Fob To The Seating Memory Feature?

Unlinking the seating memory feature on your key fob is a straightforward procedure. Follow these three steps and your key fob will no longer be set to a certain seating profile every time you unlock the vehicle.

  1. Press and release the "S" button on the memory settings on the driver's side door.
  2. Once the "S" button has been pressed, press the unlock button on your key fob within 10 seconds.
  3. Your key fob will now be unlinked to the seating profile previously set and will only unlock the vehicle when you press the unlock button.

What Other Car Features Can Be Stored Along With My Seating Preference?

memory seat technology inside luxury vehicle car

Seating preferences aren't the only thing that can be set when using the memory seat feature of your Chrysler Pacifica. Chrysler took the initiative to include the outside mirrors positioning and even the starting radio preset whenever you set a seat memory.

Every driver in your household will likely have a different outside mirror positioning. This can be very handy and safe as it mitigates the possibility of you forgetting to set the outside mirrors properly before driving off.

Side mirror positioning is very important while driving. It gives you added visibility by allowing you to look at your rear sides while driving and parking.

Another feature that Pacifica offers is a radio preset. It might be simple, but having a radio preset is one hack that can save you lots of time. By just pressing this feature, your car radio will immediately go to your preferred station without you having to browse along looking for it.

What Are The Available Seat Trims On The 2022 Chrysler Pacifica?

steering wheel minivan chrysler pacifica 2020 model

Car seats are more than just chairs on which you sit in while driving. It's one of the most important things that makes or breaks a vehicle. A car could have thousands and thousands of horsepower and hundreds of cool tech, but if the seats are uncomfortable, chances are, you would still pass on that car.

The Pacifica is considered a top contender in the minivan category. It placed second on U.S. News' list of "Best Minivans for 2022 and 2023". There are four Chrysler Pacifica trims on their 2022 line, including Touring, Touring L, Limited AWD, and Pinnacle AWD. All have different seating trims available to choose from, making your everyday drive comfortable.

Standard Seats Available

For their top-of-the-line trim, the pinnacle AWD, the seats come standard with a quilted caramel Nappa leather trim. Their second-in-line trim model, the Limited AWD, comes standard with a seat trim called black Nappa leather with Axis II perforated inserts.

Two lower-end trim models also have premium seating trims. Their entry-level trim model, the Touring, comes with black cloth with light diesel stitching. And finally, the Touring L trim comes standard with a premium black Mckinley leather trim with light diesel stitching.

Optional Seat Trims

If you wish, Chrysler has also included optional seat trims for three of the four trim models. You can opt for the black Sedoso cloth with Ravine cloth inserts that is available for the Pacifica Touring trim.

For the Touring L, you can upgrade your seat to black Mckinley leather trim with Axis perforated insert that has an "S" logo embossed. The final trim model to have optional upgrade seats is the Limited AWD, in which you can opt for black Nappa leather trim with Axis II perforated inserts with an "S" logo embossed.

What Are The Interior Features Of The 2022 Chrysler Pacifica?

fully extended seats in minivan chrysler pacifica 2020 model

When it comes to interior features, you can expect a lot from the 2022 Pacifica. Their fan-favorite Stow' n Vac™ feature is still there with the same reliable capabilities its had since its 2017 debut. The vacuum is powered by RIDGID®, an industry leader in vacuums and other power tools.

Another signature feature of the Chrysler Pacifica is the Stow' n Go® seating feature. The feature makes it possible to stow (or remove) the second and third-row seats and maximize the cabin space for storing large cargo items. This ups the maximum interior cargo volume from 32.3 cu. ft. to a whopping 140.5 cu. ft.

In terms of tech features, the Pacifica doesn't disappoint. With wireless chargers, USB-A, and USB-C ports included, you won't have to worry about your phone battery getting low. Inside the cabin, you can install Chrysler's proprietary FamCAM™ feature that lets you monitor your passengers at any time during the trip.

You can also upgrade the surround sound to a 19-speaker Harman Kardon Premium Audio System with a 10-inch subwoofer for a more luxurious experience. Pump up the volume on your music or use the built-in Amazon Fire TV so you won't miss a beat on the shows you love. The system also supports Alexa for a more seamless entertainment experience.

To Wrap It All Up

Chrysler Pacifica SUV minivan display at the transmission plant.

Seating and comfort are two words that best describe the Chrysler Pacifica. It's a family-oriented minivan with many more premium features than its competition in its class. The memory seat feature provides a relevant and hassle-free experience.

Couple that with the option to link the feature to your key fob, and your life just got a whole lot easier. With its features and advanced tech, you surely can't go wrong with this minivan.

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