How To Turn Off Automatic Braking On Nissan Rogue

Were you trying to parallel park, and your Nissan Rogue suddenly enabled the brakes? And now you’re wondering if there is a way to turn off the automatic braking feature. It is good that you’re here because we have the answer for you.

Follow the steps below to disable automatic braking on your Nissan Rogue:

  1. Go to the driver menu.
  2. Go to “Settings” then to “Driver Assistance.”
  3. Head to “Emergency Braking” then “Rear.”
  4. Toggle the option to turn it off.

There is more to the automatic braking system of your Nissan Rogue—plus a catch to disabling it. And we have compiled all the information related to automatic braking that you will likely find interesting. Read on to learn more in the succeeding sections.

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Automatic Braking On The Nissan Rogue

The automatic brake system is a safety feature that is available on some trims of the 2021 Nissan Rogue. It involves several braking systems that help make the Nissan Rogue safer for its occupants, surrounding vehicles, and even pedestrians.

Because this is an important safety feature, it cannot be permanently disabled on the 2021 Nissan Rogue. That is correct; you’d have to do the steps above each time you use your Nissan Rogue. There is no way to make the system save your setting.

You can disable automatic braking on a second-generation Nissan Rogue through a single button. However, disabling this setting will not get saved. So, you’d have to disable it each time you use your Rogue.

As mentioned above, the automatic braking feature combines several braking assist systems working together. We will discuss these systems in further detail below.

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What is Nissan Rogue’s Intelligent Back-up Intervention?

The Nissan Rogue has radar and sonar sensors at the back to detect incoming vehicles from the rear or from both sides. The radar sensors are installed at both sides near the rear bumper to detect crossing vehicles as you drive in reverse. The sonar sensors are installed along the rear of the Nissan Rogue to detect obstacles in the back.

How does Nisan Rogue’s Intelligent Back-up Intervention work?

This system activates automatically when the shifting lever is in the “R” position.

It will activate a visual and audible alert if your Nissan Rogue detects an obstacle while you’re driving in reverse. If it detects an approaching vehicle from the back, it will play an audible warning and flash a yellow rectangular frame on the central display unit.

Additionally, the door mirror lamp will flash on the side where the approaching vehicle is coming from.

After receiving these initial alerts, the system will automatically activate an audible warning three times if you keep on driving in reverse. A red rectangular frame will then appear on the central display unit. The brakes will also engage temporarily.

If you’re still pressing on the accelerator when the warning activates, you will feel the accelerator pedal momentarily push back at you. Additionally, the system will activate the brakes to help avoid a collision.

What is Nissan’s Intelligent Brake Assist?

The Intelligent Brake Assist system helps prevent the Nissan Rogue from colliding with vehicles in front of it. It also works simultaneously with the Brake-Operated Pre-crash Seatbelt system to help minimize the injuries to its passengers that could result from a collision.

The radar sensors in front of the Nissan Rogue detect vehicles, their distance from you, and their relative speed to you. This feature helps the driver avoid crashes.

How does Nissan’s Intelligent Brake Assist work?

The Intelligent Brake Assist activates whenever the Nisan Rogue approaches a car and enters the minimum safe distance from that car. It will then trigger an audible warning to notify the driver of the possibility of a collision unless action is taken.

Next, the system will activate the brakes to slow down the Nissan Rogue if the driver did not take action, did not take action fast enough, or the driver’s action is not enough to avoid the impact. The system determines the need for emergency braking based on the distance of the Nissan Rogue to vehicles in front and their speed relative to the Rogue’s.

What is Intelligent Emergency Braking?

Automatic braking system avoid car crash from car accident

According to Nissan, this is a braking safety feature that keeps Nissan Rogue’s passengers safe. It also keeps other vehicles and even pedestrians safe from collisions with the Nissan Rogue.

The Nissan Rogue has a front-mounted camera in the upper part of the windshield. This camera can detect if there is a pedestrian or another vehicle within the vicinity.

The system then measures the distance of the Rogue to the vehicles and pedestrians. Next, the system will assess if there is a risk of collision based on the distance and the relative speeds of the vehicles, the pedestrian, and the Nissan Rogue.

How does Intelligent Emergency Braking work?

It will alert the driver through visual and audio alerts once the system determines that there is an impending possibility of a collision. It will also engage automatic braking and the lights, prompting the driver to take immediate action to avoid a collision.

If the driver does not immediately take action or decelerate, the risk of collision will increase, and the system will activate automatic emergency braking just before the collision. This helps avoid or reduce the damage that the collision would cause.

Unfortunately, the feature to detect pedestrians is not available to all Intelligent Braking Systems.

What is Rear Automatic Braking?

Head-in parking black car emergency stopped when the rear sensor detected pedestrian near the car

This braking safety feature helps avoid collisions with objects behind the Nissan Rogue. This system kicks in when the Rogue is moving in reverse and at a low speed, such as when parking.

The system will automatically engage the brakes to prevent a possible collision whenever the sonar at the rear of the Rogue detects objects or obstacles—like walls or other vehicles—in its path.

How does Rear Automatic Braking work?

The system will analyze the potential of a collision whenever it detects objects directly in the Rogue's path while moving slowly in reverse. It will activate an audible and visual warning to warn the driver of the potential collision once it determines that there is a risk.

It will automatically apply the brakes to avoid the collision.

What is Automatic Brake Hold?

This feature engages the VDC system or Vehicle Dynamics Control System to maintain brake fluid pressure once the Automatic Brake Hold is enabled.

Once you press the brake pedal for a full stop, the Automatic Brake Hold will activate the VDC system to maintain the stopped state even after you remove your foot from the pedal—like when waiting for the traffic light to change.

The VDC will gradually release the braking force when you start to move the vehicle by stepping on the accelerator. Thus, there is no additional action required from the driver.

The status of the system is displayed on the meter display. It lights up green while it is maintaining the braking force.

The system will automatically switch to the electronic parking brakes if the vehicle remains stopped for more than three minutes. The light indicator on the meter display will automatically turn off while the electronic parking brakes are engaged.

The electronic parking brake will be released, and the indicator light will switch to white once the driver steps on the accelerator pedal.

In addition to stopping for more than three minutes, the electronic parking brakes will also be enabled once the driver’s seat belt is released or when the driver’s side door is opened.

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What is the Auto Hold button on the Nissan Rogue 2021?

A charcoal gray colored Nissan Rogue compact crossover SUV car is parked on the beach

The Auto Hold function is an extension of the electronic parking brake system. It adds a layer of safety to the Rogue while it is in a stationary position.

Just like the Automatic Brake Hold system, the Auto Hold function maintains the last applied pressure on the brakes to maintain the stationary position.

The Auto Hold function engages the wheel sensors that detect movement on the wheel. It will increase the pressure on the brake fluid to return the Rogue to a stationary status once more.

Once you step on the accelerator pedal, the system will gradually release the pressure on the brakes.

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The Nissan Rogue includes several safety features that involve automatically activating the brakes—temporarily or permanently. A couple of these safety features assist the brakes in maintaining the current position of the Rogue.

And because these are safety features that protect the driver and passengers, some of them cannot be disabled permanently—a feature that is not immediately welcome to everyone.

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