How To Turn Off The Front Park Aid In Ford Expedition

Ford equips its SUVs with much of the modern technology that is available for vehicles so that they can continue to produce safe and efficient vehicles. Some of these features might be bothersome to you at times, which is why the automaker has ways to disengage them. If you are driving a Ford Expedition and are wondering how to turn off the front park aid, we can help you. We researched this feature in depth so that you'll know what steps to take.

You can turn off the front park aid in the Ford Expedition by pressing the Parking Aid button. This will turn off all Parking Aid functions for the vehicle. They will resume once the vehicle is restarted.

Now that we know the steps to take to turn off Front Park Aid, we'll take a deeper look at these steps as well as the feature itself. You might also be wondering what "check front park aid" means or how you can turn off the backup sensor. For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what our research has uncovered.

How To Turn Off The Front Park Aid In Ford Expedition

Front Park Aid Assist In The Expedition And How To Turn It Off

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Turning off the front park aid in an Expedition is easy. But it will come back on as soon as you restart your SUV. Is there a way to keep it from resuming? Across multiple owner forums, there are Ford Expedition owners who have inquired about how to permanently disable their front park aid feature.

If your sensors are malfunctioning enough to be burdensome, the best method we've discovered for remedying the situation is to cover the sensors.

You can buy inexpensive parking sensor covers for your Ford Expedition and fasten them on the sensors yourself. By blocking out the light, the sensors will not activate.

The front park aid assist technology does come in handy, however. Unless there is an issue with it beeping for no reason, you should consider keeping it functional. Before you take your Expedition in for servicing or decide to cover the sensors, try the following:

Inspect The Sensors For Damage

Carefully check the sensors for any damage. Sometimes your vehicle can get backed into without you knowing it. This can leave the vehicle seemingly unharmed, but it can also do small things you might miss. One small thing is damage to your sensors. 

If your sensors are causing your front park aid feature to beep for no apparent reason, see if there are any cracks or scratches in them. Make sure that they are properly aligned, too. Small bumps into them could alter how they operate, and this could fix your problem.

Keep The Sensors Clean

Mud, sludge, bugs, and other items can accumulate on your sensors. This can also keep them from working properly. Take the time to carefully clean the sensors so they will work as they were engineered to.

The sensors should never be cleaned with abrasive material. You should also avoid cleaning them with any sharp objects. These methods will scratch them and keep them from doing their job.

How This Technology Works

Front park aid assist is activated whenever the Expedition is in any gear but park. It will beep when it detects that your vehicle is approaching an object. When the object is 12 inches or closer to your vehicle, it will emit a continuous beep until you bring your vehicle to a stop.

This feature will only work when the speed of the Expedition is less than five miles per hour.

What Does "Check Front Park Aid" Mean In A Ford Expedition?

There are several error messages that your Ford Expedition will display whenever there is a malfunction with the front park aid assist feature. If you see "Check Front Park Aid," it can mean one of several things has occurred.

Your sensors could be damaged or partially obstructed. This can typically be verified by inspecting them. But it could also mean an electrical issue or a problem with the software. If you are unable to get this message to stop, schedule an appointment with your dealership.

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How Can I Turn Off My Backup Sensor In A Ford Vehicle?

Like the front sensors in Ford vehicles, the rear ones alert you to objects that you are approaching. When objects are too close, a series of beeps will sound until you stop the vehicle. Get too close, and the beeping becomes a constant blare until you brake.

Backup sensors can be disabled on your touch screen. Under "driver assistance," choose "parking aid sensors" and turn the rear sensors off. They will resume their function the next time you start your Ford.

You can choose to cover the sensors with a sensor cover if you do not want to have this feature on. We suggest doing this only if the dealership is unable to diagnose the issue.

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Is The Ford Expedition Reliable?

Since 1996, the Expedition has been one of Ford's most popular vehicles. This SUV has undergone multiple design changes over the years, its fourth generation being launched with the 2018 model re-design.

Though Ford has sold a great number of them, there have been some quality issues in certain model years that are worth addressing. 

If you are looking for a used Expedition, experts claim that the model year 2004 should be avoided. These have tremendous transmission and engine issues that can be quite costly.

The fourth-generation models have been rated well by U.S. News and World Report (usually ranked first or second in its class) and are rated "great" by J.D. Power and Associates for overall reliability.

If you are considering a used model, ensure that the current owner has had all the factory maintenance performed. Check to see if it has been in a collision. And if there have been any recalls on the vehicle, make sure that the issues were addressed by the dealership.

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How Long Will A Ford Expedition Last?

Many consumers need their primary vehicles to last a good number of years on the road. Replacing it every five to six years just isn't in the budget, so they want the most for their money. The Ford Expedition's longevity varies some but is in line with most other vehicles in its class of large SUVs.

Experts maintain that the Expedition will last between 150,000 and 200,000 miles. If you are driving an average of 15,000 a year, this means it could last as little as 10 years or as many as 13. In some instances, owners on Expedition forums will show that their SUV has lasted more than 250,000 miles.

Getting your Ford Expedition to 150,000 miles or more won't just magically happen. You will need to take proper care of this SUV if you want it to get high mileage. Though this entails a good number of items, the most important is to ensure that routine maintenance is regularly performed.

Your Ford Expedition owner's manual will give a detailed maintenance schedule. While it includes basic items like oil and filter changes, it will also outline when certain parts (the timing chain, suspension system, etc.) need a thorough inspection.

The single best way to keep your Ford on the road longer is to make sure you follow this maintenance schedule exactly as written.

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Final Thoughts

Ford Expedition display at a dealership, How To Turn Off The Front Park Aid In Ford Expedition

Front park aid assist is a handy feature for the Ford Expedition, but if it begins to malfunction, it can be quite bothersome. Dealing with this issue can be as simple as getting inexpensive sensor covers for the vehicle.

Though the Expedition has had models with substantial problems over the years, you can expect as many as 200,000 road miles for this SUV. Drive safe!

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