How To Turn Off Lights On Jeep Cherokee

Lights on your vehicle are essential, especially for nighttime driving. Typically, vehicles will have two primary light sources you can turn on and off. These are the headlight and interior lights. We have consulted automotive experts on how to turn off these lights. Here is what we got from them.

Here are the steps you need to turn off your Jeep Cherokee's external lights.

  1. Locate the headlight switch. The light switch can be found on the bottom left side of the steering wheel.
  2. You can rotate the light control clockwise to turn on the headlights of the vehicle.
  3. Once placed on the headlight icon, your external light should turn on.
  4. To turn off the headlights of the vehicle, simply rotate the switch counterclockwise to the 'O' icon.

Here are the steps you need to turn off your Jeep Cherokee's interior lights.

  1. Locate the interior light switches. These can be found above your rearview mirror.
  2. Press the 'Dome Defeat Button' to turn off all of the interior lights of the vehicle. This button is located in the center-left of the overhead console.

It may be confusing to know where a vehicle's controls are especially if the car is new. This is normal since every car manufacturer has its own design. For more information about the Jeep Cherokee, keep reading below.

Gorgeous Grand Jeep Cherokee, How To OFF Lights On Jeep Cherokee

Turning Off The Lights Of The Jeep Cherokee

A vehicle's lights are useful especially at night time. Both the interior and exterior lights will help you navigate through poorly lit roads or give more illumination to the interior.

New SUV Jeep Grand Cherokee model

But turning off these lights is also essential in certain situations. Turning off the vehicle interior lights can give you more privacy while turning off one's headlight is usually done when idling or when you're ready to exit the vehicle.

Here are the steps to turning off the Jeep Cherokee's lights.

Exterior Lights

exterior lights on car head lights

For the exterior light controls, you have a switch located on the bottom left of your steering wheel. This is a rotating switch, and a small indicator will let you know which light setting you're on.

To turn your vehicle's external lights off, make sure that the indicator of the switch is placed on the 'O' icon. Aside from your headlights, you may also need to turn off the vehicle's front fog lights.

On the center of the switch is the Push Front Fog Light Control. To turn the front fog lights on and off, you'll just have to push the center button. Remember that you should only turn off your vehicle's headlights when parked, and they should always stay on when driving at night.

Interior Lights

Modern car interior, rear-view mirror with dimming function, LED interior lighting.

For the lights in your vehicle's interior lights, you have multiple switches located in separate places to control different lights. The first is the Ambient Light Dimmer Control and Instrument Panel Dimmer Control, which can be located beside your headlight switch.

The Ambient Light Dimmer Control is the switch on the left, located beside the headlight switch. While the Instrument Panel Dimmer Control is located on the right.

To control the brightness of the ambient light and instrument panel, scroll the wheel upward to increase its brightness and downward to decrease it. When changing your instrument panel's brightness, make sure that everything in the control panel is still visible.

Other interior lights the Jeep Cherokee has are courtesy and reading lights. To turn off the vehicle's courtesy lights, you need to press the Dome Defeat Button which is located on the center-left of the overhead console.

To turn off the Jeep Cherokee's reading lights, press the buttons located on the edge of the overhead console. Interior lights help illuminate the car, but to increase your vehicle's privacy, it's best to turn them off.

Does The Jeep Cherokee Have LED Lights

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 in the shadows with glowing lights in low light

Yes, the new models of the Jeep Cherokee come equipped with LED headlights. Both the headlights and fog lights of the Jeep Cherokee are LEDs.

LED light is an electrical light that is made by using light-emitting diodes. These types of lights are more energy-efficient compared to other light sources. They also have a tendency to last a lot longer.

Overall, the Jeep Cherokee is great to drive at night. Since it's equipped with LED lights, you'll surely have excellent visibility at night. 

How To Safely Drive At Night

cockpit and steering wheel of the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk driving at night on a steel bridge

Driving at night is a lot riskier than driving during the day. There are some things you have to remember in order for you to have a safe trip when it's dark out.

Driving at night will really test your skills as a driver and can't be avoided. To keep you and your passengers safe all through the drive, here are a few things to keep in mind.


One of the most important things to remember when driving at night is that your headlight must be on at all times while you're on the road. Headlights will help you with overall visibility so other drivers on the road can also spot you.

In certain situations, such as heavy snow, rain, or fog, you will be required to use your high beams or fog light. These lights will help with visibility in extreme conditions. However, they can be a bit distracting in normal conditions, especially high beams.

Bright lights at night can seriously disturb a driver's concentration. That's why it is essential not to have your high beams on in normal conditions. When you're driving, there are also other bright lights that can distract you such as the light from other cars, signs, or lamp posts.

It is easy to get distracted by these lights, and the best thing to do is to stay focused on the road ahead. What you can do if you're getting blinded by the vehicle behind you is to stay calm and adjust your mirrors if you can.

Before driving at night, it's a good habit to check if all your vehicle's lights are working. A quick check around your car will ensure that you'll be visible to other drivers, and you will also have enough illumination to see the road clearly.

Long Drives

When going on a long trip, checking your vehicle's lights is a must. You would not want to be driving at night with a busted headlight since this will significantly decrease your vision.

With long drives, driving at night is a common scenario. This can be quite a difficult task, especially if you're the only driver. With night driving, it's easy to get tired from driving a few hours straight since there is nothing to look at except the road.

To counteract this, it's a good idea to take a few breaks along the way. You can eat snacks or walk around to help boost your blood flow and energize you. 

Even though this may take a bit of your travel time, it is much better than powering through a night drive. Driving while feeling sleepy is very dangerous, both at night or during the day.


When going on a night drive, it's best if you know the road, especially if it is in a more secluded area. Driving on a city road at night is a bit easier since the roads are well lit, and there aren't many sharp curves.

But if you're driving on a road out of town that's not well lit and you're not familiar with it, it's best to drive slowly and carefully. You can use your vehicle or phone's GPS to see what the upcoming road looks like.

When driving on an unfamiliar road at night, make sure you're still within the speed limit. Never go beyond or below it. Driving at a steady pace can help you spot any obstacles that may be on the road, be it a pothole, rocks, or even animals.

Also, when driving at night, avoid overtaking larger vehicles. Passing oversized vehicles can be tricky if you decide to overtake them since they can be much longer than you expected.

In Closing

Gorgeous Grand Jeep Cherokee

Turning the lights of your Jeep Cherokee off is very simple once you know where to find it. All you have to do is turn the switch to the 'O' icon and your headlights should turn off. But remember to only turn off your vehicle's lights when you are ready to leave or once you're parked in a safe place.

Driving at night can be challenging for some drivers. But with the right techniques, driving at night can just be as enjoyable as driving in the daytime. Some of the most essential things to remember are to always have your headlights on and never go over the speed limit.

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