How To Turn On Ambient Lighting Mercedes GLC

Car manufacturers let users show their personality with their cars in different ways, including by installing customizable ambient lighting. We have consulted automotive experts on how to operate the ambient lights of the Mercedes GLC. Here is what we learned from them.

The best and easiest way to turn the Mercedes GLC's ambient lighting on or off on newer models is by using voice control. With voice control, you can command the vehicle to do certain actions without having to reach for the infotainment screen or touchpad.

You can even change the vehicle's colors by using the car's voice control! However, take note that this feature will only be available for newer end models of the Mercedes GLC. For more information about the Mercedes GLC, keep reading below.

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Turning On The Ambient Lighting On The Mercedes GLC

With new technology trends coming out so often these days, we now have easy ways of accessing the settings of our vehicles. Advanced features like voice commands that are most commonly found on phones have also found their way to cars.

Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 on test drive day

With voice commands, you can turn certain features on and off without having to find in on the infotainment system. Here is how you turn the ambient lights on in the Mercedes GLC using voice command.

Voice Command

Voice commands can help you immensely, especially when you're driving. This is a safe way to access certain features while still focusing on the road. By using the voice command, you can turn the ambient light on and off.

To turn on the ambient light, simply say “Hey Mercedes, turn on ambient lighting”. You can also press the voice command button, then say the phrase. Note that the vehicle's voice activation must be on so that you can command the car without you having to press the voice command button.

Nowadays, voice commands are starting to become a staple feature of a vehicle, especially for high-end or luxury brands. Since the voice command is a safer way to use the features of your vehicle, you should definitely take advantage of it if your car has it.

How To Operate The Ambient Lighting Of The GLC

Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 interior detail

Knowing how to control the Mercedes GLC lighting is a great way to spice up the interior of the vehicle, especially at night. You can change and color-match the lights found on the dash, doors center console, and front row footrests.

Changing the lighting inside the GLC can definitely upgrade the style of the interior and set the mood for your  upcoming drive. Here are the things you need to know to operate the Mercedes GLC's ambient lighting.

Infotainment Controls

For the newer models of the Mercedes GLC, there are three different ways to control the vehicle's infotainment system. The first way to control the GLC infotainment is by using the writing pad found on the center console.

When looking at the trackpad, you'll find a couple of buttons on the top that will help you navigate the settings, such as the back, replay, forward, and home buttons. You can press the "Home" icon to bring you back to the main screen to easily locate the ambient light settings.

This trackpad works just like a touch screen, so you can swipe left or right to navigate through the different options. The same goes for the second method where you control the infotainment system using the small pad located on the steering wheel.

The final method for navigating through the GLC's infotainment system is simply touching the screen. This works just like your phone: you can swipe left or right to navigate and press the icons to select.

Comfort Ambient Lighting

On the "Comfort Ambient Lighting" you'll be able to find all of the different controls for the interior's ambient lighting. You can have multi-color lighting, different animations, or choose between 64 solid colors.

To change the solid colors of the vehicle, you can use the voice command “Hey Mercedes, change the ambient lighting to color”. You can also change the colors in the lighting menu, you will see a wheel with  64 colors to choose from.

For the multi-color and different patterns, you can select them on the lighting menu as you do with the color selector. You also have the option to set the ambient lighting color depending on the weather.

How To Turn On Interior Light Of The Mercedes GLC

Modern car interior with rear-view mirror with dimming function

Aside from ambient lighting, the Mercedes GLC has interior lighting which lights up the interior. This is a mixture of normal interior lighting and two reading lights. These lights are very useful especially if you need to locate something at night.

Assuming nothing is faulty with the vehicle's lighting, it is very simple to turn it on. Here are the steps to turn on the Mercedes CLS ambient lights. 

Where To Locate Interior Light Buttons

You can find the buttons that turn the car's interior lights on and off in the rearview mirror. You will find five buttons that will allow you to control different lights in the interior of the car.

The three buttons in the middle control the lights of the vehicle's interior. Starting from left to right, you have the automatic interior lighting control and the front interior lighting control. 

The first button is the automatic interior lighting control. It controls whether the interior lights, including the ambient lights, turn on when opening or starting the vehicle. Some people choose to turn this off for safety reasons.

While the front interior lighting control is responsible for controlling the ambient lighting of the first and second rows. This can be controlled separately, so one row can be turned off while the other stays on.

To activate the ambient lighting, simply press the lighting option you want. Having ambient lighting gives the vehicle a great look! Just be aware that while lights are on, other people may see what's inside your car, especially at night time.

The two remaining buttons are for the vehicle's reading lights. Whichever side the reading light button is on is the side that will light up.

Buttons With Red Light

Mercedes has designed an easy way to tell if the ambient lighting is disabled. All you have to do is to look out for a red light. If a button has a red light on it, this means it is not activated. So if you want all the lights to be on, make sure there are no red lights on any of the buttons.

Is The Mercedes GLC 300 Spacious

Metallic black Mercedes Benz GLC 220d 4Matic SUV at Brussels motor show

The Mercedes GLC 300 is a compact luxury crossover, which means it is not a very large vehicle. But that doesn't mean the car is cramped inside. 

Overall, the GLC 300 has a decent interior size, so you definitely won't feel constricted or uncomfortable when sitting inside.

Here are the interior dimensions of the Mercedes GLC.

  • Head Room - 39.6 inches front/ 39.6 inches second row
  •  Leg Room - 40.8 inches front/ 37.3 inches second row
  • Shoulder Room - 57.3 inches front/ 56.5 inches second row

You can comfortably fit five people inside and you also have a cargo space of 19.4 cubic feet of cargo space with all seats up and 56.5 cubic feet with the second row folded down. You also get a bit of storage space located where the spare tire is.

Though the Mercedes GLC 300 is not as spacious as other SUVs, it is a great pick for daily driving in the city. Along with the cargo space, you can fit a fair bit of luggage if you plan to go on a weekend trip.

In Closing

With higher-end vehicles nowadays, issuing commands can be done by simply using voice activation. As time goes by the voice activation technology gets better, as the Mercedes GLC proves. Simple commands such as turning on the ambient lighting can be done with ease.

Aside from ambient lighting, the vehicle has other interior lights to help you see better, especially at night time. There is a dedicated button for this and it can be found on the rearview mirror.

Just remember to turn off these lights if you need extra privacy since they can provide enough illumination for people to see through.

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