How To Unlock A Chevy Malibu Without Keys

We all have those days when nothing seems to be going right. Coffee gets cold, everyone is running late, and to top it all off, you locked your keys in the car! Before you get stuck wondering how to unlock your Chevy Malibu without keys, take a look at the great methods we've found for you.

To unlock your Chevrolet Malibu without keys, try these highly suggested methods:

  1. Using A Shoelace or a Strip of Plastic
  2. Using A Coat Hanger
  3. Use A Tennis Ball
  4. Using a Rod and a Screwdriver
  5. Using your Windshield Wiper
  6. Use a SlimJim

Now there are caveats in doing any of the above choices, so please stay with us to learn how to safely give each method a try to avoid damage to your vehicle. 

Unlocking car just by tapping on display, How To Unlock A Chevy Malibu Without Keys

Unlocking a Chevy Malibu Without Keys

You might risk looking like a car thief while trying to get back into your own Malibu. Not to worry! If you are in a fairly familiar place like your school, or workplace where there are people who can vouch for your ownership of the vehicle, then you can have at it and try to McGyver the keys out.

Motor car Chevrolet Malibu in the city street.

It will be up to you to decide when to make the final call to the professionals from a roadside assistance service like AAA or a reputable locksmith.

1. Using A Shoelace or a Strip of Plastic

Ok, the first one will take a while, but it uses a common item which you probably have with you, shoelaces. This will also only work if you have the "pull-up" type of lock. 

Tie a loop at the end of the shoelace, and wiggle it to get inside the door. Once you're in, try to snag the lock in the loop and pull up. The same steps will apply if you want to try it with a strip of plastic.

2. Using A Coat Hanger

White metal hangers on a wooden surface

This one can be used for horizontal locks, untwist a wire hanger, and make a hook. Try to work it in the gaps on the door until you get to the lock. Try to hook the lock tightly and pull. 

3. Using A Tennis Ball

Man hand holding a tennis ball

A fairly creative suggestion, if you have a tennis ball handy, here's another use for it out the court. First, burn a hole, or make a hole in the ball.

Next, take the ball and position the hole over the keyhole, then with all your might, press hard or smash the ball into the keyhole. The pressure inside the ball will cause the locking mechanism in the car to open.

4. Using a Rod and a Screwdriver

This is a tricky one because you might cause damage to your car's interior and paint. What you need to do is to try and make a wedge in between the car door and slide in the rod to reach the lock and push it out.

5. Using Your Windshield Wiper

Man hand picking up windscreen wiper

This is the easiest one if, by a stroke of luck, you have a window slightly ajar. Unscrew one of your windshield wipers, carefully slip it inside the window and either try to fish out the keys or use it with enough pressure to press the 'unlock' button inside the car.

6. Use A Slim Jim

Last but not the least, use a slim jim. Using a slim jim applies the same concept as using the coat hanger. Try to jimmy in a wedge or any opening near the door or window, and hook the lock to push it open.

Now, all of these suggestions are applicable in the scenario wherein your physical key is locked inside the car. However, if we have a different scene where the doors are locked, and your battery or engine died, therefore the automatic lock is not functioning, there is another easy way.

Unlocking A Chevrolet Malibu With a Dead Engine

Get your key fob and push the button on the side of the plastic casing to take out the actual key. Use the edge of the key to take off the plastic covering of the doorknob on the driver's side. Upon removing the plastic casing successfully, you should see an actual keyhole, and you can just unlock your doors manually.  

Close up image of a car key fob, How To Start A Push-Start Car?

Asking Police for Assistance

It is fair to immediately ask for assistance if a police officer is nearby, they would probably have a slim jim in their trunk, but unless it is a life-threatening emergency like a child locked inside, it is highly unlikely they will help you open yours. They can always help you in contacting roadside assistance or local locksmiths.

Calling Roadside Assistance or AAA

When all is said and done, though, calling a professional might be your safest bet. For you and your car. AAA can assist you in unlocking your car, or if not, they can tow you to the nearest service center, which can do the job. 

Can I Call AAA Without a Membership?

Yes, you can still call them at 800-AAA-HELP (800-222-4357) so you can sign up and ask for help.

How Much Do Locksmiths Cost

You can also call your local roadside assistance for help. Locksmiths can cost you around $50-$100 for their services and can reach around $200 if it is outside regular working hours. 

Never Get Locked Out

Always Keep a Spare Key

If you are the type who really has a bad memory and is a bit frazzled, you can do well to invest in keeping a spare key. Just keep it in your bag, or hidden in a drawer at work. It will save you a lot of stress in the long run. 

Use a Magnetic Key Holder 

This is a nifty idea and could be really useful not just for car keys but also for keys in important rooms around the house. Magnetic key holders that you can hide the keys in and stick under the bumper of your car. It comes in different sizes that will fit all types of keys or key fobs.

Click here to get this Katzco Magnetic Key Holder on Amazon.

Giving a Trusted Friend a Spare Key

If you are single and living alone, you should consider handing over a spare key to a close confidant who can always come to your rescue should the need arise. 

Connect Your Car to Your Smartphone

Person connects with smart car by phone application

With the advent of technology, you can now also access your car doors using your smartphones. Check and see if there are any apps available to your device and vehicle that can use this system so you'll never find yourself trying to jimmy your way inside your own car.

For Emergencies

If it really cannot be helped, it will also be useful to have a Car Lock-Out Kit at home or at work, which you can just whip out if needed.

This Kounatsuri Car Kit looks like it has all the right tools for the job. Click here to get in on Amazon.

Summing It Up

Getting locked out is never an ideal situation, but if you do find yourself in it, you could give yourself a couple of tries to resolve it on your own. When all else fails, it is never wrong to call a professional for help, they are a phone call away for a reason and could save you from potential disasters and embarrassment.

Lastly, do what you can to avoid this circumstance by thinking ahead and start keeping spare keys and save yourself from all this inconvenience. 

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