How To Use An Ozone Generator In A Car

An ozone generator is a powerful way to get rid of potent odors in your car. But what's the proper way to use an ozone generator in your car? We've researched this issue, and here's what you need to know:

When all of your scrubbing and cleaning techniques fail, then your next step is to use the ozone generator as your car treatment. To use one, follow these easy steps:

  1. If you do not have your own ozone generator, you may want to rent one.
  2. Remove all personal belongings including any trash.
  3. Vacuum and wipe your car inside.
  4. Attach the duct to the ozone generator.
  5. Close all your car windows and door.
  6. Seal the rest of the window thoroughly.
  7. Run the ozone generator following the recommended time.
  8. Allow the air to dispel.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at each of these steps. We'll also cover how ozone generators work, how safe they are, and how to identify the sources of different types of smells in your vehicle. Read on to learn more!

Ozone generator inside the car, How To Use An Ozone Generator In A Car

Easy Steps to Use Ozone Generators for your Car

Step one: Rent

Not all car owners own an ozone generator. Renting an ozone generator is the easiest way to get one.

There are no exact generators for every type of car.  As a general rule, you want a more powerful generator for a larger vehicle. Up to 1200mg/h can be more useful for SUVs or other large vehicles.

Remember to also make sure you get a duct that fits your specific generator.

This ozone generator is available on Amazon. 

Step two: Clean your car

Car interior clean up

Take everything off your car. Do not leave anything inside the car as it could possibly damaged by the ozone.

Step three: Vacuum

Handyman vacuuming car back seat with vacuum cleaner

It is important to vacuum your car to look best inside and out. Pay careful attention to the interior and every part of the car that might be a hiding place for unseen debris.

Step four: Attach the duct

Most ozone generators come with flexible ducts. Attach the duct and you are ready to begin.

Step five: Close all windows

Red auto window or automobile motor car of shiny convertible luxury outside background,transportation trip concept

You must make sure that your car’s windows are closed. Do not leave even one window open so it may feed the duct to the vehicle.

The generator itself should be placed outside for access to air.

Step six: Seal

You may use cardboard and tape to seal the remaining open window. This is a way to seal the car preventing the ozone from escaping the vehicle.

Step seven: Run the ozone generator

Turn on the machine and run it for its recommended time. It is not advisable to run the generator for more than two hours.

Make sure that there are no people or animals inside the car as the ozone generator runs.

Step eight: Dispel the ozone.  

You will notice an ozone smell after the process. Don't be alarmed, this is perfectly normal. It will fade after three or four days. You may repeat the entire process as needed.

What are the common smells and odors found inside the car? 

Car wash employee covering his nose with hand because of stink from air duct vent grille.

If you notice strange smells in your car, it's best to deal with them right away. Waiting can let the problem worse and may require a more expensive fix down the line.

Of course, not all smells come from sources that can be dealt with in the same way. Here are some common odors and what to do. 

Rotten fruits or eggs

Rotten fruits or eggs are perhaps what it smells like. Check under the car seats for decomposing fruits and eggs. Make sure to clean the area with a car cleaner and car disinfectant.


It is normal to smell gasoline when you started the engine in the morning. This gas smell is due to an incomplete combustion process.

However, when you smell gas fumes after warming up the engine, it is probably because of a loose gas cap or the gas evaporation control system. These should contain the recycled fuel from the engine and it could be clogged or leaking.

Electrical wirings

If you are smelling something like a burnt toast, then it could be from a short circuit or overheated lining in the vehicle. You must take this seriously because it may cause a fire.


Check the belt tension. That rubber smell could be from the accessory drive belt being damaged or slipped by a broken hose that rubs against it. It can also be caused by an overheated clutch brake.


A burning smell sometimes comes from oil leaks on the hot part of the vehicle’s engine or in the exhaust. It also could be brake pads that don’t retract when the brake is being released or either because of an aggressive brake.

For a manual transmission vehicle, the clutch could be overheated from the clutch pedal.


If there is a sweet and syrupy odor inside the car means there is a leak in the cooling system.

The source is sometimes difficult to find. The leak comes in the form of steam which produces a smell and may be the cause of fogging windows. Address this problem immediately because it is not good to breathe the antifreeze.


If the musty smell comes from the vents, then the air-conditioning system has molds or mildew. The moisture in the vehicle is collected from the dashboard to the vent. It may harbor mold and dirt. Try running your car’s AC on a fan or high speed so it may clear the mildew and dry the evaporator.

However, there is no guarantee that this won’t happen again, especially if the smell is from the clogged tube which allows the water to get rid of the car. The musty smell is also caused by wet carpets from the water leaks.

Plan an interior detailing to clean and disinfect your car.

Why use an ozone generator to sanitize the air? 

Car interior, part of front seats, close

Most people are aware that the ozone is dangerous. Then why would we use it to cleanse the air?

Ozone-generating machines are commonly used for removing bad odors. Ozone is highly reactive, so it can remove toxic compounds in the air.

However, given that it is dangerous to our health, it is smart to use it with caution and when necessary.

Do ozone generators really remove bad odor?

Ozone generator inside the car

This is a big question for everyone as to whether the ozone generator is really effective to cleanse the air.  Ozone generators are commonly used in the car and at home to kick off bad odors as most manufacturers would claim. 

However, there are some researchers who have challenged their effectiveness.  Ozone generators are not capable to work for all types of gases such as VOCs or volatile organic compounds. Some require years to break down.

Yet, there is some research that ozone is effective for certain VOCs. It can be found in air fresheners, cooking oils, cleaning agents, and more. There is a big disadvantage – formaldehyde can be released into the air when the ozone reacts to those substances.

What are the benefits of ozone car treatment?

  • It is commonly known to be an effective way to eliminate bad odors caused by smoke, mildew, pets, and more. It can also remove odors from spills, vomits, urine, and other foul-smelling substances that contain bacteria.
  • Ozone eradicates gases. It will react with the layers of air, water, and other surfaces including walls and ceilings.
  • Ozone car treatment is effective for odor removal when the source is inaccessible.
  • Most dangerous microorganisms will be destroyed by ozone car treatment in an instant.
  • Your car will smell brand-new and fresh after the treatment.

In Closing 

We have seen how ozone generators work and how to use them to de-odorize your vehicle.

Ultimately, there are more efficient and safer methods to achieve a clean the air. You can always provide a safe place with fresh and clean through other methods such as ventilation and by using air purifiers.

However, when other methods fail, ozone generators can be effective when used carefully.

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